Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Iron Fey in Wonderland + a dilemma

Annnnnnnd, just for fun:

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I'd share.  The Iron Fey chibis in their Halloween costumes.

From right to left: Grim as Cheshire, Puck as Hatter, Meghan as Alice, and our lovely Winter Prince as the White Rabbit.
Doesn't he look cute, folks? 
Puck: "Hey, ice-boy, your cute fluffy tail is showing." 
Ash: "I'm done with this."
Puck: "Aw, I think somebunny is embarrassed."
Edit: So, now I have a dilemma.  I was going to put these guys up in the Etsy store this Saturday.  My dilemma is this: do I offer them as a complete set, thus ensuring only 1 person will get them all, or should I offer them individually so more have a chance to grab one?  Considering how very quickly they go, it would only take a few seconds for them to be gone. 
So, I'm going to put it to a vote.  Sell them as individuals, or as a set of four?  I will check back Friday evening to see what has the most votes, and then they will go on sale Saturday, October 26 at noon EST.
Here is the link to the shop, if you are interested.  KagawaCrafts.  Thank you all so much!
Happy Halloween!


  1. As a set, they belong on a shelf together. :D

  2. Oh they have to go as a set! <3

  3. Definitely a set!

  4. Definitely a set! You shouldn't separate the cuteness.

  5. I would say a set, but my piggy bank would probably vote for them to be split up.

  6. Set! And make more they are awesome!

  7. I think a set would make more sense.

  8. It should be in a set!!!! They look soooo cool!!! : )

  9. haha this is so cute :D It should be in a set

  10. adorable set please!

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