Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sims: Birthdays and Promotions

It seems I need a couple of posts a week to keep up with the lives of my Sims. Or maybe just a lot has happened. Anyway...

Ethan's birthday came around this week. He turned from a teenager to a young adult. There was a party, and several friends attended.

This is right after he became a young adult. I know, he looks pretty much the same, but the changes are subtle. Afterwards, there was cake.

Ash has had a busy week. Because of his high skill levels, he advanced rapidly through the ranks of law enforcement. From a patrol officer in a cute uniform...

...to a Special Agent in a matter of days.

He also has his own patrol car, which he drives Meghan around in. Here they are on a date.

And he finally saved up enough Simoleans to buy a house. This is the new Winter estate. Its kind of small and sparse now, but there's lots of room to grow.

The very first night in his new house, a burgler snuck in and tried to rob the place. Ash woke up and handily kicked the burgler's butt. It happened so fast I barely had time to take a picture. But here they are right after the fight.

And that's all for now. I think the next post will be the long awaited wedding, so stay tuned as I continue to indulge in my geekdom. :D



  1. Yay! More Sims! Happy birthday Ethan!
    Ash is awesome! He kicks some serious burglar-butt!

  2. @Riv Re

    Hahaha, thanks! I was like: what the heck is going on...oh, a burglar! Oh, Ash is going to fight him! Oh, I should take a picture, pause, PAUSE darn you!" LOL

  3. haha This is so cute!

  4. I love these Sims posts. Special Agent Ash now, huh? He's got some smooth moves, driving Meghan around in his cop car.
    I like how the burglar is dressed in a black and white striped shirt. Haha.

  5. @rachel445

    Apparently, that's standard issue for all cat burglars in Sim world. xD

  6. OMGods! This is so awesomely cute! I think I should start playing Sims now! Hahahaha, Ethan.