Friday, October 10, 2014

Draw a Dragon contest: the dragons

Hey everyone!

So after much time, work, and effort,  I finally finished the dragons for the Draw a Dragon contest. Granted, they're not perfect imitations, but I tried my best to make them very similar to their pen and ink counterparts.  These little dragons will be headed to their new homes very soon, but I wanted to show them off here before I had to give them up.

Winner #1

The cool little headphone wearing dragon.  He was a lot of fun to work on, even though getting his headphones perfect was a challenge.  Still, he had an awesome personality and I love how he turned out.  So, here here is, jamming out to his favorite tunes.

Winner #2

I originally wasn't going to try to sculpt these fabulous dragons, because there is a ton of detail and my sculpting skills are not that good.  But the artist asked very nicely if he could still receive one of my dragons, even if it wasn't the two in the picture, so I decided to give sculpting them a shot.  Again, they're very simplified versions of the picture, but I hope I at least captured the personalities of a little dragon always getting into trouble, and his dad/big bro coming to his rescue.

Winner #3

Ah, the fluffy fairy dragon.  By far, this one was the hardest and most time consuming to make.  Not only was she PINK, which is the second most difficult color to work with (the first being white because it picks up EVERY tiny speck of dust and lint), she had a massive fluffy mane and an insanely long tail that took some serious thought about how to place it.  And that's not even mentioning her wings.  In any case, she was a real challenge, and it took me over a week to finish, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Behold, the fluffy fairy dragon...

So there are the winning dragons forever captured in clay.  I want to thank everyone who participated, and I hope you had as much fun drawing a dragon as I had sculpting them.  Which one is your favorite?  Let me know, and maybe I'll do another dragon contest soon.  :)



  1. Those are Beautiful! I especially love the pink one! :D Great job on them.

  2. They're all gorgeous but I think #3 is my fave!

  3. They are all amazing but I love the third one. You did an amazing job translating the picture into the sculpture!!

  4. I love number 3, it's so cute and adorable!! But they are all so amazing!! I love you dragons!

  5. My favorite is number 3, but the others are gorgeous, too. :D You did a really good job!

  6. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!! Thank you Julie!

  7. These are all so cool! It's so fun to see how you translated each dragon into a clay form, and they all look great!

    I love the expression on the blue dragon's face. His eyes and that cute little smile are just so cheerful and fun! His headphones look fantastic, too. I love how his head is tilted a little bit too, it just adds the perfect touch to his expression.

    The green dragon pair is great also. The itty bitty one is so precious! I like how you posed them so that they can fit together a couple of different ways. So adorable!

    My fairy dragon! I absolutely love her! She's so different from any of your other works, but she turned out so amazing! I love everything-- her dainty pose, the fur texture on her body, her crazy-detailed mane that even has the gradient in it, the way her tail makes the infinity symbol, her WINGS....She is just gorgeous! I'm excited, thank you so much Julie!


    1. My thoughts, exactly. You're really talented, Julie :D

  8. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! Soooooooooo cute!! :)

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  11. These dragons are supposed to be scary but they are not. They are adorable. The illustrations are beautiful!

  12. WOW I LOVE THE PINK ONEEEE <3 It' very cute :D Good job

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