Monday, May 27, 2013

Lotsa dragons

Hi everyone!

Heading up to BEA in a couple days (Geez, time flies.), so I won't be putting any new Etsy stuff out this week.  I wanted a couple weeks to try to restock and try to polish my sculpting technique so when I come back, not only will I have new stuff to sell, they'll look much different.  The dragons, especially, have progressed very far.  I'm adding more detail to their faces now, and blending the limbs to their bodies to make them look seamless. 

So, before, the dragons looked like this:



Now, they look like this:

And I'm still learning, of course.  These guys, along with many others, will be up in the Etsy store here when I return from New York.  If you're heading up to BEA this week, I hope to see you there!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

New toys and dragons

Got a new claying desk this month!

Isn't it purty?  Now I have places to actually put my stuff, instead of sharing one end of the kitchen table with the cat.

Along with my shiny desk, I also got a couple of new tools.  That metal looking thingie (technical term) on the left there is a clay roller, which flattens lumps of clay into perfectly even sheets of varying thickness.  I also picked up some smoothing tools and teensy cookie cutter type things to make different shapes once I rolled out my sheets.  Like baking. With clay.

SO, armed with my nifty and utterly geeky new tools, I decided to see what I could do with them.

First, I decided I wanted to try a dragon with scales.  Before, making dozens of individual scales would've been a huge pain in the butt and would've taken forever.  But now, with my roller and new punch out shapes, it was only a small pain in the butt.  I still had to roll out, cut, and then layer each and every scale on the dragon, but the results were pretty awesome.

Dragon with no scales.

Dragon with scales.

Whew, what a difference!  So, after the success of the green dragon, I tried again, to see if it was a fluke.   I came out with this little girl.

So, I can say I'm definitely liking the scales, even though they're a ton of work. I don't think I'll add scales to every dragon from now on, but I will make one occasionally.  These two will be up in the 
Etsy store soonish, so be on the lookout for them.

And, just for fun, I made this little guy today.

 Yes, that is a dragon in a top hat.  And he's jolly happy to meet you. ;)  Along with tools, I picked up a number of little charms recently, so it'll be fun using them with my sculptures.  This dapper little guy will also be in the Etsy shop eventually, but for now he'll say cheerio and good day!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eternity Cure winner

Woo, that was a lot of entries.  Thanks, everyone, for your shout outs about The Eternity Cure. It is OUT now, so be on the lookout for it.

There will also be a Twitter launch party this Monday, May 6, at 7:30pm.  See the invite below.

Now, onto the winner.  And the person who won the signed Eternity Cure, as well as the Allie and Zeke chibis is: 

Sandra (

Congratulations to you, Sandra!  I will be emailing you shortly.  Thank you again, everyone, for your continued support.  Oh, and if you're disappointed that you didn't win the chibis, I believe there will be one offered as a prize at the twitter party.  Just as a heads up.  ;)