Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rockin' Contest Winners

First, I want to thank everyone who entered. I really didn't expect to get as many entries as I did, so I'm very grateful to you all. (P.S. the landslide was very much in Puck's favor, so he's off tormenting Ash with that information. I expect to see him fleeing for his life any minute now.)

Anyway, the Random Number Generator has spoken and the numbers were:

and 97

Which means, I have three winners! They are, in order:


Woohoo! Congrats you three; I'll be contacting you for information on where to send your rocks. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Looks like no one gets to be a hedgehog after all. ;)

WoW limmerick: Rise of Renegade X

Ahhhh, superheroes. They hold a special place in my heart. I'm a huge, geeky fan of Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Batman, Deadpool, ect. ect. ect. So of course, any book with a teenaged superhero/villian gets my full attention. So here's this week's WoW, brought to you in limmerick form.

The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea Campbell

Sixteen year old Damien Locke
Is from Supervillian Mastermind stock.
So its a horrible bother
When a superhero father
Insists on a deep heart-to-heart talk.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

This IRON KING teaser was inspired by Liyana of Liyanaland, who wanted to see more about Ash and Puck. So, here it is, in all its Ash and Puck-y goodness:

"Very clever," Puck said, smirking. "But then, you were always the strategist, weren't you? What do you want, Ash?"

"Your head," Ash answered softly, "on a pike."

Your turn, now. Grab your current read, open it to a random page, and post a quick, non-spoilery sentence. Bonus points for some kind of fight scene, I love those. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with The Story Siren

And here we are again, with another Very Faery Interview. This week, we have the famous Kristi of The Story Siren joining us today. Per normal, I’ve allowed three characters from my book, The Iron King, to conduct the interview. (Just a reminder, Meghan is the half-faery/half-human protagonist, Puck/Robin Goodfellow is her best friend, and Ash is the son of Queen Mab of the Unseelie Court.) Meghan, Ash, and Puck, take it away.

Meghan: Hi Kristi! Wow, you have over 800 followers on your blog! Can you tell us a little about how you got into blogging in the first place? How long have you been doing this, and who has been your inspiration?

I know, 800 some followers! I still can’t believe it, it’s so out of this world, in my opinion, but very awesome.

I sort of fell into blogging. I don’t have an exciting story to tell about it, it’s actually pretty lame. I used to have a personal blog, and that was actually really boring. I’m not an interesting person at all. I did a few book “reviews” on there, every once in a while. That part was actually fun. I’ve always been an insane reader. Hitting the library up once a week, reading like a crazy person. Put two and two together, and wham you’ve got a book blog.

Puck: What would you rather have over for tea; a glaistig or a kelpie?
Author: *burying face in hands* Puck …
Puck: What? She’s a Siren, its right there on her blog. A Siren is a water monster that lures sailors overboard to drown. She should know these things.
Author: Ask another question.
Puck: Nope! I wanna know. So, Kristi: glaistig or kelpie? (Hint: they both like luring humans underwater.)

I personally know a glaistig and a kelpie and honstely, I wouldn’t have either over for tea. They are so very boring and competitive, always talking numbers. I’m really not that interested in hearing about the hot guys that they’ve recently seduced and, well, ultimately devoured. But you know, glaistigs do have better table manners.

Puck: Not the ones I know.

Ash: Everyone has favorite heroes, but who are your favorite YA villains? Has there been a villain that creeped you out, scared you so much you couldn’t read the book at night, or made you wish you could jump into the book just to knock them out?

Oh, what an awesome question! ... that I have no idea how to answer! Let’s see here...

Scary villain wise, I would have to vote for the Vours, from The Devouring. I’m not even sure what those things are, but they scare the crap out of me. SCARY!

Meghan: I love your big rottie, Xander! Where did you get him, what are his best tricks, and is there something he does that you just want to brag about? Also, has he ever eaten any of your books?

He came from a breeder in southern Indiana, right outside of Lousiville. I’ve always wanted a Rottie, but I wanted to make sure I got one from a well respected breeder. Xander’s dad was actually a service dog! So that’s why he’s so smart. He gets really upset that every rottie portrayed in the media is usually ripping someone or something to shreds. Xander isn’t like that at all.

He can pick up his own toys. And he does. He also thinks he is a lap dog even though he weighs more than I do. He loves to go swimming and hang out with his cousins, Tia and Toben. He’s also a bed and cover hog! He will be three on Sept. 29!

He has never eaten any of my books! He knows better.

Puck: Okay, you’ve built a castle with a deep moat around it to protect your books from … uh … the terrible Book Burning army that is on its way. What do you put in the moat? (Notice how all my questions are water based.)

Sharks with frickin’ lazer beams attached to their heads. HA! Did anyone else get that? Or am I just that lame. But really I’m going to go with the sharks with the lazer beams.

Puck: We don’t have any sharks with lazer beams. We do have … sea bass. And they're irritable.

Ash: If you go back in time to when you first started your blog, what advice would you give your younger self?

Just be yourself, you can’t make everyone like you. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Stand up for what you believe in, don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or make them mad... que number one again... you can’t make everyone like you!

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Meghan: Tell us five things about yourself.

1. I am an aries
2. I have two younger sisters.
3. I’ve delivered a puppy, a lamb and a calf.
4. I’ve never broken a bone or had a cavity.
5. I love to play board games.

Puck: What character are you most like in Disney’s The Little Mermaid? Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, Ursula, Triton, Max, ect…

I’d say Sebastian. Despite how I come across sometimes.. I’m a very mature and responsible person. HA! No really I am. I’m very responsible. But yet at the same time I have a huge soft spot. I like people to be happy and help make people happy. Just like Sebastian.

Ash: The Zombie Apocalypse has struck. The undead are filling the streets and beating down your doors. You must flee, but you can only take three things with you. What are they?

1. J (my hunka hunka burnin’ love)
2. Xander
3. Probably a knife too.... or a baseball bat.

(Of course I’m going to assume the Zombies have no interest in my books, just my brains, so they will be safe for the time being.)

Author: Thanks, Kristi, for your patience, I mean participation. Is there anything you’d like to ask Meghan, Ash, or Puck?

If you had to live your life as an animal, what would it be and why?

Meghan: Ummm, I’m told I’m loyal, feisty, and stubborn, so maybe a terrier of some sort? I could live inside and do nothing but play and eat and get petted. Not a bad life, if you ask me.

Puck: A raven, because they’re smart and crafty, and can fly away if things get too rough. And I could sit on telephone poles and drop things on people walking underneath.

Ash: I’ve always admired the wolf’s strength and ability to survive, even in the harshest climates. So I’d probably go with wolf.

Puck: A wolf? Really? Cause I was thinking more … wild boar. Bristly, bad-tempered, unpredictable? Really stink—uh oh. Get away, ice-boy. No fair using swords! Meghan, help!

Meghan: I don’t know why you keep provoking him if you know he’s going to do that.

Want to know more about Meghan and the boys from THE IRON KING? Visit my website at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WoW in limmerick!

I was going to do a WoW post today, but there are already so many WoW posts citing so many cool books, and I wanted to do something different. So, today's Waiting on Wednesday will be brought to you ... in limmerick form!

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

There once was a human named Nora
who by most accounts seemed a bore-a.
Then she meets sexy Patch,
but there's always a catch;
He's an angel who's bad to the core-a.

Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater

There once was a witty young gent
who played the 'loyal best friend' in Lament.
Now he must choose
between his best friend and Muse
before the King of the Dead collects rent.

Huh, that was kind of fun. Maybe I'll do all my WoW posts like that. What are you guys looking forward to?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I've decided to post a small, one (or two or three) sentence teaser from the upcoming THE IRON KING every Tuesday until ... whenever I get tired of doing them. :D So, here's today's teaser. Hope you enjoy.

But, for a split second, I saw Angie covering her nose with her hands, and her screams were sounding more and more like the squeals of a pig.

Now its your turn. Grab your current read, open it to a page, and post a (non-spoilery) sentence. (I'm totally stealing this idea from The Book Pixie. Hope that's okay.) :)

Until next time...

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with The Page Flipper

A Very Faery Interview with The Page Flipper.

We’re back (didja miss us?) with another Very Faery Interview, this time with the awesome Chelsea of The Page Flipper. Rules are simple: have fun, say whatever comes to mind, and no turning hapless bloggers into animals, vegetables, or minerals. *Glares at Puck.* Other than that, anything goes. Meghan, Ash, Puck; its all yours.

Meghan: Hi Chelsea! I hear you’re a writer too. Tell us a little about your writing. What’s your story about? How far along are you? Do you write everyday?

Hi Meghan! I sure am. I try and write every day, but I’d be lying if I said I made that goal 365 times a year. But, hey, it’s just a little while lie. So, erm, yes. Right now, on my WIP, I’m around 15,000 words, and it’s a paranormal, edgy tale. It has two smexy boys that I’m decidedly obsessed with, although ones kind of, you know, viciously evil. But whatevs. Most of what I write is supernatural or fantasy based, but I branch off into a lot of other genres, just like I do with my reading.

Puck: What kind of supernatural boyfriend/love-interest/stalker would you not mind having?

Does Jensen Ackles from Supernatural count? He’s not supernatural himself, but he’s close enough to it that I’m definitely thinking it should count. *drools* But, if you’re crabby and want to deprive me of Jensen, I’ll go with Jace from the Mortal Instruments series. I’m thinking he’ll do. Oh! Or Spike from Buffy. He can stalk me any day. Can I just have all three? Go polygamy!

Ash: What has been the best and worst part of blogging?

The best part is talking about books with other readers. I’ve made a lot of great friendships through this, both online and in person – book bloggers (and readers in general) have this type of kinship we can all relate to. It’s great. The worst part is the time it takes to keep it current and active. Sometimes I’m forced to stop myself from ogling boys to write a review, and that’s just depressing. I wish I had one of Hermione’s Time Turners or something. But other than that, I absolutely love book blogging.

Meghan: If you could bring any one character out of a book into the real world, who would it be?

Hmm. You! (brownie points?) You can come with Jackie Faber from Bloody Jack and we can have a paaaarty! It’ll be fun, eh?

Puck: Soooo, you’re a writer, eh? Quick, use these words in a sentence: purple, roller coaster, lemonade, socks, flinging/flung, elephant, Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen, moping as usual, was being dragged to the circus. Again. Carlisle has a very awkward and irrational love of clowns, so these secret “hunting” trips have been happening frequently for the past hundred years. He grudgingly follows the path to the entrance, passing lemonade and cotton candy stands without interest. An elephant off to the right was flinging a group of midgets up into the air with his trunk, each of them catching on to a beam. There was a roller coaster off to the left, and it snaked into a giant fake gorilla’s open mouth, flashing lights coming from inside. Ringling Brothers has this place pretty decked out, and if he hadn’t seen it all before, he probably wouldn’t be gagging. His nausea induced, though, he missed Carlisle running over to talk to the Head Clown, whose purple hat was docked on his head two feet high, and had polka-dotted socks sticking out of his giant clown shoes. This would all be so much easier if he didn’t have to hear Carlisle’s creepy clowntastic thoughts.

And holy crap, I just saw the word “sentence” up there. You wanted that all in ONE sentence, Puck? After I just wrote that whole thing? Negative. I’m cheating. Besides, I think you changed it after I was 2/3 of the way through. I’m on to you, trickster.

Puck: Uh oh. I’m becoming too transparent.

Ash: Who are some of your favorite authors? And if you could spend an hour talking to any author you wanted, dead or alive, who would it be?

I love everything by Laurie Halse Anderson, and she’d definitely be my hour-long conversationalist. I’d probably spontaneously combust from excitement, though. Eek. Chelsea bits everywhere! But I also love Meg Cabot, L.A. Meyer, Scott Westerfeld, Mary Pearson, Suzanne Collins, and countless others. These are all authors who have several books I’ve enjoyed, but there are a ton of debut authors whose writing and storytelling give me goosebumps.

Meghan: Reading is great because you get to travel wherever the book takes you. But, if you could go anywhere in the world, regardless of time or money, where would you go?

Dangerous question. I’ll just pick the entirety of Europe. I really want to go to Scotland, Paris, England, Rome – the whole works. I really, really want to travel one day.

Puck: What flavor Skittle are you? Also, what is better: Skittles or Jelly Belly? Also, what flavor Jelly Belly do you hate? (I can’t stand the popcorn ones. Popcorn is fluffy, people!)

Are you kidding? Skittles rock. Stupid Jelly Belly’s don’t know their place. I’d be orange, too, because, um, it tastes the best? I’ve heard they all taste the same if you plug your nose, though, but I think it’s a load of crap. Want to test it for me?

Puck: Sure! Hey, Ash, plug your nose.

Ash: *Glares, draws sword.*

Ash: And now we come to the zombie question. The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. The undead are beating down your doors and you must flee to safety, but you can only take three things with you. What are they?

Is the safety relative, or true? Because those would be completely different answers. If we’re truly free of the zombies, I won’t need my arsenal of guns, now, will I? We’ll assume safety.
1) My battlecat, Kringer.
2) My laptop (“safety” better have internet)
3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer boxed set.

Bring it on, zombies.
Puck: *Eyes Ash.* She has a gun arsenal?
Ash: Hn. I like her.

Thanks, Chelsea, for the interview. Before we go, is there anything you’d like to ask Meghan, Ash, or Puck?

Thank you. And to any of you – what’s your favorite movie, from any era? If you three can pester your author into answering, too, I’d be tickled.

Meghan: I love horror movies of any type. I couldn’t pick just one, but I like especially Halloween (the first one), Twenty-Eight Days Later (speedy zombies!), and The Grudge.

Puck: I love all the Midsummer’s Night Dreams, for obvious reasons.

Ash: I like anything with sword fights, particularly those by the mortal Kirosawa. I can appreciate the mindset of the human samurai.

Author: Oh, I can’t pick a favorite. I do love all the Miyazaki films, particularly Princess Mononoki, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Puck: Julie likes cartoons.

Author: Shut up, Puck.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Rockin' Contest! (Pun intended)

Today I have decided, at the urging of Khy, Sharon, and Vania, to host my very first contest. This contest will be different than anything you have seen before because, unlike other, saner authors, I will not be giving away books, bookmarks, posters, postcards, ect. I will be giving away rocks.

Yes, you heard me. Rocks.

These rocks, to be exact. This is what they looked like Before:

And this is what they looked like After:

You might ask: "why only gray cats? Why not black cats, or calico, or siamese?" And that is a very good question. But you see, there aren't any black cats in my upcoming book, The Iron King, but there is one highly sarcastic, big gray cat named Grimalkin. And when I asked Khy if I should paint Grimalkin or unicorns, she went with him. (Actually, I believe her exact words were "NO UNICORNS!")

So, there you have it. Three unique, hand-painted Grimalkins are up for grabs, so there can be three different winners, and I'll throw in a few Iron King bookmarks as well. The contest will last until the first of October, plenty of time, and I've decided to open it up to everyone on planet earth, so good luck. Rules are as follows:

+1 for commenting. In which you must comment on who you like better: Ash or Puck. If you don't know who Ash or Puck are, you can visit my website at or read through the Very Faery Interviews on this blog. (p.s. This was their idea, so if an angry Puck shows up on your doorstep wanting to turn you into a hedgehog because he lost to Ash, its not my fault)

+2 for tweeting

+2 for following/being a follower

+3 for linking this contest

And there you have it. Good luck, everyone. See you on the 1st.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with The Book Cellar

Welcome back to A Very Faery Interview. Today we have the lovely Erica of The Book Cellar joining us for another session in hysterics … I mean … hilarity. (Erica, please remember the panic button by your left foot.) Take it away, you three.

Meghan: Hi Erica! Tell us a little about yourself and your blog. When did you first get into blogging, and why? Who has been your inspiration in the world of book blogging?

I first got into blogging earlier this year. I had been different book sites for about a year, and I had been reading blogs like The Page Flipper and The Story Siren (primarily those two) for pretty much that whole time. I had always loved reading since I was little, and once I discovered they community of blogging I loved it. It took me a while to finally get the courage to start my own blog, I didn't think anyone would want to hear what I have to say (I still have trouble believing it) Now I'm so happy I finally created my own because I've "met" so many great people! My biggest inspirations in the blogging world has been Chelsea of The Page Flipper, Kristi of The Story Siren, Lenore of Presenting Lenore, and Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. They all have such amazing blogs!

Puck: I want to ask the zombie question this time! Erica, the Zombie Apocalypse has come! The undead are swarming your house and crawling in through the windows. You can only take three things with you when you make your escape. What are they?

I'd say I grab my laptop (I love my computer), my cell phone and charger, and my weighless cabinet full of all my books :) Well that's considering if all my petties have already crawled out the window on their own, otherwise I'd take them :)

Ash: Continuing the zombie theme: You are surrounded by zombies. Lying within reach is a weapon of your choice. What do you use to defend yourself?

I have no training or expertise in fighting zombies, so I have absolutely no idea - can I use a blow torch?

Meghan: You boys can be so morbid. So, Erica, who has been your favorite author this year, and which books are you really looking forward to coming out?

My favorite new author I've discovered this year would probably be a tie between Richelle Mead, Kate Brian, and Becca Fitzpatrick. They're all such different genres and all have such a unique writing style that has just sucked me in. As for upcoming books, you know, besides The Iron King, I'm really looking forward to The Naughty List by Suzanne Young, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti, Betrayals by Lili St. Crow - the list goes on and on.

Puck: You’re driving along and discover a zombie in the backseat—
Author: Enough with the zombies, Puck.
Puck: You’re driving along and discover a zombiecorn in the backseat—
Author: Puck!
Puck: Geez, I can’t have any fun. All right then, Erica. If you had to choose between a killer unicorn that tried to eat everyone, and a fire-breathing dragon with allergies, which would you choose for a pet, and what would you feed it?

Well the fire-breathing dragon of course! I'd just feed her claritin-d!

Ash: What type of books do you like to read? Fantasy, contemporary, futuristic, ect?

I love to read just about anything! Fantasy and historical fiction are probably my two favorite genres of books, but some of my favorite books are comtemporary and other genres. I hate classroom history, but I find historical fiction just fascinating. You learn more what it was like to live in that time rather than having facts drilled into your brain all day.

Meghan: I hear you’ve been in a musical! So cool! What are your favorites, and if you could be any character in any musical or play, who would it be?

I love pretty much all musicals but my favorites would definately be Wicked, Les Miserables, and The Secret Garden. My dream role would be Elphaba in Wicked, but since we know that'll never happen my other dream role is Eponine or Fantine from Les Mis. The music is absolutely amazing!

Puck: Ooh, Erica, can I glamour your voice so you have to sing everything, like in a musical?
Author: *Sighs* You’re on a roll today, aren’t you? No, you cannot!
Puck: Darn. Well then, who are some of your favorite musical artists?

I really enjoy punk and hard rock. My favorite band ever would probably be Rise Against, and they're followed in my line of favorites by bands like Atreyu, Escape The Fate and Senses Fail. On the complete flip side, I absolutely LOVE show tunes. Generally whatever I'm doing, I'm humming show tunes :) *Master of the house, keeper of the zoo...*

Ash: If you could learn any skill, regardless of time or money, what would it be?

I would absolutely LOVE to learn to learn to play the drums and the guitar. I've always been very musical - singing,dancing, flute, saxophone, and piano - but I've always wanted to learn both of those.

Author: Thanks, Erica! Before you go, is there anything you would like to ask Meghan, Ash, or the idiot over there?

Puck: I resent that.

Yep, if you were a crayon, what color would you be? And if you had to spend the rest of your life listening to one song on repeat, what would it be?

Meghan: I’d be turquoise, I think. Cool, calm, relaxing. And if I had to listen to one song forever, I’d choose something by Within Temptation. I love every one of their songs.

Puck: Fiery red all the way, baby. And not only would I listen to this song, I’d sing it for everyone to hear, all the time. Altogether now … This is the song that never ends; it just goes on and on, my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was. And now we’ll keep on singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends; it just goes on and on my–Ooomph! *Both Ash and Author bury his face under pillows and sit on him.*

Ash: Black, I believe. And I would love to listen to the song of silence forever, especially with him around.

Puck: *Muffled* That’s not an answer, ice-boy.

Ash: Whatever. I’m not changing it.

Want to know more about Meghan and the boys from The Iron King? Visit my website at

Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Bloggers, Tenners <3 you!

From the Tenner's site:

Book Bloggers, Tenners Heart You!

Because you love books as much as we do.
Because you are honest, but kind.
Because you discover great books and inspire people to read.
Because your blogs make us laugh and connect and think.
Because you help us learn to be better at what we do.

In honor of the upcoming Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we've put together the first ever giveaway of Tenner swag including signed bookmarks, book plates, buttons, locker poster, and book-related goodies from Hush, Hush, Scones & Sensibility, The Dark Divine (nailpolish, too!), The Secret Year, Leaving Gee's Bend, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, The Mark, The Iron King, The Body Finder, The Cinderella Society, Princess For Hire, Forget-Her-Nots, and more...all packaged with the sincere thanks and appreciation of ALL Tenners.

To enter, just leave a comment ( ) with your blog address (so we can check out our regular haunts AND find new ones!) now through Sunday, September 13. On Monday, September 14, the official start of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we'll draw one winner of the stash (enough to keep some and give some away).Congratulations to the nominated and short-listed bloggers - don't forget to vote for your favorites here, starting today!And a big thank you to all book bloggers, nominated for an award this year or not. We apprecate all you do for writers and readers everywhere!


This is an awesome contest, and I'll just add my own THANK YOU to all book bloggers everywhere! You guys really are the best. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My newest obsession


I love Arkham Asylum!

Well, not ME personally. I don't love ASYLUMS. I'm not crazy. Really.


I love the new Batman game for PS3. Seriously, look at the awesome, crazy Joker pic and tell me that's not the coolest looking Joker since Heath Ledger. The game is awesome, the voice acting is awesome, and the graphics are awesome. And of course, you get to play Batman, in all his gliding, glowering, gadget-weilding, ass-kicking glory.

(Actual screen shot)

Sigh. Games don't get much better than this. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with Frenetic Reader

Today on a Very Faery Interview, I'm pleased to present the lovely Khy from The Frenetic Reader. Khy is one of my favorite bloggers because she is little and adorable (you are!), so believe me when I say that I will kill the faery that gives her a hard time. (Looking at you, Puck.) Are we clear? Good, let's get started.

Meghan: Hi, Khy. So, how did you get into blogging, and what are your favorite types of books?

Scott Westerfeld had once linked to the 3 Evil Cousins blog on his blog, so I started reading it. Once the 3 Evil Cousins linked to Maelstrom, I read Maelstrom too. One night I was really bored and wanted to make a blog, so I figured I'd make a book review one because I loved 3 Evil Cousins and Maelstrom so much. After I made my own I realized there are much more than 2 books blogs out there.

Favorite types of books would be: books written by David Levithan (that so counts as a category) and realistic fiction in general. I especially like the druggie/death/abuse books, because I am odd. I'm also a big historical fiction fan, but have a hard time finding any. Faeries are good too, as are zombies and superhereos. But one type of book that is not my favorite is vampire books. If I read another one that isn't by Richelle Mead I will rip my hair out.

Puck: You're diagnosed with a mysterious illness, and can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, only you get to choose what it is. What is it?

Can I say "pasta" so that I am not limited to only one type pasta? Or do I have to be really specific? Because if I have to be really specific I'll say tortellini, but if I don't I'll just say pasta so I can eat ALL THE KINDS. =0

Ash: What has been the best and worst part of blogging?

The best is knowing about all the super fabulous books and authors out there, and being able to talk books with all sorts of cool people. Chatting with authors is pretty spifftastic too. :D

I'll say that the worst is that publicists/authors don't really check which blogs their books are going to, because that leads to all the really bad stuff: people begging for ARCs, people sucking up to get books, people who probably shouldn't get as many books as they do getting a TON, and people getting mad when they don't get whatever book they want.

Meghan: I hear you have a puppy! What's his name, and what kind of puppy is he? If your puppy suddenly started talking, what do you think he'd say?

I do have a puppy! Well, technically he is no longer a puppy because he is 3 years old, but I still call him a puppy. He's a miniature dachshund named Skippy, but technically he no longer counts as a miniature because he is too heavy. If he started to talk he would probably just beg for food ALL THE TIME.

Puck: What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Author: What kind of question is that!?

Don't go all crazy on him, Julie. I'll answer. :D "I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.” (Harry Potter for the win!)

Puck: See? Khy thought it was a very reasonable question. (And since I am confused, I will ask another.) Khy, if I turned you into an animal of your choice, real or imaginary, what would it be?

Depends on where I am at the time. I would hate for you to turn me into a dolphin when I'm not in the ocean, or at least a dolphin exhibit at Sea World.

Puck: Wanna go to Sea World, then?

Author: Absolutely not!

Ash: Name a few books that you are looking forward to coming out, this year or the next.

Right now I am ready to kill for Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers. I loveloveloved Cracked Up to Be and Courtney is super ~*sparkly*~ and awesome. Plus, Some Girls Are sounds completely amazing. I also am ready to kill for Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson because I NEED more Spencer in my life! I also can't wait for the next books by Sarah Ockler, Lisa Mantchev, Michelle Zink, Jennifer Brown, Stephanie Kuehnert, David Levithan, Elizabeth Scott, E. Lockhart, Gayle Forman, and Cindy Pon. And all the Tenners' books, obviously.

Meghan: Besides reading, what are some of your favorite things to do? I like music and watching scary movies, even though they give me nightmares sometimes. What about you?

I like writing, when I get the chance to, which really isn't that often. (Actually, it's pretty much never.) I also like musicals and history stuff. (Though I don't really know what I DO with those.) Most of my time is taken up by school and homework, so blogging actually helps me procrastinate on school stuff, even though it's work too.

Puck: What would you rather be kidnapped by: ninjas or pirates?

Ninjas, so that I could observe them and their SEKRIT WAYS. And maybe they would actually teach me how to be a ninja.

Ash: The Zombie Apocalypse has come. The undead are beating down your doors. You must flee, but you can only take three things with you. What are they?

A giant backpack full of books (I'm talking a freshman-sized backpack here), my laptop with the charger (I'm obsessed with the computer, what can I say?) and I dunno what else. I'm assuming my family will get out themselves, and that I can just throw on a ton of extra clothes and not have them count.

Author: Thank you Khy, for putting up with, I mean answering these questions. Is there anything you'd like to ask your interviewers?

Thanks for having me, Julie! :D The questions were lovely.

Interviewers: Zombies or unicorns? If you were a noodle, what shape would you be?

Meghan: Oh, unicorns! I met one once; he was very nice. And … um … I guess I would be a spaghetti noodle? Because I’m skinny and flexible? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Puck: Zombiecorns! Haha, zombie-unicorns are awesome! And I would be the meatball in the noodle pile, because I’m a non-conformist, hahaha!

Ash: I would choose zombies, because they would be good for sword practice. And I refuse to answer the noodle question.

Puck: Awww, Ash is embarrassed. How cute.

Ash: *Glares at Puck, draws sword.*

Author: Annnnnnnnd, that’s all we have time for today! Khy, thanks again for the lovely interview. Ash and Puck, if you’re going to do that, take it outside. I do not need another sword through my sofa. Join us next time for another Very Faery Interview. (If Puck survives that long.)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A scary day

Bleh. Stressful day yesterday. My dad, who is in homerepair, had a tablesaw jam and then kick-back on him, slicing his hand open. :( He nearly lost his pinkie finger, and his ring finger was completely mangled. Fortunatly, he's better now, thanks to the lovely doctors at Jewish Hospital Hand Care Center. An artery, a blood vessel, and a tendon had been sliced open, requiring three hours of surgery. Scary stuff. He's now in a cast and resting comfortably, so he's very lucky. It could've been much, much worse.

I told him maybe he should pursue a less dangerous job. Like bullriding perhaps.

Still, I'm thankful for the small blessings. Go tell a loved one how much they mean to you, now. Cause you never know what will happen.