Friday, August 7, 2009

Harlequin Teen's latest stop

Here's the lastest stop on the Harlequin Teen blog tour, this time at Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog. This time, the book descriptions aren't the same "back cover" descriptions you've seen a hundred times. Natashya Wilson herself puts a new spin on the books and what they're about, so be sure to check it out

Puck: Am I mentioned, am I mentioned?

Ash: *reading over author's shoulder* Nope, but I am. That's two for me.

Puck: That's one for you, ice-boy. Contest didn't start until Wednesday, and I'm still ahead, haha. Hmph, I can't believe they didn't mention me. I suppose Meghan's in there, as usual.

Meghan: Oh, look, Grimalkin's mentioned, too.

Puck: What?! The cats' in there and I'm not? Where's the justice?

Me:*wonders what it was like before faeries came to live with her.*

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  1. Natashya also mentioned your books with great enthusiasm on the "Meet the Editors: Harlequin Teen" podcast. It's kind of old but still a sweet reference. Congrats, girlie!