Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Iron King manga launches in September

At last.

Iron Fey fans, is this what you've been waiting for?

September 25th, get ready for the Iron King manga!

More images from the manga:


More info, links, where to buy, ect. coming soon!




  1. My heart just imoaded.

  2. Oh thank the Gods! This is perfect! <3

  3. I can't wait! And they're really sooooo cute!!! I love them all (well, maybe not Meghan, since she gets all the guys' love ^^ ... Nah, I love her too).

  4. Really looking forward to it...and proud to be a backer! :D

  5. Where to buy? Can´t wait! Will it be published in other countries, too?

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  7. hi!! I´m spanish. I can speak english but not very well, can I ask you in spanish?
    ok, ejem ejem. hola, Julie!!! soy una gran fan tuya! me he leido todos tus libros de la saga de the iron fey (menos the iron traitor). me parece increible que esta maravillosa saga se publique en formato anime, esta es mi pregunta:
    ¿cuando saldrá en España el primer libro anime de la saga de the iron fey?
    gracias por leer!
    see you!!
    (Este es mi correo electronico:

  8. I think Ash could've been drawn a bit more handsome but the rest is great! So excited! :D :D :D

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