Friday, November 20, 2009

Run Neo, the NaNo has you.

You know NaNo Wrimo has you when:

-You're sick as a dog and you wish your head would explode already, but you still try to get to the computer to bash out your word quota. This does not go well.

-But you still try, because you know taking a ONE DAY break will make you fall behind. 1700 words behind. That's 1700 words you'll have to tack onto the next day's quota, for a massive total of 3400 words.

-You have a small heart attack.

-You try to sleep, but have nightmares about missing deadlines and not being able to deliver the book on time to your publisher, becuase you skipped ONE DAY.

-You feel your laptop has betrayed you because it doesn't have a way you can talk and have it type. From bed. Heavily medicated.

-You seriously consider training your cat to type for you.


Agg. Going back to bed, now. Just typing this amount of words is making my eyeballs scream. Tomorrow I must start again. I must type 3400 words tomorrow to keep up with the life-consuming monster called NaNo Wrimo.

Or teach my cat to write it for me.

Then again ...

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