Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Draw a Dragon contest: Winners!

Holy lizard balls, you guys.

Do you know how HARD it was to judge this contest?  So many awesome dragon pics.  So many talented artists.  I wanted to pick them all!

Sadly, I could only choose two, and it took me a looooooong time to finally decide.  Basically, the winners were chosen based on which dragons I would like to create out of clay.  But, it was HARD, you guys.  Omg, it was hard.  I finally narrowed it down to these two.

And the WINNING ENTRIES of the Draw a Dragon Contest:

Winner #1:

So. Fluffy.  Fluffy fairy dragon FTW.

Winner #2:

He has headphones on!  How awesome is that?

Winner #3

Yes, I'm naming another winner, because this pic was too fabulous not to mention. This entry will receive a copy of Talon as a prize, since I'm pretty certain my clay sculpting skills will not do this pair justice.  Wow, I say.

So those are the winners of the Draw a Dragon contest.  I will be emailing winners soon for their mailing info.  I will also be posting the winning entry's clay dragons when I  make them.  But there were SO MANY great pics.  This was by far the hardest contest I've ever had to judge.  Here are some honorable mentions and more awesome looking dragons.

And many more!  Over a hundred, in fact.  Thanks to everyone who entered and took the time to draw a dragon.  Getting to see so many wonderful dragons made my night.  =)

Also, Honorable Mention winners, if you email me your mailing address at juliekagawa@juliekagawa(dot)com, I will send you a signed Talon bookplate.  Thanks again, everyone!  And keep checking back for more exciting Talon stuff in the weeks to come.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free Talon stuff

Hey everyone!

So, check this out.  This is a totally awesome gift pack you can receive if you pre-order your copy of Talon now.  It has a cool poster, a signed bookplate (yes, I hand signed every one of them), and a 22 page, never before seen sample booklet of Talon.

To get your free gift, all you have to do is go here and pre-order Talon.  It's super easy, but there are limited quantities available, so order now.

And, just because it's Tuesday, here is a quick teaser for Talon.  First one ever.  Ready?  Here we go:


"Rnesh karr slithis," I hissed back, which was Draconic for "eat your own tail," the dragon version of "go screw yourself."  No extra translation needed."


Happy Tuesday!