Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winter's Passage release day!


Winter's Passage releases today!

You can find it here at eharlequin. at enterthefaeryworld.com or on Amazon, though Amazon's price is wrong and probably won't change until tomorrow.

And, because its Tuesday, I'll leave you with one last teaser for Winter's Passage, in the shameful hopes that it will make you run out and download it today. (Hey, what do you have to lose? It's FREE.)

(ETA: I've been getting reports that the download wasn't free on some sites, and I've contacted Harlequin about it. They are working to fix it, so I apologize if you were charged. The eharlequin and enterthefaeryworld.com pages list Winter's Passage as free, but the changes to Amazon and some other sites probably won't go into effect until tomorrow.

I apologize for the confusion. Hopefully we'll get it worked out soon.)

Anyway, onto the teaser...

“The cold has her.” Grimalkin’s voice seemed to come from far away. “She is already icing over. If you do not get her up now, she will die.”

Give in, the cold whispered in my ear. Give in, sleep. You’ll never feel pain again.

My eyelids flickered, and Ash made a noise that was almost a growl. “Dammit, Meghan,” he snarled, grabbing both my arms. “I am not going to lose you this close to home. Get up!”

He rose, pulling me to my feet and, before I could even register what was going on, pressed his lips to mine.

Until next week.



  1. Haha I pre ordered and bought it this morning, but we are talking about 3$ and it was anyway worth it!!!!

    Leaves you wishing for more! Perfect addition to The Iron King!!
    Love me some Ash and Meghan stories...

  2. B&N, Sony and independents like Books on Board also have it, but not discounted to $0...yet anyway.

  3. Just finished reading it and LOVED it! Can't wait for the Iron Daughter...wishing August would come sooner :)
    ~ Allison

  4. I loved it and wished it was longer :/ I cannot wait until August and I'm going to be sad when I have to wait until February.


  5. Now free at B&N too...


  6. I just finished it, and it was awsome!!! I wish there was more! Perfect cliffhanger.

  7. WHOOOO, EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I will be reading mine asap!!!! :D ;)

  8. Julie, you are SO.FREAKING.TALENT!!!
    AHH! Edward Cullen seriously has NOTHING on Ash.
    Ash is just... wow. So well developed and incredible.
    I'm twenty-one years old and you have inspired me to
    take up creative writing as my major in college.

    KEEP WRITING, pleaseeee!!

    <3 Much love!


  9. nice teaser!!! i love it!
    i just downloaded it. wiii!
    i cannot wait! :)

  10. Still not free at Amazon...

  11. Is it only 4 chapters long!? :'(