Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sims Saturday: The Puck Post

Today in the life of the Sims...

This is Robin Goodfellow.

He lives in this charming fairytail cottage out in the wilderness. This isn't really his house, though. It belongs to Lea Summer.

This is Lea Summer. Lea is a Heartbreaker Sim. Here she is trying to convince a married man to break up with his wife.


Robin isn't traditionally employed, unlike Ash, who joined the law enforcement career earlier in the week. He does, however, raise and sell fruits and vegetables to the local supermarket, and has a super Green Thumb.

Ash lives here too, at least for now. Currently, he's trying to save up enough to build a house so he and Meghan can get married. He and Robin get along well.

For the most part.

Robin is currently pursuing a romantic relationship with a girl named Jade Greenwood. He's not entirely sure where its going, however. For now, he wants to keep his options open.

One more shot of Robin Goodfellow. Yes, he IS ripped, isn't he? xD Until next week...


  1. Haha, this is SO funny. Even the Sims version of Ash and Puck dont get along! Like the shot of him watering his plants, lmao.

    This is all.

  3. This game looks like so much fun, I have never played but this is kinda making me want to. Love the updates :)

  4. nice. I love the fight scene. The Lea Summer thing was kinda...random.

  5. LOL this is great!!! thanks for playing along with our whims!

  6. hahaha another awesome Iron King Sims post.

    So if Ash is on the police force (random!) have any shots of him in uniform?

  7. Thanks guys!

    And yes, I do have a pic of Ash in uniform. That will be a future post, I think. :D

  8. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for when you post these! :D

  9. So adorable!!!!!!!!!! XD