Monday, January 31, 2011

The Iron Queen Court Blog Tour: The Story Siren

Lots of buzz, contests, and prizes today revolving around The Iron Queen.

First up is the latest stop on The Iron Queen Court Blog Tour. You might've heard of a little known blogger called The Story Siren? Well, she is hosting a Winter stop over at her blog , where you can enter to win an ipod Nano with a custom Winter Court skin, loaded with songs of the Winter Court. (Really, most of them are about *coughAshcough*)

Oh, and I forgot to post The Mundie Moms tour stop, in which a certain lieutenant of The Iron Court dropped by to defend Machina's realm, and to offer a few prizes, too. Go check them out to see what you may have missed.

WickedlilPixie and Parajunkie both are having a giveaway where you can win copies of The Iron Queen AND this gorgeous T-shirt (I want one!).

Okay, what are you waiting for? So many prizes, so little time. *Wonders if she can ninja-sneak into HarlequinTeen for one of those t-shirts* ;-)


  1. *-* I want one t-shirt! *-* LOL
    Kisses (:

  2. My comment accidently posted on WickedlilPixie before I was done and I didn't realize so I finished and posted so there's two comments from me so I hope they can delete it! I feel really bad!!! But I don't want to post to tell them and i'm not sure where to write them so I hope you can maybe let then know Julie!!!!! Thanks!!!!! And thanks so much for setting all this up ^^

  3. Aww. Amazing giveaways.
    Oh, in moments like these I loath even more the fact that I live in Romania. Grr!
    Love the T-shirt XD

  4. Already entered at Parajunkee, and heading over to Story Siren right now! <3
    So sad there isn't a playlist this time :( But at least we get <3Ash! (only one heart; two is reserved for <3Puck<3)

  5. I would just love to know how you got the thing that spins your books!! its just too cool!

  6. Thanks for the links. Hope your blog tour goes well.