Friday, June 14, 2013

The #YeahYA Harlequin Teen Tour

Hey, everyone! Big news!

No, really BIG news!

This is going to be the summer of awesome. Wanna know why? Course you do. Well, check out the fun banner below.

We're going on TOUUUUUUUUR.

Yup, me, Katie McGarry, Aimee Carter, and a couple other YA authors will be hitting the road and traveling to several big cities to see you. Check out the schedule below to see if we'll be anywhere near your hometown.



Sunday, July 7                                            CHAPTERS – Brampton Market Mall
2:00 PM                                                                  52 Quarry Edge Dr
author panel, Q&A, signing Brampton,                  ON L6V 4K2


Featuring: Julie Kagawa, Aimée Carter, Katie McGarry, special guests Amanda Sun and Michelle Rowen.


Wednesday, July 10                                          BARNES & NOBLE – Carle Place
7:00 PM                                                                 91 Old Country Road
author panel, Q&A, signing                                  Carle Place, NY 11514


Featuring: Julie Kagawa, Aimée Carter, Katie McGarry


Friday, July 12                                              BARNES & NOBLE – Southlake Town Square   
7:00 PM                                                                    1430 Plaza Place
author panel, Q&A, signing                                    Southlake, TX 76092


Featuring: Julie Kagawa, Aimée Carter, Katie McGarry


Saturday, July 13                                                        KATY BUDGET BOOKS
2:00 PM                                                                          2450 Fry Road
author panel, Q&A, signing                                           Houston, TX 77084


Featuring: Julie Kagawa, Aimée Carter


Monday, July 15                                                        BOOKS A MILLION – Nashville West
6:30 PM                                                                            6718 Charlotte Pike  
author panel, Q&A, signing                                              Nashville, TN 37209


Featuring: Julie Kagawa, Aimée Carter


Tuesday, July 16                                                     THE BOOKSELLERS AT LAURELWOOD
6:00 PM                                                                          387 Perkins Road Extended
author panel, Q&A, signing                                            Memphis, TN 38117


Featuring: Julie Kagawa, Aimée Carter

Hope to see you this summer!



  1. They're all so far away. You should come to Omaha. We like you here

  2. I actually almost screamed. I'm so excited you're coming back to New York, Julie! I really, really hope I can come in to finally meet you. :)

  3. I will be at the Brampton one!!! I am so excited you are all coming within a few hours of me and can't wait to meet you all :)

  4. I literally screamed when I found out about this from Amiee earlier. I am beyond happy you're all coming up to Canada and cannot wait to meet you! (You can thank my mom for getting me into your books)

  5. Ahhh wish I was still in NYC.

  6. ERMIGERSH!!!!!! You're coming to Dallas and Houston?!?!?!?! AWESOME. Well I can't go to Dallas (I'm coming home from out- of -state that day) BUT I WILL TRY TO GO TO DALLAS.
    I remember the first time I read your and books......... It was 2am and my dad and I went to WalMart, and I bought Iron King cause I thought it looked cool... Two nights later I was dragging my dad back to get Iron Queen.

  7. Please try and do a tour in England! You have so many fans here and I would love to go!

  8. I am SO excited to see that you will be stopping by on Long Island!!! Can't wait to see you again :)

  9. Arghh why are you not going to Australia??? :(

  10. **GASP** You're FINALLY coming to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! And that is actually my closest Chapters!!! You have made my day! I will see you on July 7th!! I'm WAAY beyond excited! And Katie McGarry, and other HT authors too!! I nearly fainted!

    1. How amazing is this event going to be?! I'll be there too!!! :D

  11. Dang! I so love your YA books- wish you'd head over to Malaysia or Singapore!

  12. I am SUPER EXCITED to meet all of you in Brampton!!!!!!

  13. CRY CRY CRY :´( I´m from germany and can´t come to see you.....that´s so unfair :( Please come to Germany one day you have SSOO many fans here in germany !! like me :P

  14. Australia! I want you in Australia! You need to travel here just for me... and maybe all your other fans too, but they don' matter :P but really, you need too come here...

  15. DANG!!!! i'm leaving for a week the day u come to Toronto!! im very sad now!!!! ;(. could u possibly come the week after? I really want to meet u!

  16. I FINALLY GET TO MEET YOU! I'm going to the one in Southlake, Texas! My mom took me a signing in Dallas a month or so ago and I met Cynthia Hand, Veronica Rossi, Anna Carey and Tahereh Mafi. And they signed my books then no later I get to meet you?! I love Texas (: Can't wait!