Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sims3: Growing Up

Well, Meghan's birthday finally rolled around. To celebrate her passing from teenagehood to young adult, there was a party.

With games

And pizza

And cake

Meghan making a wish...

And after the transformation. (I know, she doesn't look very different, but the changes are subtle. Like she's taller. :D )

The boys had a quieter celebration the next day, passing from teen hood to adults with their family.

Rowan grown up.

Sage grown up.

Ash (and Meghan) grown up. Still crazy for each other.

And, finally, we have Puck, who had to celebrate his birthday alone, poor guy. Despite being at Meghan's party, he's still not on the greatest terms with either Meghan or Ash. Hopefully that will change, because who wants to spend their birthday alone?

Puck all grown up.

Now that everyone is grown, new changes and challenges lie ahead. Like getting a job, buying a house, raising a family. What will they decide to do? Stay tuned to find out.

To be continued...


  1. LOL love this, you make me want to return to my sims 3 obsession (haven't played in months) but I barely have enough time for everything as it is!

  2. Very cute!

    I'm also a big fan of The Sims franchise.

    I feel sorry for Puck...:(

  3. You've just combined my favourite game with my favourite book....this is HEAVEN :)

  4. Happy Birthday

    * whispers* what did Meghan wished?

    Oh and poor poooooorrr Puck, poor boy ..:(

  5. loving the posts...and here's hoping that Puck gets over his hurt. How can be be godfather to Ash and Meghan's baby girl if he is on the outs with them. ;-)

  6. Poor Puck :( I love him so. <3.

  7. I agree with Irish--make Puck the godfather!!

  8. Oh no! Poor Puck. No one deserves to spend their birthday alone. *le sigh*

  9. Who said Meghan and Ash were gonna have a baby? a girl at tht! tho I really wish they would!!! tht would be the best!! they should also get married!! hehe :D yeh if u make puck the godfather the baby would be drunk on the summerpods like Meghan was!! lol! Then Ash would hav a reason to rip puck's head off!! ;D