Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I've decided to post a small, one (or two or three) sentence teaser from the upcoming THE IRON KING every Tuesday until ... whenever I get tired of doing them. :D So, here's today's teaser. Hope you enjoy.

But, for a split second, I saw Angie covering her nose with her hands, and her screams were sounding more and more like the squeals of a pig.

Now its your turn. Grab your current read, open it to a page, and post a (non-spoilery) sentence. (I'm totally stealing this idea from The Book Pixie. Hope that's okay.) :)

Until next time...


  1. "Soon it will be time to fin her again"

    Dreaming Anastasia / By: Joy Preble

  2. Owen watched the ungainly creatures that reminded him of a combination of apes and dwarves.
    -Kindling of GreenFyr by Mark Freeman

    lol. that was a lovely teaser! And I want the Iron King. February's such a long ways away
    *falls asleep* *looks around* Is it February yet?

  3. How about a scene with Puck and Ash? Tease us more! :P *eveeel laughter*