Monday, September 26, 2011

Day with Ash/Puck Contest: Winners

Wow, so I had a HARD time choosing the winners for this one. SO many great trips, outings, dates, ect. I'm sure Puck and Ash are exhausted now. Anyway, I chose my three favorite entries for both Ash and Puck and let do the rest.

And the winners for a signed Iron Knight arc are:

Day with Ash: Jen of Jenuine Cupcakes. Here is her winning entry. (Ash in an apron, *snorts*)

Day with Puck: Chapter Chicks. With her winning entry.

Congratulations to the winners! If you would both email me ( with your addresses, I will send a signed Iron Knight arc winging your way.

Thanks so much, everyone! It was a blast reading these.

Puck: We should do it again sometime. *YAWN* But first, I need a nap. Hey, Cupcake-boy, you still have frosting in your hair. It's kinda cute.

Ash: *Draws sword* Come over here and say that.

Me: Sigh.


  1. Both sounds like wonderful days! Congratulations! :D

  2. heeheehee oh puck.....congrats guys :D you earned it

  3. Congratulations Jen and Chapter Chicks! They both sound SOOO good! I totally know why you guys won!

  4. thanks for an awesome contest Julie! Congrats guys! Jen, tell Ash that I said hi. Oh, and who were the other choices for Ash and Puck, Julie??

  5. You both really deserved it! Congrats!! :) Both made me laugh and smile. They were awesome best days. Congrats!

    Thank you! Ash4ever!

  6. I KNEW that day with Ash was going to win. Super congrats to both winners!

  7. congrats to both winners,and Julie,u just made 2 more people happy! thnx Julie :)

  8. Super Congratulations to both of the entries. They're hilarious. Ash,the cupcake boy? A very frosty icing fey haven.Uh-oh. Quick! Hide me Puck!

  9. Thanks so much for renting Puck out to me for a day! :)


  10. haha luv it! cant wait to get more of that! but i bet puck was right ash probably was looking cute yet hot at the same time* sigh
    Luv Gabby:D

  11. Congrats to the winners. I bet that Ash did look cute with frosting in his hair. Wonder if Meghan thinks so too. Team Ash!!!!!