Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A bad day for the Sims


Bad news, everyone. My Sims3 file suddenly and without warning glitched out and corrupted on me. After hours and hours of playing, watching Ash and Meghan and Puck grow up and start their lives and careers, I now have to start completely over from a new file. (Insert frustrated scream.)

But, now that I have to start over, I can begin anew and show the gang from the very beginning. If people still want to see them, of course.

So...should I keep going? What says everyone?

ALSO, if I do start over, would you like to see Meghan, Ash, and Puck as kids, or should I start them as teens?

Thanks for the input! :)


  1. :,( How sad. But you should definitely start over! (More Puck!)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! That sucks! So sorry. But I'd love to see more!

  3. *cough*TEAMASH*cough* Yes, you should begin anew. I'd love to see little Meghan's firstASHkiss, or maybe watch as she and Puck chase each other around the yard with water balloons while Ash waits for her in the hot tub and... Wait, I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

  4. *gasps in horror* That really sucks. I'll scream with you b/c there's nothing worse than technology failing on you. Please start again though! It was so much fun to see your daily updates with their Sim lives. Maybe start them as kids so we can watch them grow up? :)

  5. Nooo! Gah D= Why must Sims 3 be so cruel?

    But yes, you should start over! xD Maybe start them as teens still, since that's when everything happens. Although I would like to see Ash as a kid. Hmmm...I'm still going with teens though. =D

  6. I have to pick this book up now...if you restart, I'll read it just so I can enjoy watching one of the teams grow in the game. But that friggin sucks. :( Technology is weird...

  7. YES! Please continue updating us. Whenever I saw a Sims post I would get really excited! It brightens my day! :)
    I think it'd be really fun to see them as kids. So, I vote that way (:

  8. Oh noes!!!!!!!

    You must keep going! Keep sharing them, they're awesome!!!! :)

  9. Well that totally sucks. I hate it when technology does that! But anyway, i vote that you should show them as kiddies! I second Leigh's idea! If you do teens tho, maybe some pics of ash in the gym no shirt???? :D

  10. This is so frustrating! Poor you! But it'd be cool to see it from the begining. Teen would be cool!
    **TEAM ASH**

  11. I had my computer crash entirely from a defective Sims 2 pack. **Screams at technology**
    Starting with teens would be nice ^__^
    **TEAM PUCK**

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  13. Ahhhh no... not cool!



  14. Thats so sad :(((((((((((((
    By the way i love your books