Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guess the Sekrit Series: winners!

Okay, everyone.  So your guesses were all awesome and creative, I had fun reading through them all.  But before we get to the Grand Prize winners, the 2 random winners that will receive a signed Iron Traitor are:

Kelly @ Dandelion Dreams



If you two would please email me your mailing address at, I will send you your prizes.  Thanks so much, and congratulations!

Now, the Grand Prize winner.

Or, more accurately, winners.  There were two that almost nailed it.  A lot of them came REALLY close, but in the end, I went with the two that not only came the closest to the actual plot, but had the most accurate information. 

Note, they are not one-hundred percent correct, but they're pretty darn close.

Kathy L.
It's about a girl who is descendent from Saint George and is a member of a secret order that slays dragons. She is sent to California because of suspicious activity but then she meets a hot surfer and falls for him only to find out he's a dragon and that she is expected to kill him. At first she feels like he was tricking her and trying to gain her trust so he could kill her but then she realizes that he doesn't know who she is. Then there is a whole lot of angst and worry about if what the society is doing is right and does hot guy deserve to die and is it justice to kill all the dragons because some have killed before. Eventual she saves hot guy and they surf off into the sunset where they can be together without her family disapproving. Actually with this being a series the ending would need to not be so happy so maybe the first book ends with him finding out she has slayed his kind becoming angry and upset and so runs off leaving her heart broken thinking he will never come back.

Tyler Richardson
Ok final answer. There are a group of dragons that can make them selves look like humans or dragon kin that can hide the dragon parts of them live in a costal town when a secret organization founded by st George shows up because they feel the balance has been upset by the exsistance of them to kill the dragons/dragon kin but ends up falling in love with one of them and then trys to save them from the rest of the order that he was part of.

So, Kathy and Tyler, congratulations.  If you email me your mailing addresses, I will send you your Grand Prize, which will be, along with a signed Iron Traitor, your choice of a chibi clay Ember or a chibi clay Cobalt, two of the main characters of the series. 



Congratulations to the winners!  And as we get closer to TALON's release, there will be many more exciting things to come, so keep checking back.



  1. OMG This is so exciting!!! I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing my name on here! Thanks you SO MUCH

  2. Um, this sounds an awful lot like Firelight by Sophie Jordan...?

  3. Dude! Your story kind of reminds me of that old Diseny Cartoon, American Dragon Jake Long, if that's how you spell it. That cartoon was AMAZING! I hope your book it also amazing. Wait--it's your book. There's no question it's good.

  4. Congrats winners and I'm so excited for your new series Ms.Kagawa!!! it looks amazing :D

  5. Replies
    1. And beyond excited for your new series, Julie!!!! Love me some dragons! ;)

  6. I about cried after i bought the eternity cure after it was done I was like she has to make another these are the best books i have ever read (and I read ALOT.) PLEASE make another book i cant stand not knowing what Sarren is gonna do with Ezekiels Body.

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