Friday, February 24, 2012

FaeryCon West 2012

So, as some of you may know, a couple weeks ago I went up to Seattle to participate in FaeryCon West. What is FaeryCon West you ask? Think BEA with faeries instead of books. Think ComicCon with fey instead of Superheroes. Basically it is a convention celebrating every and all things Faery. Dragons, pixies, satyrs, magic, glamour, wings, glitter, goblins, music, dancing, and everything in between. It was everything my little faery-loving heart could've asked for. I only hope I can go to FaeryWorlds this summer and do it all again.

And now, the pictures.

The Green Man.

The Lion and the Unicorn

An awesome satyr.

Someone came dressed as Meghan *Squee!* This awesome awesome person got a signed Iron Knight.

The terrible Wutan Feysmasher. (And helper.) This fearsome Viking terrorized all the faeries he saw, chased them around and tried smashing them with his giant (cloth) mallet. Needless to say, he was a huge hit with the kids.

One of the many lovable goblins lurking around the con.

The stunning Faery Godmother.

A fellow kitsune. (I say "fellow" because...well, you'll see in a second.)

Me and the fabulous Charles De Lint. He was super cool and nice and chatted with me even though I might've fangirled on him a little bit. Just a little. :D

And finally, me in my kitsune outfit.

As you can see, I had a wonderful, stupendous time. I can't wait for FaeryWorlds, and I know it will be just as fun.

Even though I ran into Queen Mab and barely escaped with my life!



  1. Wutan!!

    And I love your Kitsune outfit! XD

  2. Beautiful pics. I wish I would have been there. I will be at FaerieWorlds though. It is a magical place.

  3. Isn't Charles de Lint fabulous? I probably reacted the same way you did here on the East Coast.

  4. You're Kitsune outfit is amazing!
    Wish we had one of those in Ireland!D:

  5. I really should have gone to that especially since it is in SEattle, next year!

  6. Wow! FaeryCon sounds awesome! ;)

  7. Super Cool Julie! thanks for the awesome pictures(:

  8. It looked amazing! I LOVE all of those costumes. I so wish I had a teleporter so I could go!

  9. My goodness! I so wish I could have been there!
    I'm so jealous of that girl with the signed Iron Knight! >.< Grr!...
    You looked awesome as a kitsune outfit! Wish I had one as awesome as that...

  10. WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!! That's all I can say, I'm amazed by all the costumes!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 ="D

  11. That looks like an awesome convention!! Would love to go to one, one day!! I love your Kitsune outfit!! All the costumes (or were they real?) ;) were awesome!!

  12. TOO. COOL. Love and barking spiders, Anonymous

  13. I love your outfit! That kimono is really cute.

    All the best.