Sunday, June 3, 2012

BEA bound!

Just a quickie note.

Today I'm flying to New York City for BEA (Book Expo America), the largest publishing event/trade show in North America.  There will be thousands of publishers, authors, bloggers, librarians, editors, agents, news people, book people, ect. in one massive building, and it will be complete and utter chaos.

I love it.

I probably won't be on twitter, or online, very much this week, because I have a crazy BEA schedual and will likely be running around New York like a chicken without a head.

But, if YOU are going to BEA, I would love to see you.  I'll be at the BEA book blogger conference on Monday from 12pm to 2pm.  I'll also be signing on Tuesday at the Harlequin Booth (# 3739) from 11:00am to 11:45am.  And once more at the BEA Chute signing, table #26, from 4pm to 5pm.

I'll probably be wandering floor between times, so if you run into me, be sure to stop and say hello.

Hope to see you there!



  1. Aww have fun! i am so jealous of everyone going as i live in Australia :( but one day.. I WILL GET THERE! :)

  2. I will not die without attending even a single BEA, I swear. xD

  3. I am going to your signing Julie :D See ya there!!

  4. Have a great time!! One day... I'll get there too!

  5. Argh. I so want to go! It's so close, yet so far away...
    PLEASE do some NYC signings while you're here! This is me on my figurative hands and knees!

  6. Wishing so much that I could go.... But as I live in Texas... I can't. COME TO CENTRAL TEXAS PLEASE! Authors always forget about us....

  7. I wish I could go so much! :(

    Are you going to be at Comic Con?

  8. I'd love to go sooooo much but I can't it's just depressing but I hope you'll upload a post about it soon :)

  9. Noooooo, Julie, why can't you do a signing closer to where i live? That's depressssssing...T_T I really wish i could go!
    I'm going to try not to get too upset...perhaps another post about the Lost Prince might help cheer me and your fellow non-attendable fans up ;) lol, just saying!

  10. Ahh so jealous! I live literally an hour away from BEA but guess who isn't old enough to register? That's right. This girl! But me and my friend are doing TeenBEA with the help of the Internet. ;) So it's all good. Definitely not as amazingly awesome as the real thing, though. We only have 15ish people LOL :)

    Have fun though!

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