Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with Frenetic Reader

Today on a Very Faery Interview, I'm pleased to present the lovely Khy from The Frenetic Reader. Khy is one of my favorite bloggers because she is little and adorable (you are!), so believe me when I say that I will kill the faery that gives her a hard time. (Looking at you, Puck.) Are we clear? Good, let's get started.

Meghan: Hi, Khy. So, how did you get into blogging, and what are your favorite types of books?

Scott Westerfeld had once linked to the 3 Evil Cousins blog on his blog, so I started reading it. Once the 3 Evil Cousins linked to Maelstrom, I read Maelstrom too. One night I was really bored and wanted to make a blog, so I figured I'd make a book review one because I loved 3 Evil Cousins and Maelstrom so much. After I made my own I realized there are much more than 2 books blogs out there.

Favorite types of books would be: books written by David Levithan (that so counts as a category) and realistic fiction in general. I especially like the druggie/death/abuse books, because I am odd. I'm also a big historical fiction fan, but have a hard time finding any. Faeries are good too, as are zombies and superhereos. But one type of book that is not my favorite is vampire books. If I read another one that isn't by Richelle Mead I will rip my hair out.

Puck: You're diagnosed with a mysterious illness, and can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, only you get to choose what it is. What is it?

Can I say "pasta" so that I am not limited to only one type pasta? Or do I have to be really specific? Because if I have to be really specific I'll say tortellini, but if I don't I'll just say pasta so I can eat ALL THE KINDS. =0

Ash: What has been the best and worst part of blogging?

The best is knowing about all the super fabulous books and authors out there, and being able to talk books with all sorts of cool people. Chatting with authors is pretty spifftastic too. :D

I'll say that the worst is that publicists/authors don't really check which blogs their books are going to, because that leads to all the really bad stuff: people begging for ARCs, people sucking up to get books, people who probably shouldn't get as many books as they do getting a TON, and people getting mad when they don't get whatever book they want.

Meghan: I hear you have a puppy! What's his name, and what kind of puppy is he? If your puppy suddenly started talking, what do you think he'd say?

I do have a puppy! Well, technically he is no longer a puppy because he is 3 years old, but I still call him a puppy. He's a miniature dachshund named Skippy, but technically he no longer counts as a miniature because he is too heavy. If he started to talk he would probably just beg for food ALL THE TIME.

Puck: What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Author: What kind of question is that!?

Don't go all crazy on him, Julie. I'll answer. :D "I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.” (Harry Potter for the win!)

Puck: See? Khy thought it was a very reasonable question. (And since I am confused, I will ask another.) Khy, if I turned you into an animal of your choice, real or imaginary, what would it be?

Depends on where I am at the time. I would hate for you to turn me into a dolphin when I'm not in the ocean, or at least a dolphin exhibit at Sea World.

Puck: Wanna go to Sea World, then?

Author: Absolutely not!

Ash: Name a few books that you are looking forward to coming out, this year or the next.

Right now I am ready to kill for Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers. I loveloveloved Cracked Up to Be and Courtney is super ~*sparkly*~ and awesome. Plus, Some Girls Are sounds completely amazing. I also am ready to kill for Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson because I NEED more Spencer in my life! I also can't wait for the next books by Sarah Ockler, Lisa Mantchev, Michelle Zink, Jennifer Brown, Stephanie Kuehnert, David Levithan, Elizabeth Scott, E. Lockhart, Gayle Forman, and Cindy Pon. And all the Tenners' books, obviously.

Meghan: Besides reading, what are some of your favorite things to do? I like music and watching scary movies, even though they give me nightmares sometimes. What about you?

I like writing, when I get the chance to, which really isn't that often. (Actually, it's pretty much never.) I also like musicals and history stuff. (Though I don't really know what I DO with those.) Most of my time is taken up by school and homework, so blogging actually helps me procrastinate on school stuff, even though it's work too.

Puck: What would you rather be kidnapped by: ninjas or pirates?

Ninjas, so that I could observe them and their SEKRIT WAYS. And maybe they would actually teach me how to be a ninja.

Ash: The Zombie Apocalypse has come. The undead are beating down your doors. You must flee, but you can only take three things with you. What are they?

A giant backpack full of books (I'm talking a freshman-sized backpack here), my laptop with the charger (I'm obsessed with the computer, what can I say?) and I dunno what else. I'm assuming my family will get out themselves, and that I can just throw on a ton of extra clothes and not have them count.

Author: Thank you Khy, for putting up with, I mean answering these questions. Is there anything you'd like to ask your interviewers?

Thanks for having me, Julie! :D The questions were lovely.

Interviewers: Zombies or unicorns? If you were a noodle, what shape would you be?

Meghan: Oh, unicorns! I met one once; he was very nice. And … um … I guess I would be a spaghetti noodle? Because I’m skinny and flexible? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Puck: Zombiecorns! Haha, zombie-unicorns are awesome! And I would be the meatball in the noodle pile, because I’m a non-conformist, hahaha!

Ash: I would choose zombies, because they would be good for sword practice. And I refuse to answer the noodle question.

Puck: Awww, Ash is embarrassed. How cute.

Ash: *Glares at Puck, draws sword.*

Author: Annnnnnnnd, that’s all we have time for today! Khy, thanks again for the lovely interview. Ash and Puck, if you’re going to do that, take it outside. I do not need another sword through my sofa. Join us next time for another Very Faery Interview. (If Puck survives that long.)

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