Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad Romance couples


I was listening to Lady Gaga today, and it suddenly occurred to me:

Does anyone else think Lady Gaga's Bad Romance describes 90% of paranormal romance?

I mean, think about it. Listen to the song and tell me which couples you're reminded of. For this post, I'm going to keep it to YA, since I'm most familiar with it.

(Note that also, when I say "Bad Romance," I'm not implying that the characters, the book, or the romance is bad. I'm simply comparing it to the song.)

Bella and Edward (Twilight Saga)

This one is pretty obvious. Bella loves Edward. Edward loves Bella. Edward wants to eat Bella. He's also undead, and on pretty shaky terms with the local werewolf pack. Also, he manages to piss off some Italian vampires. So, yes. Bella and Edward have a pretty Bad Romance, despite their love for each other.

Patch and Nora (Hush, Hush)

Another instance where the guy starts off wanting to kill the girl. Patch is a fallen angel, and a pretty scary guy for Nora to have fallen in love with. Even she knows she should stay away from him, but she can't help but be drawn to him. Their tumultuous relationship, not to mention Patch's dark past and murderous friends, makes theirs a Bad Romance.

Brittney and Alex (Perfect Chemistry)

Not paranormal, but proof that Bad Romance can be found anywhere. Brittney is a cheerleader. Alex is in a gang. There's all sorts of problems with them falling in love. But somehow in the end, love conquers all, even though Alex's Bad Boy ways make this a perfect Bad Romance.

Clary and Jace (City of Bones)

Clary and Jace's romance was made famous when they discovered they were really brother and sister. How's incest sound to you? Pretty bad, yes? For those who have not read City of Glass yet, I won't spoil anything by saying more. But this forbidden relationship is another example of a Bad Romance.

Grace and Sam (Shiver)

Grace and Sam's relationship, though incredibly sweet and moving, is still fraught with heartache. Namely, that Sam is a werewolf, and will eventually become a wolf for all time. Sam also has a pretty possessive ex who tries on occasion to kill Grace. Even if it wasn't for that, the longing and fear of the approaching winter, knowing Sam will soon be lost forever, is what makes theirs a Bad Romance.

Meghan and Ash (The Iron King)

Yes, I'm even including my own two lovers, Meghan and Ash from The Iron King. They're from different courts, there's a law preventing them from being together, and Ash has, on several occasions, threatened to kill Meghan. Though against his better judgment, he ends up falling for her. Theirs is a star-crossed love, and has all the makings of a Bad Romance.

I know I've left out a ton of Bad Romance-worthy couples, but these are the ones that immediately sprang to mind. Who are your favorites? And don't keep it to YA or paranormal. Who are your favorite Bad Romance couples, the ones that really shouldn't be together, but somehow, against all odds, make it work?


  1. I love this post. So much. Too much for words. *nod* It's undoubtedly TRUE.

  2. The Uglies Saga - Tally and David. Although not Paranormal, Tally does things against David's better judgement and then falls in love with someone else. But in the end - it seems that they work it out.

    Oh, and I heard that 'Bad Romance' either the song or the music video has incorporated Emily Bronte's Wuthing Heights in it...

  3. Wuthering Heights.*

  4. Wow your right don't forget Wondrous strange
    Kelley and Sonny there's is also a bad romance

  5. Yessss!!!! this is my favorite Gaga song and now I know why!! I knew it reminded me of something.. you're definitely right!! Love this post. =D

  6. Vampire Academy: Rose and Dimitri I guess could count. She's 17, while he's 24. And both are supposed to be bodyguards, so they can't let themselves focus on a relationship. Plus more recent events have added more complications to the whole thing. But I think theyre perfect together :)

  7. Ack now that rah rah ooh la la is stuck in my head again. LOL. It got there after Glee and now it is back. Thanks. ;)

    This was a wonderful post - and will now be the theme song for most of the YA paranormal novels. The Hunger Games - not paranormal, but dystopian. Katniss and Peeta...he loves her she fakes loving him, bad romance written all over it.

  8. I love the song.

    Yes, there's tons of Bad Romance out in the YA sometimes it works (The Iron King, Mortal Instruments, etc) sometimes it doesn't (Bella and Edward, GOD how I'm so TIRED of this couple).

  9. Oh, yes - love this post! Another example, Luce and Daniel from be afraid to kiss the one you love, definitely Bad Romance.

  10. Elena and Clay from the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Elena- an abused girl who is still getting over her past male-issues, meets Clay - a turned werewolf from a very young age looking for his life mate. Clay bites Elena without any warning turning her into a werewolf, the first and only female werewolf in the Otherworld. They fight, make love, fight again, want to kill each other, make love, etc.

  11. LOL this is very true! i think most paranormal romance stories have star crossed lovers or 2 people who have crazy obstacles to over come to be together - and i think that's where the song's going towards. I think Po and Katsa from Graceling would fit in here too. But yeah, any time you have that huge emotional pull between 2 characters that wont allow friendship to work, it's all or nothing, they would all fit this song.

  12. I think that the song fits derek and chloe from the darkest power tri. by kelly armstrong

  13. I love that song! And I totally agree - it applies to pretty much every paranormal romance. The defining aspect of those kinds of romances is that they're forbidden - which is what makes them so dang hot in the first place ;-)

    Another example that comes to mind is The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot: Suze is a mediator, and she meets a hottie with no body in her new bedroom (the Spanish ghost Jesse) - but unfortunately, it's her job to help him get over to the other side.

  14. Great post, and love the song! Hmmm...other Bad Romance couples...I'd have to say Lena and Ethan from Beautiful Creatures. She's a Caster, and he's human. And then there's that line that Lena's uncle tells Ethan:

    'Ultimately, it will be your burden to bear. It's always the Mortal who bears it. Trust me, I know.'

    Definitely a Bad Romance!

    P.S. I just read and reviewed Winter's Passage. Loved it! :)

  15. LOL!! Great write-up!

    BTW - charged me $2.39 for Winter's Passage for Kindle. I'm not complaining since I would have paid it anyways .. but since it was supposed to be Free I thought I'd let you know.

  16. @Jess

    Arg, sorry about that. They were supposed to get that fixed. >.< Apologies. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.

  17. rose and demetri (vampire academy) shes in school traing to protect good vampire's he's her tariner they fall in love against the rules he gets turned into a bad vampire she goes to kill him he kidnaps her well you get my drift bad romance all around but good to read

  18. The first time I heard this song I had just finished Wuthering Heights and it fit them to a T. But, after reading this post you are very right it does fit most couples in paranormal novels:) B.T.W I just read Winters Passage and it's got me jumping out of my skin waiting for The Iron Daughter!!

  19. I'm reading Hush, Hush (I've had it sitting on my shelf for months and I've finally gotten to it. I'm excited.) And while I was reading, Glee's version of Bad Romance came on. My entire iTunes library is on shuffle. So the chances of Bad Romance coming on while I'm reading a previously declared Bad Romance is 1 in over 2000. So I thought that was pretty awesome and I had to share it.

  20. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

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