Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ironhorse contest + Ash and Meghan cuteness

A couple of cool announcements.

First off, artists, ever wanted to draw for comics?  Then you'll want to hear about this!  Bluewater productions is holding a week long contest to design a character for The Iron King manga.  The character design they want you to come up with is IRONHORSE.  What does he look like?  We need your help to bring him to life.  There will be prizes for the best drawings.  And one lucky winner will have their Ironhorse featured in the Iron King manga.

Grand prize winner will be chosen by yours truly.  :)

Details about the contest here:  Bluewater contest for Ironhorse 

Second, check out the newest cover concept for The Iron King manga issue #3.  Ash and Meghan cuteness!

Update: now in color!

I am swooning over this picture, I love it so much.  ^__^   If you like what you see, check out even more images at the Indigogo site.  And, if you're inclined, pledge something to the cause, and get cool stuff as a result.  We just have a few days left to make the goal.
Thank you so much!


  1. Er....first comment? Lol, watch someone else comment as I type.

    Anyway, I love the picture of Meghan and Ash! Ah, my first OTP....Ever since that hill and the horse way in the distance. ^^ I was like, "You and Meghan. Now." They break and mend my heart. <3

    Too bad I can't draw....Can't wait for the manga, though! SO excited!


  2. ahhhh! :D that's so awesome but i'm not a good at drawing xD well either way i hope the artist have their fun

  3. Swooning :D I'm not an artist, so no drawing for me, but I adore Iron Horse and can't wait to see which one gets chosen!

  4. Uuhhh so cute ^_^ love it *---* but drawing and me is not a good couple :p
    Good luck for the artist !!

  5. I will love to participated but where do I send the drawing??

  6. This is completely off topic, but I thought SOMEBODY ought to know. If you got today's e-mail from B&N on Julie Kagawa's new Blood of Eden book, they totally mixed up the summary with Aimee Carter's new Goddess Test book. Yeah um, I read both series, but Julie's is a teensy bit more apocalyptic vampirifcally awesome last time I checked. Just saying. I lolled. Then cried a bit, because I somehow can't find an editing job.

    A little bit back on topic, a manga for the Iron Fey series would be freaking suh-weeeeet! I inhaled those babies, and I'm totally loving reading about Ethan now. I hope Puck becomes a central character in the upcoming books following him.

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