Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tomorrow is ze day!

Well, everyone. Tomorrow is The Day. The 1st of February. The day that The Iron King officially releases.


Ahem. Anyway, I know the book released early in some stores, and that several people have already snatched it up and read it. (They tell me these things on Twitter.) But, this is the Official Release Day, the day I've been waiting for since The Iron King sold to Harlequin Teen, waaaaaaaay back in 2008.

I suddenly feel like I'm supposed to post something deep and nostalgic about the past year, the ups and downs of being a writer, and how it's changed my life, ect. ect.

I think I'll just go eat a ton of celebratory sushi and play Assassin's Creed II until my eyeballs rot out, instead.


  1. Congradulations!!!! I hope the sun shines for your tomorrow! Enjoy every moment of tomorrow. You deserve to after all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into making tomorrow happen for yourself!! I can't wait to read your book, very excited!

  2. Congrats! You should write yourself a note, like in a journal or something. So that way even after you've sold your millionth book, you can go back a relive this moment.

    I got Iron King last week, it is waiting for me.

  3. Congratulations!! I purchased the book and devoured it! I loved it. You should be very proud. You've created a wonderful story and a strong heroine in Meghan. I'm now reading it out loud to my daughter and enjoying it all over again. Can't wait to read The Iron Daughter.

    We reviewed The Iron King on our blog:

  4. Happy release day!!! Tomorrow everyone everywhere gets to see the amazingness of The Iron King :)

  5. Happy release day! Now I need to go and see if the local bookstores have it...