Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Another Iron King Teaser Tuesday. This is in honor of Gail, who thinks Ash is swoon-worthy. (I happen to agree, but I could be a little biased.) I'll let you guys decide.

His fingers came up and gently brushed a tear from my cheek, sending a tingle all the way to my toes. I shivered, frightened by the pressure mounting between us, needing to break the tension.

I licked my lips and whispered: "Is this where you say you'll kill me?"

One corner of his lip curled. "If you like," he murmured, a flicker of amusement finally crossing his face. "Though it's gotten far too interesting for that."

Sigh, I love bad boys. So, that's mine. Now its your turn.


  1. Awesome quote!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! =)

  2. Love that quote...and love Ash! I may even consider trading Valek for him. maybe. lol


  3. I love bad boys. And I love this teaser. ;D

  4. Everyone just stay away from Ash...he...um...he really isn't all that bad. yeah, that's it. He's kind of wishy washy. Best just walk away. Maybe go check out Patch from Hush Hush - peeps seem to love him.

  5. Hey Ash,

    You wanna come with me...oh! Errrr, hi Julie. I'm just talking to Ash. No plans to steal him or anything. Whoops!


  6. People, stop trying to steal the other hero of the story. I still need him for the sequels. :D Besides, he's a Winter Faery; unless you live in the artic you wouldn't be comfortable with him in the house. ;-)

  7. He turned to Kate, who stood hesitating, almost too tired to walk further. Now that they were back in the light again, she found his cloak and hood insulting. She could make out nothing about him, and he seemed to know everything about her.

    "Kate, you look terrible!" he said sincerely. "You're completely exhausted. Well, you won tonight, and I'm not a good loser. I'm not used to it. But until next time" -and he held out his six-fingered hand.

    Kate shook her head and put her hands behind her back. She glared up at him, beside herself with indignation. She said firmly, "I hate to appear rude-"

    "Yes, you do, don't you." He laughed. "Oh, I know what's bothering you," he teased before she could turn away in disgust. "The cloak and hood. It's been on your nerves all evening. You've been imagining all sorts of horrors, I'd guess."

    This is just another way to goad me, Kate thought grimly, but he was absolutely right.

    Marak tugged back his hood and examined her stunned expression. He watched her cheeks grow pale, her lips bloodless. He grinned in delighted amusement.

    "You imagined all sorts of horrors. But maybe not this one." And he swung back into the saddle and rode away.

    /Hollow Kingdom by Clare B Dunkle