Monday, August 31, 2009

Why I wrestled a goat

The very lovely (and adorable) Khy from Frenetic Reader was gracious enough to interview me. Hop on over to her blog at and see:

1. What kind of faery I would be.
2. Why my hair is two different colors.
3. Why I wrestled a goat.

And much more! :P (Probably more than you'd want to know, but there you go).

Thanks, Khy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with Sharon Loves Books and Cats

A Very Faery Interview with Sharon, of Sharon Loves Books and Cats.

Welcome to the first post in my brand new series, A Very Faery Interview. Against my better judgment, I’ve agreed to let the main characters from my novel THE IRON KING conduct these interviews (God help us all). So, without further ado, I’ll let them introduce themselves. Go ahead, you three.

Meghan: Hi, I’m Meghan Chase, the protagonist of The Iron King. I’m sixteen, and I like listening to music, reading, and watching scary movies. Oh, and I’m half-faery.

Puck: I don’t have to introduce myself, do I? Everyone knows me! *Blinks as author glares at him.* Oh, fine. I’m Puck, you know, from A Midsummer’s Night Dream? I once gave someone donkey ears and made the Faerie Queen fall in love with him. Nuff said.

Ash: My name is Ash, third son of the Unseelie Court. And that’s all you need to know about me.

Author: Okaaaaaaaay. So, now I guess I’ll introduce our guest today: Sharon of Sharon Loves Books and Cats. Welcome Sharon! And now I’ll turn it over to your interviewers. ( P.S. there’s a panic button on the left side of the chair by your foot, you know. Just in case.)

Meghan: So, Sharon. I love your blog title. Tell us a little bit about your kitties, and if they help you review a book.

Meghan, thanks I'm glad you love my blog title! I have three kitties that I could talk to you about all day. Their names are: Sabrina, Lilly, and Blackie. Sabrina and Lilly helped me write one review which can be found here: They don't help me with most of my reviews, because they don't care to read about books that aren't about cats.

Puck: Sooooo, Sharon. If I were to turn you into a cat, what would you do all day? What kind of cat would you be? Would you like me to turn you into a cat? *Looks hopeful*

Puck, if you turned me into a cat who would update my blog? If you did turn me into a cat I would hang out with my own cats all day long. I would play with Lilly and groom Sabrina. I would like to be a siamese cat, because they are the prettiest. I would name myself Sheba in honor of a sweet cat that I once knew.

Ash: *Sighs* I suppose it’s up to me to ask the logical, sane questions. Sharon, what do you look for in a book? Good characters, plot, or both?

Both! I usually go for books that are a little more fast paced. My favorite genres are, science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. The plot needs to be moving along at a decent speed. I can't stand slow books that just drag on and on...and on.

Meghan: What is your favorite kind of book? Fantasy, contemporary, futuristic? What kind of book have you seen too much of lately?

Whoops *copies and pastes from above* My favorite genres are, science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. Science fiction would probably be my number one favorite genre. I'm a huge fan of dystopian lit, futuristic novels, time travel, and alternate universe stories. As for fantasy, I like books with a lot of world building, originality, and suspense. I also love it when books have cats in them. Cats are awesome!

*A large gray cat appears from nowhere, waving his tail* Obviously. This human has good taste, at least.

Puck: Hey, you’re not supposed to be here, Grimalkin! Beat it, you’re stealing our thunder.

Grimalkin *Sniffs* As if I would want any part of this. Continue with your silly interview. *Waves tail again and vanishes.*

Author: Erm, sorry, Sharon. Please, continue.

Sharon: I've seen far too many vampire books. Seriously, a new one comes out every other day!

Puck: So, you’re a vegetarian. What vegetable best describes your personality?

I would be asparagus. I am long and lean and I make your urine smell funny. xD

*Puck collapses on floor laughing.*

Ash: What is the best and worst part about blogging?

The best part about blogging is being able to discuss books with people who also love to read. Being able to chat with authors is also pretty darn fab!

The worst part about blogging is the infighting and anonymous commenters who go around trying to cause trouble.

Meghan: I love reading about stubborn heroines and dangerous bad boys. Who are some of your favorite characters, including your current book crush, of course.

There are so many awesome characters! How can I pick just a few? The two that come to my mind right away are, Katniss from The Hunger Games series and Katsa from Graceling. I'm a huge fan of kick butt girls who can beat people up if need be. My current crush would have to be on Po from Graceling. Sure his name is a little sucky, but he is such a great guy. <3

Puck: Okay, if you had to choose between eating a chili dog and running down the street nak—*Author breaks in and smacks Puck upside the head* Puck! This is a kid-friendly blog! Don’t answer that, Sharon.

*hits panic button*

Puck: Ow. Fine, between eating a chili dog and having your favorite, signed ARC stolen, what would you choose?

I would eat a vegetarian chili dog!

Puck: Cheater.

Ash: You’re facing a zombie apocalypse. You can only take three things with you when you flee. What are they?

I would take my three kittehs even though I do not consider them to be things. If I had to pick actual objects I would take, a weapon of some kind, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate. I don't own any really good zombie killing weapons, so if I'm going to go down I mine as well have some wine and chocolate first!

Author: Okay, I think that’s enough for today. Sharon, is there anything you’d like to ask Meghan or Ash? Or (grimace) Puck?

Yes! I would like to know what the three of you think of Julie.

Meghan: Ummmm, well. Since she created us and all … she’s very nice and sweet and—”

Puck:*Breaks in laughing* Oh come on, Meghan. Don’t wuss out on us now! We all know Ms. hot-shot author is a huge, mega, uber-geek! Know what she does every Saturday? Do the letters D&D mean anythi—ACK!” *Runs out of room with author chasing him waving a frying pan.*

Ash: Hn. I don’t appreciate some of the things she’s done to me in the book. I have enough scars, thank you. But at least she didn’t write me a fool, like some faeries I know. I am thankful for that, at least.

Author: *Returns with Puck in a head-lock.* Okay! Thank you, Sharon, for the interview. And join us next week at Frenetic Reader, for another Very Faery Interview.

Puck: Um, can you let go of me now?

Author: Not a chance.

Want to know more about Meghan and the boys from The Iron King? Visit my site at

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Very Faery Interview

Hey everyone, join me every Saturday for A Very Faery Interview, in which the characters from THE IRON KING hassle ... er... interview a different YA blogger a week. Up first, Sharon from Sharon Loves Books and Cats!

Puck: That was a lot of fun, though Sharon is a cheater.

Meghan: No she wasn't! She answered your questions fair and square.

Puck: Not ALL of them.

Meghan: You couldn't expect her to answer THAT one! She had to press the panic button, you're such a freak!

Puck: Clearly, I'm losing my touch. I was hoping she'd have to press it on the very first try.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Iron King is on Amazon

Okay, so it seems The Iron King is now up for pre-order on Amazon! Still no cover or description yet, but it's there!

*Does happy dance of joy*

Random pics of my furkids

Random Sunday pics of my furkids.

Shinobi: "What? You lookin' at me?"

No, Sniper, I didn't need to use the laptop today, you go right ahead.


Dodger (the big one) and his nemesis, Stitch

Stitch in a rare moment of quiet. (Big enough ears for you?)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iron King sneak peek

Exciting news!

I got permission from my editor to post an excerpt of my upcoming novel, The Iron King. So, here it is, never before seen, for your reading pleasure, a sneak peek of the upcoming THE IRON KING.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Thanks to Tivi Jones for bringing this to my attention: a podcast with my editor Natashya Wilson introducing Harlequin TEEN and the titles that are being released, including THE IRON KING. :) (Meet the Editors, Episode 18)

Its very interesting. This was right before Harlequin TEEN launched, but its still eye-opening. Especially when Natashya thinks I'm younger than I really am. :D (Does this mean I act immature?)

Puck: Well...

Me: Shut up, Puck. Anyway, check it out. It's well worth it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mondays with Meghan: Shiver

Meghan: *peeks in room to make sure the boys aren't there, quickly darts in and locks door*

Grimalkin: *yawn* What are you doing?

Meghan: I want to do my book review thing, but I'm tired of hearing the boys argue over my shoulder everytime I do. I want some peace and quiet for a change.

Grimalkin: Mm. You do realize that a locked door only assures Goodfellow will come knocking on it, right? It sends out a Siren Call to his little pesterer brain, telling him there is someone who is trying to keep him out of someplace. You should hear from him in three ... two ... one ...

Puck: *pounding on door* Hey, why is this door locked? Meghan, are you in there? Hellooooooooooo?

Meghan; *groans* Great. Well, this will have to be quick.

Review: Shiver

For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf--her wolf--is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human. Until the cold makes him shift back again. Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It's her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human--or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.

If there's a word to describe Shiver, it would be "haunting." Maggie's writing is eerie, moving, and lyrical, from the first time you lay eyes on the great wolf in the woods, to the love that develops between Sam and Grace, to their desperate struggle to keep Sam from losing himself to the cold. This is a story that twists your gut, fills you with longing, makes your throat tighten as you realize Sam is slowly slipping away, into a world where Grace cannot follow. Above all else, this is a love story, one that resonates long after you read the final line, and close the book in a daze.

Final word. I loved it. It makes me want to stand on the back deck in the snow, feeling the wind cut into my jacket, searching for a flash of feirce golden eyes.

Grimalkin: *perching on back of chair.* Very touching. My eyes are golden, you know.

Meghan: Yeah, but you're a cat, not a wolf.

Grimalkin: And everyday I am thankful for that small favor. Now, perhaps you should unlock the door before--


Grimalkin: Too late.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Harlequin Teen's latest stop

Here's the lastest stop on the Harlequin Teen blog tour, this time at Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog. This time, the book descriptions aren't the same "back cover" descriptions you've seen a hundred times. Natashya Wilson herself puts a new spin on the books and what they're about, so be sure to check it out

Puck: Am I mentioned, am I mentioned?

Ash: *reading over author's shoulder* Nope, but I am. That's two for me.

Puck: That's one for you, ice-boy. Contest didn't start until Wednesday, and I'm still ahead, haha. Hmph, I can't believe they didn't mention me. I suppose Meghan's in there, as usual.

Meghan: Oh, look, Grimalkin's mentioned, too.

Puck: What?! The cats' in there and I'm not? Where's the justice?

Me:*wonders what it was like before faeries came to live with her.*

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Oh my goodness, in the last twenty-four hours, I've seen my book mentioned in several places online; its kinda surreal. Here's a list of what has just come up since I've been asleep.

Sarah's Random Musings (I was WoWed!!!!)
Windowpane Memoir interview
The Story Siren, Harlequin TEEN blog tour
The Obsessive Reader

Puck: Oh, cool! Hey, I'm mentioned this time, right? I have to be mentioned in one of them, right, right?

Me: I believe they say your name once or twice this time, Puck.

Puck: Awesome! What about ice-boy? Do they mention him?

Me: Its not a competition, Puck.

Puck: Me: 2, Loser-boy: 0.

Ash: Just remember whose name was mentioned the post last week.

Puck: Doesn't count. The official "Who is more bad-ass" contest starts today. And you're looooooooooosing.

Me: All right, you two, out! Let me gape at the screen in peace.