Monday, February 10, 2014

Ask Me Monday: Yet another vampire story

Hi everyone!  Today's Ask Me Monday question is this:

Do you have fears when you decided to write The Immortal Rules as it has themes such as vampire (which was quite a common theme)? Why do, or why not? How do you feel when it is so well received?

Ah. Well. This is a funny story.  If you check out the back of the Immortal Rules, in the acknowledgements page, you'll find my quote saying that, at the beginning of my writing career, I'd sworn not to write a vampire book.  I felt, back then, that the market was already flooded with vampire books (this was at the height of the Twilight craze) and that I didn't have anything new to add.

I'd been toying with the idea of some kind of post apocalyptic story when my agent called, asking me what my next series would be after The Iron Fey.  I didn't have much to go on, really just the setting, but I wanted to write something a little darker this time around.  My agent seemed intrigued with the idea of a post-apocalyptic world, but then mentioned that my publisher was currently looking for a vampire series.  The genre that I'd sworn never to write. Outwardly, I said "I'll think about it."

Inwardly, I said: "Vampires, noooooooooooo."

So now I had two things to consider.  On the one hand, I had my dark, cool, post-apocalyptic world idea.  

On the other, I had vampires.  

So, I wondered.  What would happen...

...if I just....

...squashed them together?

And BOOM, The Immortal Rules was born.  

Well, maybe not that quickly.  But the idea of a post-apocalyptic world run by vampires hit almost instantly, and when I emailed my agent with the idea she thought it was awesome too.  I was a little concerned because, let's face it, vampires. As in, does the world really need another vampire book?  And when it did come out, I saw a lot of reviews that began with: "At first I thought this was just another vampire story... BUT..."

That "but" is all important.

So it was a bit of a relief to know that, despite my fears, I didn't write "yet another vampire story."  And you know what else I discovered?  Vampires are popular for a reason.  People love them.  They were popular when Bram Stoker wrote his story about the most famous vamp of all time, and they were around long before that.  Vampires, and the tales about them, aren't going away anytime soon. 

So, perhaps someday in the future (a LONG way in the future) if the opportunity to write another vampire series comes up, I won't be nearly so hesitant.

Hm, maybe I could do a spin off staring Jackal.  ;-)

Thoughts? Comments?  Questions?  Leave them below, and I'll see you next week for another Ask Me Monday.



  1. Oh nice! I gotta admit, I'm not one of those readers! When I was 13, I read my first vampire book. Back then in 2001, there weren't any vampire books for teens. There wasn't a Paranormal YA section. I had to spend hours in Borders scouring shelves looking for any YA read that had a paranormal theme! Those were what I call the "dark days". Everything was too light and fluffy in the YA section back then and I wanted dark and gritty!

    Naturally it wasn't until many years later that Paranormal YA took off! And when I heard that THE Julie Kagawa was going to write a vampire book I was happy! Because it was JULIE KAGAWA and vampires!! I loved The Immortal Rules from the start!

    I never really tire of vampire books myself. I feel like I've read so many, that's there always some different way to spin vampires. Even if not, the characters themselves are truly unique! So when I hear people talk about "yet another vampire" read, I find myself curious to see what author is spinning their own tale!

    Vampires were my first paranormal love, so I don't expect myself to grow tired of them any time soon! It's be 13 years already and I still can't get enough of them! Plus I have my own novel ideas I'm trying to work out with these guys, so yeah, I love them!

    Will be sad to see your Immortal Rules series end Julie, but I have to say that I am DYING to read the third one after that evil cliffhanger from last time around! That was just evil! ;)

  2. Awesome! I a mm so glad you wrote The Immortal Rules. Anyways... spin off staring this means that Jackal doesn't die in The Forever Song. Good to know. Keep writing!

  3. I woul love to read a Jackal spin off!

  4. Whoa, a Jackal spin off? YES PLEASE. Anyways, I've been wondering if Meghan ever gets more lessons from Ash? I mean, she's the iron queen, but she still was lacking like a few hundred years of experience fighting. Does she learn more? from who?

  5. Thank you for The Blood of Eden series.

  6. what were you like as a kid/teen? (were you imaginative? wacky? quiet? shy? social? etc.)

  7. Um, so, I know you probably won't answer this one, but for the sanity of the Iron Fey fandom, would you please just tell us straight out the sexuality of all the characters? And... yep. That's all. I'm going to sit in the corner with all my gay ships now.


    1. Oooh, interesting question!! Characters I'm particularly interested in about their sexuality would be Kenzie, Glitch, Mab, Anwyl, Leanansidhe, Ethan, Ash, Puck, Meghan, Keirran and Rowan. PLS answer this one Julie!! :D

  8. I wasn't planning on reading The Immortal Rules because I thought it was 'just another vampire book' and I was never in to vampires but maybe I will read it.
    I was never into Twilight (never read it and I'm not planning on it.) but I have read some good vamp books like Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow.

  9. Well, let me tell you something, The Immortal Rules' saga are amazing books, really. Such your comment, vampires are clichés topics that never going away but definetely we would love them even if exits those stories that didn't make them justice So, thanks to Ashalá for gave you sense xD and gave us that fascinating story. Also, I think all writers, in a point, had those questions about write stories in worlds that were exploited, however, while you mixed the correct ingredients and simmered them in the correct way, you'll receive a great result ;) It'll be interesting read a Jackal spin-off, I hope it with curiosity.
    I wanna ask you what is your greatest regret as a writer? if you have one, of course.
    Have a happy week and a happy valentine's day; greetings from Venezuela.

  10. Yes write a spin off about Jackal please!

  11. For the Iron Fey series, how did you do all your research on faeries? Wasn't it overwhelming, since there are so many types?

  12. Hi :)
    I'm an italian reader (so, sorry for mistakes) and I've just finished to read The Immortal Rules.I love it.
    I'm waiting for the second of Bood of Even.
    And I hope in Kallison (?) I love Kanin *-*

  13. Question about Iron Fey (I love all your books and you're a really great author): Why isn't iron fey filmed? (IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT) do you want a film about Iron fey?

  14. I'm SO glad you wrote a vampire book, yet didn't make it a cliche-damsel-in-distress-translucent-plot book. I've been a huge fan of yours ever since reading the Iron Fey books, and reading all your other ones as they came out. My question is, do you have an author or mentor that you would love to meet, or has inspired you in your books? (Sort of like your personal Kanin :)

  15. I absolutely love your take on the whole vampire genre, and I have a couple of questions. Do you ever find it difficult to write? if so how do you keep yourself motivated? and lastly do you watch any Studio Ghibli films, if so what's your favorite? okay, I guess that is more than a couple, but things that I have been wondering about.

  16. Are you KIDDING??!! A vampire story spin-off with Jackal...HELL.YEAH!!!!!!!! I literally love TIF and BoE equally and for very different reasons. You have a brilliant imagination, Julie!

    P.S. I'm listening to the audio of The Eternity Cure (read it last year) right now...just finished The Immortal Rules for the 3rd time!

  17. If you were a faery from the Iron Fey series, which court would you pick to be from? Iron, Summer, or Winter?

  18. I love The Iron Fey series like omg, they're my favourite book series. Do you ever think the books will become movies? It would be so cool if that happened.

  19. Absolutely love the blood of eden series
    can't wait to read the forever song...

  20. I'd totally read a book starring Jackal! Haha, I just want you to know that he's become my favorite character in your Blood of Eden series and I definitely can't wait to have Forever Song in my hands! Please don't ever stop having awesome book ideas and definitely don't stop writing them!

  21. "Hm, maybe I could do a spin off staring Jackal"
    I ACTUALLY SCREAMED! Yes yes yes please! I love Jackal so much

  22. I would love to see a spin-off with Jackal!!! After all, he's my favorite character.

  23. OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a jackal spinoff. he was always my absolute favourite character in BoE and i would kill to read more of him in Europe. PLEAZSE JULIE!!!! XXXXXX

  24. OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a jackal spinoff. he was always my absolute favourite character in BoE and i would kill to read more of him in Europe. PLEAZSE JULIE!!!! XXXXXX

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