Monday, June 21, 2010

Iron King Sims3: The beginning

Alrighty, then...

As many of you know, I am a gamer. What many of you did not know, until recently, is that I'm a huge Sims fan. And, in Sims3, I've recreated the characters from The Iron King to play in an alternate reality. Meghan, Ash, Puck, the whole gang. (No Grimalkin, sadly. EA really needs to do a Sims3 Pets expansion pack.) Soooo, once word of this got out, it was suggested I do weekly posts to show how everyone in my Sim town is doing.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Sure, why not? I wear my geekdom proudly, after all. This meme will follow the lives of my Sims until I get bored with them, or my computer crashes. Or everyone gets sick and tired of seeing my Sims prance around and threatens me with dismemberment if I don't stop.

Anyway, the story thus far.

Meet Meghan Chase:

She lives out in the swamps in an old green farmhouse.

With her mother and stepfather...

And little brother. (Yes, Ethan is a teenager now; I've been playing for awhile.)

On this particular day, Meghan goes to the old bridge to meet a mysterious stranger.

All right, he's not really a stranger. Remember that I've been playing this for awhile. Meg and Ash have been sweethearts since high school, and just yesterday, Ash finally proposed. So now, they try to steal all the moments they can.


Awh. And, I'll leave it there for now. Come back next week to see how Meg and the gang progress from here.

I'm such a dork.

ETA: For those asking about Puck; yes, he's there too. Next post will include Puck, fear not. Also, keep in mind that this is an alternate reality that does not reflect the Iron King series. Don't let the events in the Sims color your expectations of the novel.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! I'm a huge Sims fan! I haven't been playing much lately b/c of life being life and busy. I think its awesome that you've put your characters into your sims game. What about Puck though? What is he doing in your game?

  2. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing not that we really left you with a lot of choices last night!

  3. hahahaha lmao! I have never play Sims though

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVED IT!!!

    TEAM ASH 4EVER!!! =)))

    thouhg I do love Puck too!! hehe

  5. I love the Sims 3, too. Confession? I have a Travis and Harper from TNN. And Travis is in the military career. HAHA!

  6. So funny that Ethan is already a teenager. Glad to see you're having fun playing around with your characters in The Sims. :P

  7. Question: Has this post just spoiled all my Puck related predictions?

  8. OMG!!!! This is brilliant Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed all the way through, I love, love, LOVE this!!! I'm bookmarking this post forever :D

    @Sharonlovescats - at the beginning of her post she mentions why Grimalkin is not in it :)

    Emma :D

  9. This is possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen LOL I wanna see Puck! =)

  10. Lol, that is just awesome! I love seeing the characters like that and I totally agree that there needs to be a pet expansion pack so Grimalkin can make an appearance!

  11. OMG you are the coolest thing ever! Sadly I could never play Sims 2 on my craptacular computer but I loved the first one (with all it's lovely expansion packs!) - was pretty addicted to it actually.
    Awesome! Can't wait to see more!
    BTW - finished The Iron Daughter recently and I'm speechless (in a good way!)

  12. I'm thinking that you should have a Sims contest... People would make the characters as Sims and you could judge the best ones. It would be Sims Geek Heaven(:

  13. AHAHAHAHA! I LOVE THE SIMS!!!! I created and ash and Meghan for photographic reasons....
    Click here!