Monday, February 3, 2014

Ask Me Monday: Favorite POV

Hi everyone!

Here's the question for today's Ask Me Monday.

For the Iron fey series, from which point of view do you enjoy writing the most (if any) and why?

Well, I love all my character's, from Meg to Ash to Puck to Grim, but I'd have to say the point of view I enjoyed writing the most was this guy's.

Let's face it, I love my smart alecs, and writing from Puck's point of view is just fun.  His POV only appeared in one novella, Summer's Crossing, but unlike Meghan, who had to grow into a strong character, and Ash, who brooded over everything and had a very dark personality, Puck's inner thoughts were just as snarky and irreverent as the rest of him.  Though the teasing, lighthearted front he put up for everyone was a shield to keep his own pain hidden, and i think that's what surprised me the most.  Puck was in just as much pain, and had just as many regrets as Ash, but had a very different way of dealing with it.  And it was also a blast getting into the head of the famous trickster and seeing his brilliant plans come together.

If you haven't read Puck's novella, Summer's Crossing, it's in the Iron Fey anthology, Iron Legends, available at most book retailers.

Also, if you haven't heard the audio version of it, give yourself a treat and check that out.  Josh Hurley is the narrator, and does the voice of our favorite prankster perfectly.

Listen to a snippet here at

And that's today's Ask Me Monday.  Questions?  Comments?  Leave 'em both below, and I'll talk to you all next week.  =)



  1. *O* Enjoyed Pucks novellaaa A LOT!! <3

  2. 1) For Immortal Rules did you always intend to write from a 1st POV point of view from Allie's perspective?
    2) What is your favourite of all your book covers?

  3. 1) what were you like when you were a kid/teen? (imaginative? quiet? shy? hyper? social?...etc.)

    2) if you read classic books, which one is your favourite?

  4. What advice would you give aspiring writers?

  5. Do you have fears when you decided to write The Immortal Rules as it has themes such as vampire (which was quite a common theme)? Why do, or why not? How do you feel when it is so well received? ^^

  6. Would you ever consider writing a full book in Puck's perspective?

  7. Is there ever going to be a 3rd book to the Call of the Forgotten series?

  8. I liked the view from puck best!

  9. I'm a reader from Germany and I love the Iron Fey triology. (just finished reading *-*) And I think it would be a great idea to film the triology.
    Question: What do you think about a film of Iron Fey?

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