Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Rockin' Contest! (Pun intended)

Today I have decided, at the urging of Khy, Sharon, and Vania, to host my very first contest. This contest will be different than anything you have seen before because, unlike other, saner authors, I will not be giving away books, bookmarks, posters, postcards, ect. I will be giving away rocks.

Yes, you heard me. Rocks.

These rocks, to be exact. This is what they looked like Before:

And this is what they looked like After:

You might ask: "why only gray cats? Why not black cats, or calico, or siamese?" And that is a very good question. But you see, there aren't any black cats in my upcoming book, The Iron King, but there is one highly sarcastic, big gray cat named Grimalkin. And when I asked Khy if I should paint Grimalkin or unicorns, she went with him. (Actually, I believe her exact words were "NO UNICORNS!")

So, there you have it. Three unique, hand-painted Grimalkins are up for grabs, so there can be three different winners, and I'll throw in a few Iron King bookmarks as well. The contest will last until the first of October, plenty of time, and I've decided to open it up to everyone on planet earth, so good luck. Rules are as follows:

+1 for commenting. In which you must comment on who you like better: Ash or Puck. If you don't know who Ash or Puck are, you can visit my website at or read through the Very Faery Interviews on this blog. (p.s. This was their idea, so if an angry Puck shows up on your doorstep wanting to turn you into a hedgehog because he lost to Ash, its not my fault)

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And there you have it. Good luck, everyone. See you on the 1st.


  1. :) YAY!!!! Pretty Grimalkin rocks - they turned out so amazing. :D

    Puck. He's more fun. And plus I like being human, I don't want to be a hedgehog.

    +2 follower
    +3 linking in my sidebar (I'll make a post post later - I have to leave now...)
    +2 tweeting

    :) Erica

  2. +1 I'm going to have to say Puck simply out of fear of being turned into a hedgehog...
    +2 follower
    +3 linked on contests page on WORD
    +2 I retweeted Erica's tweet; t'was faster.

  3. +1 I like Puck better, his comments are hilarious!

    +2 for tweeting

    +2 for following ;-D

    +3 linked on my sidebar (

  4. +2 following :)

    +3 sidebar (

    +1 for a tweet

    and +1

    I am going to have to go against the grain and vote for Ash. I've always wanted to know what it would be like to be a hedgehog ;-D


    I think I like Puck better. He asks funner questions.

    ( +2 Following, +2 I retweeted your tweet about it. :D)

  6. Those rocks are AWESOME :D

    +1 Puck! He seems more fun and funnier :D

    +2 Following

    +2 Tweeted (retweeted the Tenners tweet)


  7. I'm following! If I can get twitter to work, I'll tweet it to and let you know!

  8. +1 Ash because Ash didn't ask me any means questions for the fairy interview.
    +2 already a follower duh xD
    +2 tweeting
    +3 linked and posted on the blog:

  9. +1 comment I pick Puck because he is so fun.
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  10. Uber cool!

    +1 I pick puck
    +2 Following you

    bookfoolery at yahoo dot com


  11. Please enter me!

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  12. yay! those are so cool.

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    haley mathiot at yahoo dot com

  13. Love the rocks - my cats would too!
    I would pick Puck.

  14. These are amazing looking. I must have one!

    +2 being a follower

    +3 for linking this contest

  15. +1 for commenting. In which you must comment on who you like better: Ash or Puck.

    Puck! He is soo funny and awesome! I Love Him!


  16. Hi :)
    You did a terrific job of painting those rocks!
    I'm looking forward to THE IRON KING.
    I prefer Puck. (especially as an interviewer!)
    All the best,

  17. Hi there! This is the first I've heard of this book, but it sure sounds good! And Grimalkin looks great on those rocks!
    I am going to pick Puck, because I love a good trickster, and A Midsummer Night's Dream was my first Shakespeare!
    +2 Just became a follower!
    Thanks for the great contest!

  18. Oh these are great. I'd love to be entered. I pick Puck!!

    -new follower

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  19. This is the first I've heard of your book so I wasn't sure who Ash & Puck were. Went searching...loved the interviews! :0) Puck's a lot of fun but I think I'm going to live dangerously and go with Ash. *grin*

    I'm a new follower. :0)

    librarygrinch at gmail dot com

  20. Hi! I love the cat-rocks! I have to say that I pick Puck...
    thanks for the contest!
    brigneti {at} gmail[dot] com

    +1 commenting
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  21. Oh these are pretty! From your interviews I think I like Ash the most but Puck sounds like fun too!

    +2 Now a follower!

  22. +2 I'm a follower!
    +2 Tweeted:

    A Puck vs Ash showdown! :D

  23. My mom did this once. She made penguins.
    Very cute.
    +2 I'm a new follower


  24. +1 Puck. Because... uh.. well he is funny and I don't want him to come and turn me into a hedgehog!
    +2 tweeted here:
    +2 I am a follower


  25. Please enter me. I am a new follower.

  26. +1 for commenting. In which you must comment on who you like better: Ash or Puck.

    My answer: Puck!

    +2 for tweeting -

    +2 for following/being a follower

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com