Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Iron Queen Court Blog Tour--Intro

Meghan: Hi everyone! And welcome to the first stop on the Iron Queen Court blog tour! Me and my…uh…colleague are here to discuss the tour and tell you about the awesome prizes you can win for following it, to celebrate the release of The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa. Why don’t you tell everyone about that, Grim?

Meghan: Okaaaaaaaaaay, I guess I will, then. So what is the Iron Queen Court blog tour? Well, to put it simply, there are three courts of Faery: Summer, Winter, and now the newest court, Iron. And we want you do declare your allegiance to the court of your choosing. In a moment, Grimalkin will introduce the court captains, their blogs, and the tour schedule so you know who will be where on that day. Not only can you win some very unique prizes for following the tour, but some very special guests will be dropping by to add to the fun. To find out who will be there, you’ll have to follow the tour and see!

Okay, Grim. I did the hard part. It’s your turn to introduce the court captains, the tour dates, and the prizes. So stop pretending to take a nap and start introducing! We gave you a favor for this, after all.

Grimalkin: *Sigh* If I must. But if I fall asleep out of boredom, it is not my fault. Let us get this over with.

Monday, January 24: Stop 1, Stacey at PageTurners Blog. Summer Court captain Stacey has a custom iPod loaded with songs of the Summer Court to give away. Stacey shows good sense in her alliance. You may want to pay attention to her.

Tuesday, January 25: Here I must pause to note the long awaited release of The Iron Queen, and the final epic battle with The Iron Fey. I know how the story ends, do you? Perhaps you should remedy that.

Wednesday, January 26: Stop 2, Gail at Ticket To Anywhere. Gail is an official Winter Court captain, and I fear this lamentable lapse in judgment may be due to a certain uptight faery prince. Gail will give away an original drawing by Julie Kagawa herself.

Friday, January 28: Stop 3, MundieMoms. These ill-advised humans have stepped forward as captains of the Iron Court. A surprise prize pack might be given away, but I will not tell you what it is. I am told humans have a strange affinity for surprises.

Monday, January 31: Stop 4, Kristi, the Story Siren. Kristi is a Winter Court captain, and she, too, has a custom iPod to give away, this one loaded with select songs of the Winter Court. I am not certain Kristi realizes that iPods and ice do not always a good pairing make. Take your chances.

Wednesday, February 2: Stop 5, Galleysmith , another Iron Court captain. *hisses* Here Julie Kagawa will share information about creating the Iron Realm. This I must read myself, for I cannot fathom any reason to create such an abomination. Galleysmith will have another one-of-a-kind drawing by Julie for you to win, this time of the Iron Court.

Friday, February 4: Stop 6. Nicole at Word For Teens is a Summer Court captain, and I fear a certain obnoxious redhead of the smart-aleck variety may be present. Nicole will be giving away another of those surprises you humans are so fond of. Visit her blog, if you dare.

Monday, February 7: Stop 7. , another ill-advised Iron Court captain, who has a custom iPod to give away, loaded with songs of the Iron Court. Beware. I heard they tried to get the gremlins to sing, but it went horribly awry.

Wednesday, February 9: Stop 8, The Bookish Type . This Summer Court captain will reveal the inspiration behind Kagawa’s vision of the Summer Court, and will be giving away a one-of-a-kind drawing by the author. Possibly of a most pleasing subject.

Friday, February 11: Stop 9. Erica at The Book Cellar. This staunch Winter Court captain may have invited a dark, brooding and icy guest. If you’re interested--and if you don’t mind being an icicle--visit her blog to see what her guest is giving away.

I hope you kept up with me, humans. I fear for your safety if you stray from the blog path. Do not come crying to me should you find yourself wandering about with your clothing inside out, humming a strange melody.

Ye gods, that was tedious. I am going to sleep now. Do not bother me for at least a century or two. *Disappears*

Meghan: Uh, thanks Grim. So, anyway, that’s the tour! Doesn’t it sound exciting? To summarize, here is a list of the things you could win:

Custom Summer Court iPod w/ songs
Winter Court artwork by Julie Kagawa
Surprise prize pack
Custom Winter Court iPod w/ songs
Iron Court artwork by Julie Kagawa
Surprise prize pack
Custom Iron Court iPod w/songs
Summer Court artwork by Julie Kagawa
Surprise prize pack

So visit your favorite blogs, declare your court allegiance, and enter to win! And don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Iron Queen on January 25! Trust me, it’s going to be epic.

For the latest buzz on the books, you can also visit the Iron Fey Facebook fan page as well as our digital home away from the Nevernever,

Good luck, everyone!

-Meghan Chase


  1. Is this the last book ??? I loved. This book I don't want them to end :-( on the other side this is so cool wondering if we could go switzerlen

  2. Sounds like there is a lot of fun ahead!! Can't wait!!

    I got notification yesterday from Book Depository that my copy of The Iron Queen is on it's way, can't wait!!! (have already read it, I love NetGalley, but still very excited!)

  3. Sounds fun. Can't wait to read this one!

  4. Oh this is amazing, I cannot wait. Thank you.

  5. It´s great!! Winter, Winter!!! Ash´s Court!!!

  6. You know I kept thinking I might be Iron, but since Grim is part of Summer, I guess that is the court I belong!

  7. So i'm guessing that we choose our court and then only go for the prizes in that court? So summer only goes to summer blogs for summer prizes and winter to winter and iron to iron? And you're not allowed to say your summer on summer days and winter on winter?
    Just to make sure i'm understanding this correctly.
    But this is great ^^
    I have to choose summer. I think it fits me.

  8. @DeNiSe: It is the last book in Meghan's story, but that doesn't mean it's the end. Just wait til The Iron Knight. :)

    @Melissa: Grim is actually a wlyd fey, a neutral party; he doesn't belong to any court. But that's no reason you can't cheer for him. ;-)

    @lovemybunnies: You're not limited to the blogs of your particular court; you can enter to win prizes at them all, regardless of which court you like. Just make sure to leave a comment to declare your alliance. :)

  9. This blog tour sounds awesome, thanks Julie, and thanks to all of the hosting bloggers, and to Grim and Meghan too of course :D

  10. What fun! YAY for all the summer courts!! (Have to go with my man Puck, lol)

  11. CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!! :) :) :) YAY! so much fun!

  12. AWESOME! I can't wait!!! Cross your fingers people!!!

  13. Well this Winter girl cannot wait for the blog tour! I am so excited!

  14. This is such a fun blog tour and contest! :) Thanks so much!

  15. Sooo much fun! Can't wait!

    WINTER FTW!!!!!

  16. I'm holding my copy of the Iron Queen now and swooning. I hope to finish it in time to write a review on Tuesday :)
    Sooooo incredible excited for this blog tour, and I love the prizes! Can barely wait!!!
    Oh, and although Ash is quite enamoring (enamor is a great word, no?) I'm so completely Summer Court! (I could never be one of those iron nasties. Ugh). <3Puck<3
    Unless, can I be a wyld fey, like Grim? I've always been a bit of a loaner ;)
    Sooo excited for this!!!1

  17. Oh, Julie! I'm in middle of Iron Queen and...*sigh*
    I'm loving it, but really depressed because I'm IN LOVE with <3Puck<3 and don't want the books to end! But then we get one more as a last goodbye.
    *squee* It's soo good so far, and nice to find out who XXX is from that teaser all that long time ago!
    *breathes* I'm done XD

  18. YES!! It starts today!
    Q: Can you win more than once (if you're uber-duber lucky?)

  19. Can't wait to read the Iron Queen! I so want to see how it all ends...I'm so Team ASH! :-)Winter court all the way! :-D

  20. I just got my copy of Iron Queen! I haven't started it yet...I want to read it slowly after all the fan-girling I've done.

  21. I can't wait to read it. I'll be going to the bookstore this weekend for sure.

  22. Screw the other prizes - I want the original drawings! Lol. Nah, I'd like to win any of this. This series is so damn awesome! I wonder if I'll be able to get a copy of the IQ by the end of the month. I read it already and it was wonderful! I cannot wait for Iron Knight!

    And I love the new widget. I'm taking one for le blog. Oh, I'm so excited for this tour!

    And congrats, Julie! I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I'll enjoy reading all these posts! Can't wait for the last stop on the tour as I'm hoping that dark, icy guest is a certain winter prince!

    Huge fan always and forever,
    Asher K.

  23. Happy Book Birthday to The Iron Queen!

    What a fun tour Julie. You always have such great ideas.

  24. i bought IQ yesterday the moment the store opened (first buyer) WHOO!!
    im only a short ways into it but i looovvveeeeee itttt!!!!!! so worth the wait from the last book. :D consider me a fan for life.

  25. Can't wait until Friday for the next tour stop! I, too, am wondering about those "ill-advised" Iron captains.

  26. I absolutely LOVED the Iron Queen! I can not wait for The Iron Knight! You are amazing! Checking those blogs everyday they have one on.

  27. just entered at the last stop. this was a lot of fun! first time i've heard of and done a book blog tour. thanks so much!
    bc of this i've discovered all these awesome book review blogs and have a small reading list amassed. (to keep me busy til november, of course)
    you are such an amazing author! i love the fey world you've created and the awesome players in it as well.
    good luck on iron knight, i'm sure it will be wonderful. and way to go on nyt bestseller list! i know you couldn't have done it without us(lol), but for that you've given us something beautiful that i am happy to read(over and over and over and over). thanks again!!!

  28. Final day! And congrats on NYT list!
    Wednesday night I saw an IQ zip-up at a book signing, and it's soooo cool! I meant to ask the person how they landed one, but wasn't able to...
    Well, yay!

  29. Wow. I never knew that there was a totally fantastic blog waiting for me... this series has been a blessing. Julie, you have a wonderful series that I love. I hope I'm not spoiling anything, but I have to say... the Iron Knight was quite the best thing I ever imagined. It was a perfect way to end the series. As much as it pains me for it to be over, I think it lasted to the very last word, with as much heart as the very first. Congrats on the NYT list. You deserved it. I hope another series comes soon. I have a feeling I won't have any socks left once I'm done reading it, because they will be blown off. You are an amazing author. When people ask me who I want to be like, you are the first person who comes to mind. I can't thank you enough for what a great, great book you've put in my (now very full) kindle. You never cease to amaze me. ASH!!!!!!!!!! GO IRON COURT!!!!!!!!!!!
    -KK Seeley

    P.s. I fear I can't wait much longer. So... make whatever comes next, worth the wait. (I know you will)