Saturday, August 17, 2013

And then there were two (chickens).

So, as some as you know from twitter, last week a pair of raccoons broke into my chicken pen and killed four of my flock of five.  I was devastated.  These were the girls I raised since they were chicks, and I remember them happily running around my office when they were growing up.

We managed to catch the horrid raccoons, but by that time, the damage had already been done.  I had one chicken left.  And she looked very lonely in the pen all by herself.

But the story has a somewhat happy ending.  This morning, we went to Tractor Supply's animal swap to find my chicken a friend.  And it so happened that someone was selling a whole flock of laying hens.  So after purchasing a chicken, I went home and introduced the girls to each other.  I know chickens are territorial and they have to get used to strangers, so I was prepared for a scuffle or two.  Happily, it didn't take long.  There was one bout where they had to decide who was the dominant chicken, and after that, well, see for yourself.

The new girl on the left is an Orpington hen.  She's not quite as friendly as my red (the red jumps up and takes food from my hand, and also sits on me sometimes) but we'll work on her.  Really, I'm just glad my girl has a friend now.  And that the stupid raccoons are gone.  Maybe in the spring, I'll have a new flock of chicks running around my office.  I'm thinking Bantums this time.




  1. Awww so sad! But I'm glad that your chicken has a friend now! :-)

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  3. excuse me Miss Kagawa but have you ever thought about writing a chicken novel? or maybe even writing a novel based upon the japanese mythology of the giant fire breathing Were-chicken?