Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cover blues can be cured with sniper rifles

NaNo Wrimo and Borderlands continue to consume my life.

If I haven't been seen anywhere lately, it is because of these two things. Mornings and afternoons are dedicated to bashing out 1700 words to keep up with my NaNo quota, which is gradually sucking out my brain like a hungry illithid. (Random D&D lore, there. I do not apologize.)

Evenings are spend traversing the planet of Pandora with my hubby, shooting bandits, scags, and colonies of spider-ants. Partly, this is to give my overworked brain a rest: nothing more relaxing than sniping a bad guy from 100 yards and watching his head explode. But mostly it is just fun.

Still no word on my Final final cover, and the delay is making me a bit jumpy. We're less than three months to the release date and I still don't have a cover I can show the world, yet. Argh! I envy the authors whose books come out in like, June, and they have a shiny cover they can post on their site. Sigh. Oh well, nothing I can do but leave it in the hands of the publishing world.

I'll be back soon, I hope. Come December, my third book will be DONE, and I will celebrate by hibernating until 2010. For now, though, its back to 1700 words and sniping spider-ants.


  1. No, Julie, don't hibernate!
    *shoots spider-ant*
    BANG! I mean, there's only a month and a half before things get bus- AHHH, a swarm of spider-ants! Shootshootshoot-RUUUUNNNNNNN!

  2. Have you at least had some covers that have been rejected, or nothing whatever?

    Mind Flayers/Illithids: The Original Eaters of Brains. Brrrraaiiinnnnnsss.

  3. Oh, they've showed me the mostly done Final final cover and its GORGEOUS, but its not been finalized for promotion. So yes, I have seen it, but somehow that just makes it worse, ya know? :)