Monday, August 9, 2010

Sims3: Things are Getting Heated

With Puck on vacation for a bit, Meghan and Ash continue to spend time with each other as much as possible. Here they are at a favorite hangout spot, the Red Rendezvous.

Afterward, they go back to Meghan's house just to hang out. Here's Ash showing off a little.

They play a few games.

Then they get tired of playing games.

And, with Meghan's parents gone, it soon progresses to something else.

Until her mom comes home, that is. Whoops!

Ash tries playing it cool.

But Melissa isn't amused.

Ah, teenagehood. Now Meghan is grounded and Ash is forbidden to come to the house unless someone is home. What will happen next for our two lovebirds?

To be continued.


  1. Hahahaha. I love that her mom came home and grounded here. Too funny.

  2. Hahahah oh no!! Poor Ash & Meghan ! lol

  3. Oh Ash...LOL! This just cracks me up!!

  4. Ah hahahahaha. Nice one Ash xD

  5. Lol, love this. Ash has some smooth moves.

  6. OH MY GOSH...... That spider is HUGE!! I thought California black widows were big, or the tarantulas I used to feed at the Pet Store. I would be terrified to feed one of those - incase it wanted me's more like a small animal than a bug!!