Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Universal Pictures hires Jay Basu to adapt TALON

So, BIG news.  Big big news.

Wanna hear the big news?

TALON, the dragon series that was optioned by Universal Pictures, now has a screenwriter.

Full story here.

So, what does this mean?

It means that TALON is one step closer to actually becoming a movie.  Lots more steps to go, but this is a giant one.  Fingers crossed that someday soon we could see modern day dragons soaring across the silver screen.

Are you as excited as me?  What would you want to see in a dragon movie?



  1. AHH! SO EXCITING :D I cannot wait to get more news about the movie. <3 Though.. I would love to read the book first, hih :)

  2. Oh that is freaking awesome Julie!! It's still amazing to hear that this book was optioned before it even hit shelves! That totally blows me away! I sooooooo cannot wait to read this series!

    What would I want to see? Some really, super good special effects! Since we can't train a real dragon to film properly! ;) And lots of action and some fire too of course! Unless your dragons do something different besides breathing fire, naturally! ;)

  3. it says it so far has no fan base because it hasn't been written? PFFT. There's already a fan base! Why? Because it's going to be written by YOU!

  4. I'll first read the book. Then I will see the movie because I've never seen the movie before. Lastly, I will see the movie again because it's your first movie.
    Though if we're this gitty can't imagine how you've got to be feeling. TALON for the win!

  5. I'm so excited!!!
    I would love to see the books turn into a movie!! :D

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