Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vlog post: Why I write YA

Hey guys!

New vlog post!  Why I write YA (Which is really hard to say on camera. Try saying "Why write YA" five times fast; you'll see what I mean, lol).

Please excuse sound quality.  We were fighting the wind all through filming.



  1. I am a 35 year old adult who loves to read YA because it takes me back to that time in my life before all the responsbility of being an adult, because the authors take me a way to magical lands that are not bogged down with rules and boring romance scences. Sure their romance in YA but it usually nice and light and not all adult tear your clothes off. I read YA cause of authors like you who heart and soul comes out in every page and keeps me reading way after the clock has struck midnight. Thanks for sharing your wonderful works with me.

  2. Hot boys with swords! That's why I read YA. Just kidding. But it is a nice perk. Perhaps deep down inside I didn't grow up, and I just relate to the YA period of life best. Whether I'm writing it or reading it, that's where my heart lies.
    Very well said Julie!

  3. I really loved this vlog! It's so true! I read YA because I love it. there is no other reason. same reason why I read your books! I read them because i love love love them! hot boys with swords always gets me smiling :)

  4. YA stories are typically more exciting. And your books are crazy creative! My only problem is that I read them too fast then have to wait a year or more to read the next one. But, if that's my biggest problem then I think I'm doing pretty good. Don't stop writing, 'cause you have a loyal fan right here. :)

  5. I read YA because it's fun and it's so much like what we experienced when we were the characters' age (apart from all the magic and totally unreal things). And "normal" books can be so boring! So now, every time I read fantasy or sci-fi, it's also always a YA book. Besides, even when I write, I can't seem to get characters older than 21. That's my limit because, past that, the story will get much more serious and harsher. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.
    And since reading YA means reading your books, and they're always great, I just won't stop now. Just so you know, before I read the Iron King, I had stopped reading any sort of book, since they got boring or were awwfully wrong. But a friend assured me TIK was great so I gaave it a try and finished it in one day. Since then, I'm devouring books again :D

    So, thanks for writing, Julie, and for this video.

  6. I'm 34. I read alot of YA books. I love the fantasy stories especially fairies & werewolves. There's really not many good "adult" fantasy books. Keep up the good work : ) & please get the next iron fey book out soon. I almost cried when i got to the end of The Iron Traiter...what a clif hanger : (

    1. That's why, even though Id love to know what happens in the Iron Traitor, I'm not reading it yet. I want the next want out so I won't have to wait too long ^^

  7. Well, Julie I read YA because I am a teenager and I'm going through all of the things you just mentioned. For me reading YA novels well, to put it correctly, it lightens the load a bit. I feel like I'm not alone, the characters (especially yours) are part of what gets me through the tougher things in life. When I'm stuck or afraid to do something I think about the stories and books I've read, and ask myself one question. What would so-and-so (a book character) do in my place? Also I put my situation into perspective. For example, I am afraid to talk in front of people (by this I mean give speeches). When I feel as though I'm going to do an impossible thing, I think about how book characters from my favorite books have faced insurmountable odds. So I just tell myself to push through like they did! Yes I know that the odds and feats they had to conquer we're fictional, but they were odds and feats nonetheless! The last reason I read YA is because they make me happy, and it's a way to escape from the worlds problems. (Of course it's only temporary but as I said before they can also be the key to solving those problems)

  8. I read YA because I love all of the action, adventure, and creativity!!! In YA, especially your books Julie, nothing is to weird, crazy, our outside the box! The re is no standard to meet, in YA, everything and anything goes!!!!!

  9. Because it's all my school will let me read. They don't let us read adult fiction because it might damage our "virgin" minds.

  10. I mostly read fantasy and often it seems a massive percentage of fantasy is young adult related so in both places. I love the two genres for the reasons you've said really but also the range of creativity from authors wihin this age range often is huge as you find the character ready to start thier journey they learn as much about the world as you do creating a cohesive learning experience and not more than necessary descriptive work to describe what the character knows from doing it a thousand previous times.

  11. I read YA and fantasy because it takes you to a different place and explains things in the world in ways you never thought of. It lets you LIVE the book because you get so deep in it. You can look at things in a different way.

  12. I'm 40 and love your books! Fell in love with the Iron Fey Series and still read it over and over again! Keep up the good work! Hungry for more! Fairies, vampires, dragons - oh my!

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