Monday, May 27, 2013

Lotsa dragons

Hi everyone!

Heading up to BEA in a couple days (Geez, time flies.), so I won't be putting any new Etsy stuff out this week.  I wanted a couple weeks to try to restock and try to polish my sculpting technique so when I come back, not only will I have new stuff to sell, they'll look much different.  The dragons, especially, have progressed very far.  I'm adding more detail to their faces now, and blending the limbs to their bodies to make them look seamless. 

So, before, the dragons looked like this:



Now, they look like this:

And I'm still learning, of course.  These guys, along with many others, will be up in the Etsy store here when I return from New York.  If you're heading up to BEA this week, I hope to see you there!




  1. They're all sooo awesome! I DO see your progression but even your earlier stuff is adorable! Have fun at day I will go!

  2. They're so gorgeous! How are you so talented, Julie?
    Hope you enjoy your stay in NYC, and have fun at BEA! Will you be doing any other events while you're in the area?

  3. There really good. I know this has no relevance to the post but I just want to express how much I want you too please make a film from the books I think a film could be amazing.

  4. cute! which cartoon are these figures from??

  5. they are amazing! they kind of remind me of the dragons from the fire within series. You should make one chewing on a pencil haha

  6. Melanie Sargony,

  7. Natalie treloar,