Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A bad day for the Sims


Bad news, everyone. My Sims3 file suddenly and without warning glitched out and corrupted on me. After hours and hours of playing, watching Ash and Meghan and Puck grow up and start their lives and careers, I now have to start completely over from a new file. (Insert frustrated scream.)

But, now that I have to start over, I can begin anew and show the gang from the very beginning. If people still want to see them, of course.

So...should I keep going? What says everyone?

ALSO, if I do start over, would you like to see Meghan, Ash, and Puck as kids, or should I start them as teens?

Thanks for the input! :)

Winter's Passage trailer contest

Drumroll, please...

So, today I'm launching the Winter's Passage fan-trailer contest! What is this contest you ask? Simple: make a short, 1-3 minute trailer on the e-book Winter's Passage, post it on YouTube, and leave me the link in the comments (You can even email it to me at or tweet me the link @jkagawa). On August 1st, I and a committee of friends will decide the winners. Easy peasy, right? You can win prizes! Should I show the lovely prizes?

I shall! And now, for the lovely prizes:

One second place winner will win a unique, hand painted Grimalkin rock like the ones below.

And the grand prize winner will receive, along with my eternal thanks and admiration:

One signed The Iron Daughter, with an autographed, doodled bookplate inside,

And one never before seen hand painted WOLF rock, from the character in Winter's Passage. (I've never done a wolf before. I think he turned out pretty good.)

That's it! You have until August first to send me your fabulous trailers. And if you still have no idea what Winter's Passage is, check out this link and download the e-novella. Its free until July 31st. I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sims: Birthdays and Promotions

It seems I need a couple of posts a week to keep up with the lives of my Sims. Or maybe just a lot has happened. Anyway...

Ethan's birthday came around this week. He turned from a teenager to a young adult. There was a party, and several friends attended.

This is right after he became a young adult. I know, he looks pretty much the same, but the changes are subtle. Afterwards, there was cake.

Ash has had a busy week. Because of his high skill levels, he advanced rapidly through the ranks of law enforcement. From a patrol officer in a cute uniform...

 a Special Agent in a matter of days.

He also has his own patrol car, which he drives Meghan around in. Here they are on a date.

And he finally saved up enough Simoleans to buy a house. This is the new Winter estate. Its kind of small and sparse now, but there's lots of room to grow.

The very first night in his new house, a burgler snuck in and tried to rob the place. Ash woke up and handily kicked the burgler's butt. It happened so fast I barely had time to take a picture. But here they are right after the fight.

And that's all for now. I think the next post will be the long awaited wedding, so stay tuned as I continue to indulge in my geekdom. :D


Monday, June 28, 2010

Final Harry Potter trailer

Wow, I want to see this. I think that's all I have to say about it. What about you?

<a href="" target="_new" title="'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Trailer">Video: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Trailer</a>

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sims Saturday: The Puck Post

Today in the life of the Sims...

This is Robin Goodfellow.

He lives in this charming fairytail cottage out in the wilderness. This isn't really his house, though. It belongs to Lea Summer.

This is Lea Summer. Lea is a Heartbreaker Sim. Here she is trying to convince a married man to break up with his wife.


Robin isn't traditionally employed, unlike Ash, who joined the law enforcement career earlier in the week. He does, however, raise and sell fruits and vegetables to the local supermarket, and has a super Green Thumb.

Ash lives here too, at least for now. Currently, he's trying to save up enough to build a house so he and Meghan can get married. He and Robin get along well.

For the most part.

Robin is currently pursuing a romantic relationship with a girl named Jade Greenwood. He's not entirely sure where its going, however. For now, he wants to keep his options open.

One more shot of Robin Goodfellow. Yes, he IS ripped, isn't he? xD Until next week...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Iron Daughter playlist

I've been getting a lot of playlist questions lately. Like, do I have a playlist for Iron King (yes, its on my website), and do I have one for Iron Daughter?

So I thought I'd post The Iron Daughter playlist, in case anyone is interested. The list will go up on the website soon, but for now, I'll share it here. :)

What are some of your favorite songs, and why?

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Iron King fan-trailer


An awesome, awesome fan-trailer, made by the talented Nicole at Word for Teens!

Isn't it pretty? Did you see Puck at the end? I may or may not allow this to be entered for the Winter's Passage trailer contest. Its not Winter's Passage, but it is so very pretty.

*Glomps all over trailer*

Monday, June 21, 2010

Iron King Sims3: The beginning

Alrighty, then...

As many of you know, I am a gamer. What many of you did not know, until recently, is that I'm a huge Sims fan. And, in Sims3, I've recreated the characters from The Iron King to play in an alternate reality. Meghan, Ash, Puck, the whole gang. (No Grimalkin, sadly. EA really needs to do a Sims3 Pets expansion pack.) Soooo, once word of this got out, it was suggested I do weekly posts to show how everyone in my Sim town is doing.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Sure, why not? I wear my geekdom proudly, after all. This meme will follow the lives of my Sims until I get bored with them, or my computer crashes. Or everyone gets sick and tired of seeing my Sims prance around and threatens me with dismemberment if I don't stop.

Anyway, the story thus far.

Meet Meghan Chase:

She lives out in the swamps in an old green farmhouse.

With her mother and stepfather...

And little brother. (Yes, Ethan is a teenager now; I've been playing for awhile.)

On this particular day, Meghan goes to the old bridge to meet a mysterious stranger.

All right, he's not really a stranger. Remember that I've been playing this for awhile. Meg and Ash have been sweethearts since high school, and just yesterday, Ash finally proposed. So now, they try to steal all the moments they can.


Awh. And, I'll leave it there for now. Come back next week to see how Meg and the gang progress from here.

I'm such a dork.

ETA: For those asking about Puck; yes, he's there too. Next post will include Puck, fear not. Also, keep in mind that this is an alternate reality that does not reflect the Iron King series. Don't let the events in the Sims color your expectations of the novel.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Winter's Passage announcement

An announcement.

Winter's Passage has recently reached #2 on Amazon's Free Download ranking, whoohoo! Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped get it there, but I'm wondering, can we get it up to #1?

I think we can.

So, I've decided to run a Winter's Passage fan-trailer contest. The contest will begin the first of July, and will continue until the first of August, when The Iron Daughter is released. I'll post details about the contest at the end of the month, but the prize will be something special. Maybe something with this character...

And, of course, if you haven't read Winter's Passage and thus have no idea what I'm talking about, you can download the e-novella at Amazon or . Its free until August, which is when the trailer contest will end, too. So, start thinking of ideas, and most of all, have fun with it.

I think this will be epic. :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer


My favorite of the Narnia books is coming to theaters, with my favorite character in all his furry mousey glory. And, you only get a split-second glance of him, but look who's playing Caspian again! Yep, BinBons is baaaaaaack, swooooooons!


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unseelie Dance Party


So, thanks to Nicole at WORD for Teens for bringing this to my attention. Apparently, either Adam Lambert got in good with the Unseelie Court, or Ash has decided to go punk rocker on me. xD Anyway...Unseelie Dance Party? I very much think so. What about you? (And, if you happen to catch a glimpse of that odd, multi-eyed THING in the middle of the video, don't kick yourself for thinking wth is that?!? It looks like a mutated e.t.)

Unseelie Dance party? These bloggers think so, too:

WORD for Teens
Cry Havoc! Reviews

Well, I guess this answers the age-old question of What Would Ash Look Like If He Were to Sing? Lol, or maybe that's Rowan, I don't know. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Angel Vs. Spike

Cross posted at The Page Flipper

Just so you all know, Chelsea at The Page Flipper is doing a Buffy week on her blog. A BUFFY week! (Picture me dancing in joy) So, when she asked for guest posters, I immediately jumped up and down and flapped my arms. Below you will find my contribution to the Week of Awesomeness, where I talk about my two favorite characters in the series. Of course, I'm talking about Angel and Spike. (Hm, a dark brooding anit-hero and a smart-ass; why does that sound so familiar?)


Angel Vs. Spike

I adore the Buffy series. Love it. I don’t think there is another series that could make me laugh, cry, scream, giggle hysterically, or drive me crazy like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course, for me, the characters made the show. And two of my favorite characters were the two awesome, testosterone-filled vampires in Buffy’s life: Angel and Spike.

So, who is the best vampire?

Well, let’s examine the questions and answers below. A reminder, these are only my opinions. With such a volatile subject as this, I’m sure there will be many who violently disagree with me. And that’s cool. I’m certainly not the guru of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But please refrain from breaking out the torches and pitchforks. ;)

Who is more bad-ass?

Tough question. I think it depends on where they are in the series. For instance, in season 5, when Spike was captured and had that chip stuck in his head, he was pretty much a pansy through the whole season. Both vamps have their bad-ass moments, but I think I have to give it to Angel. Yes, Spike is a great fighter and could give Angel a run for his money, but Angel doesn’t need to show off his bad-assiness; he just is. The only exception to this is when Angel becomes Angelus. There is no bigger bad-ass in Buffy history then when Angelus comes sauntering in. Now that is one scary vampire. Gives me shivers.

Who is nobler?

Spike, hands down. Does that surprise you? Let me explain. Angel may have that tortured, seeking redemption thing down pat, but his soul was forced on him because of the curse. He had no choice but to become moral. Spike, on the other hand, went looking for his soul and fought to get it back. He showed genuine remorse even before he found his soul. He truly comes to love Buffy, and in the end, it’s Spike, not Angel, who does the Ultimate Noble Sacrifice thing, giving his own life to save everyone. There is nothing nobler then that.

Who is the better fighter?

It might be a contradiction, considering the first question, but I think Spike is the better fighter, simply because he enjoys it. He’s the one I’d rather have guarding my back, because he isn’t at all hesitant about hurting people, whereas Angel might balk at hitting a girl, ect. While Angel fights because he has to, Spike joyfully flings himself into a fray, making him the better fighter.

Who is more evil?

This one goes to Angel. Or, more accurately, Angelus. Yes, when evil Spike blows into town, its bad news, but when Angelus makes an appearance, people die. Who can forget that scene with Giles girlfriend? (I forgot her name, bad Buffy fan!) Spike will beat you up and bite you and maybe kill you, but Angelus tortures people, mentally as well as physically, and he enjoys it. A true sadist, which is why the title of Most Evil Buffy Vampire goes to Angelus.

Who is sexier?

Another tough question. And one that can’t really be answered. Both boys are sexy in different ways. The dark, tortured, brooding Angel, and Spike with his smart-ass, bad boy persona. Spike can sing, and Angel looks amazing without a shirt. I think personal preference wins this one. And personally, I’d take them both. ;)

Who has the best moment?

They both have so many awesome moments. Spike singing (my favorite episode!), Angel turning evil, but for me, I think Spike’s final moment in the last season will forever stand out in my mind. His last words: “I get to see the end,” made me sob, and completed his awesome, touching character arc. (Though I will say, I was delighted to see him return in Angel.)

So who is the best vampire?

I don’t think there’s an answer to this. This is one of those questions that will have fans splitting into Team Angel and Team Spike (Ahhhh, more teams!). So I will simply leave you to answer/debate this on your own. Who do YOU think is the best vampire? (I have my favorite, but I’m not saying. :P )

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sharks and signings

Road trip!

Tomorrow, I'm traveling to Beavercreek, OH for a joint signing with fellow Tenners Kay Cassidy, Amy Brecount White, and Saundra Mitchell. But before that, my hubby and I are visiting Newport Aquarium! I love aquariums, and I've been to Newport once before, so I'm really excited to go. I remember this...

...although I have a secret fear that the glass will suddenly crack, and our relaxing trip to an aquarium will abruptly turn into this:


Anyway, it should be fun! And afterwards, I'll be heading to Books & Co. for the signing. If you wanna drop by and say hello, here's the address.

Books & Co.
4453 Walnut Street
Beavercreek, OH 45440

Hoping I won't be shark food,


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Saturday


Random Saturday stuff.

Forgot all about this, until I saw it on Twitter one day. :)

This is a silent video from my dog-training days, starring my Australian Shepherd Dodger, and my two cats, Sniper and Shinobi. (Note: the animals are much better actors here then me. I'm an author, not an actor.)

So, now I'm curious. What's your pet's best trick? If you could teach them anything, what would it be?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad Romance couples


I was listening to Lady Gaga today, and it suddenly occurred to me:

Does anyone else think Lady Gaga's Bad Romance describes 90% of paranormal romance?

I mean, think about it. Listen to the song and tell me which couples you're reminded of. For this post, I'm going to keep it to YA, since I'm most familiar with it.

(Note that also, when I say "Bad Romance," I'm not implying that the characters, the book, or the romance is bad. I'm simply comparing it to the song.)

Bella and Edward (Twilight Saga)

This one is pretty obvious. Bella loves Edward. Edward loves Bella. Edward wants to eat Bella. He's also undead, and on pretty shaky terms with the local werewolf pack. Also, he manages to piss off some Italian vampires. So, yes. Bella and Edward have a pretty Bad Romance, despite their love for each other.

Patch and Nora (Hush, Hush)

Another instance where the guy starts off wanting to kill the girl. Patch is a fallen angel, and a pretty scary guy for Nora to have fallen in love with. Even she knows she should stay away from him, but she can't help but be drawn to him. Their tumultuous relationship, not to mention Patch's dark past and murderous friends, makes theirs a Bad Romance.

Brittney and Alex (Perfect Chemistry)

Not paranormal, but proof that Bad Romance can be found anywhere. Brittney is a cheerleader. Alex is in a gang. There's all sorts of problems with them falling in love. But somehow in the end, love conquers all, even though Alex's Bad Boy ways make this a perfect Bad Romance.

Clary and Jace (City of Bones)

Clary and Jace's romance was made famous when they discovered they were really brother and sister. How's incest sound to you? Pretty bad, yes? For those who have not read City of Glass yet, I won't spoil anything by saying more. But this forbidden relationship is another example of a Bad Romance.

Grace and Sam (Shiver)

Grace and Sam's relationship, though incredibly sweet and moving, is still fraught with heartache. Namely, that Sam is a werewolf, and will eventually become a wolf for all time. Sam also has a pretty possessive ex who tries on occasion to kill Grace. Even if it wasn't for that, the longing and fear of the approaching winter, knowing Sam will soon be lost forever, is what makes theirs a Bad Romance.

Meghan and Ash (The Iron King)

Yes, I'm even including my own two lovers, Meghan and Ash from The Iron King. They're from different courts, there's a law preventing them from being together, and Ash has, on several occasions, threatened to kill Meghan. Though against his better judgment, he ends up falling for her. Theirs is a star-crossed love, and has all the makings of a Bad Romance.

I know I've left out a ton of Bad Romance-worthy couples, but these are the ones that immediately sprang to mind. Who are your favorites? And don't keep it to YA or paranormal. Who are your favorite Bad Romance couples, the ones that really shouldn't be together, but somehow, against all odds, make it work?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winter's Passage release day!


Winter's Passage releases today!

You can find it here at eharlequin. at or on Amazon, though Amazon's price is wrong and probably won't change until tomorrow.

And, because its Tuesday, I'll leave you with one last teaser for Winter's Passage, in the shameful hopes that it will make you run out and download it today. (Hey, what do you have to lose? It's FREE.)

(ETA: I've been getting reports that the download wasn't free on some sites, and I've contacted Harlequin about it. They are working to fix it, so I apologize if you were charged. The eharlequin and pages list Winter's Passage as free, but the changes to Amazon and some other sites probably won't go into effect until tomorrow.

I apologize for the confusion. Hopefully we'll get it worked out soon.)

Anyway, onto the teaser...

“The cold has her.” Grimalkin’s voice seemed to come from far away. “She is already icing over. If you do not get her up now, she will die.”

Give in, the cold whispered in my ear. Give in, sleep. You’ll never feel pain again.

My eyelids flickered, and Ash made a noise that was almost a growl. “Dammit, Meghan,” he snarled, grabbing both my arms. “I am not going to lose you this close to home. Get up!”

He rose, pulling me to my feet and, before I could even register what was going on, pressed his lips to mine.

Until next week.