Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Return of Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is baaaaaaaack.

Now that sightings of The Iron Daughter have been confirmed on Netgalley, I thought I'd bring back the lovely teaser posts that drove everyone mad. So, for the first Iron Daughter teaser, I leave you with this:

Tiaothin snickered, flicking an ear back and forth as I squirmed. She grinned, showing all her teeth. “Not your fault, really. Ash just does that to people. No silly mortal can look at him and not fall head-over-heels. How many hearts do you think he’s already broken?”

And, per usual, now its your turn. Grab your current read and share a (non-spoilery) teaser. Or you can request something for next week's teaser, though you might not get what you expect. ;)

P.S. And if you're still waffling about going to see How To Train Your Dragon, stop it. Its sooooooooo good! I want my own Toothless. Why can't I have a dragon? *Heavy sigh.*


  1. Just saw this movie yesterday. It was cute.

  2. I loved that movie. Toothless was by far my favorite character.

  3. This teaser is great, but I can't read any more teasers until the book comes out!!! (squirming in seat!) It'll drive me crazy! The first book was amazing!

    ~Katie P.

  4. LOOOOVE the teaser. But wow, it's driving me CRAZY! :P

  5. Love the teaser!

    We watched How To Train Your Dragon yesterday. It was so much fun!

  6. OMG I DIE........I must read nao

  7. eeeekk!! I can't wait!

    Here's my teaser. =0)

  8. Oh, goodness. I have this horrible feeling that your teasers are going to drive me insane. I can't WAIT for Iron Daughter.

  9. Oh, gosh... I wish I'd get Iron King soon!!!
    I loved Tothless too! My lil' brother & I are thinking og changing our dogs name from Onix to Toothless (he's a rottweiler as cute as the cute black dragon... and a lil' silly & clumsy too), my big brother thinks we're nuts!

  10. I am SO excited for The Iron Daughter! This makes the wait painful! Thanks, lol!

    I LOVE the cover art, too. Do you have anything to do with that? Or does the publishing company strictly have the decision?

  11. I just inhaled The Iron King today and now I am a diehard fan for life. The Iron Daughter MUST come faster than August! I am addicted now.