Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Ash: Winner!

It's time to choose a winner for the Dear Ash contest!

Wow, so many great replies. As usual, it was extremely difficult choosing just one, so this is what I did. I gathered up my favorite letters, and then let decide the outcome.

So, before I announce the lucky winner, here are a few fun facts regarding the contest:

1. Puck was the most written to character, beating out Ash, Grimalkin, and everyone else. (And yes, Puck is rubbing it in ice-boy's face every chance he gets.)

2. The most common question asked of Puck was something along the lines of: "Why did you wait so long to tell Meghan how you feel?" And while this is a valid question, he is not allowed to answer it here. The answer to that question, and many more, WILL be revealed in Summer's Crossing in June and The Iron Knight in November.

3. I was surprised and pleased by all the letters to Glitch, Razor, Ironhorse, even Machina. Though, sadly, I'm afraid Razor ate the letter addressed to him. Gremlins.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. With his increasing popularity, its no surprise that the winning letter is addressed to the one and only...Robin Goodfellow.

Robin Goodfellow,

The first time I ever heard of you was in the cartoon series, Gargoyles. Despite how young I was, I fell in love at that moment. You were everything a little girl wants to be - carefree, silly, a fairy... But that wasn't the end of my crazy crush, no, it grew even more when I was in A Midsummer Night's Dream the summer before my freshman year of high school. Then, when we read the play in my English class, I refused to read for any character but you. Your final monologue in Midsummer was the piece I used for every audition I went to.

So, with this, a fan letter to the infamous Puck, I get one step closer to knowing everything about my favorite character ever. Let me begin by saying you're amazing, and I am dazzled by your cleverness any time I encounter you in a book or T.V. show.

First things first though, how do you feel about Stanley Tucci's portrayal of you in the live action version of Midsummer? I personally threw a fit when I saw it, because he does NOT look the part. However, since it is a depiction of you, I'd like to know your stance. On that same note, who do you think has played you best? There was a young man in Olympia, Washington who I think did a wonderful job.

How have you avoided Titania's wrath? I mean, you made the poor woman fall in love with a donkey man, and she's not exactly the forgiving type. It seemed a little out of character for her to be so forgiving at the end of the play, but to each their own. Shakespeare could have gotten his facts mixed up.

Now, concerning the Iron Fey series....

How do you really feel about Ash? I mean, deep down, you can't really hate him that much. You're much more of a prankster than a hater. In fact, let's just make that a how do you feel about every single character in the Iron Fey storyline. That would definitely mean a longer response.

If you had one wish, no strings attached, what would it be? You have to be honest. No "I'm a famous prankster and I can dance around anything" crap; I know how you work and I'm calling you out. I'm talking about something that you couldn't do for yourself (and I know you are limited to some extent as to what you can do). Also, "kill Ash" is not an appropriate response, because I'll call you out on that one too.

My final question is this: can you get Ms. Kagawa to get her butt over to Colorado so I can get my books signed? It seems a little unfair that the author of one of my favorite stories involving my favorite trickster every (YOU!) seems to be avoiding my home.

Please know this about why I should be the winner and receive your response: I have been a fan of yours since I was seven (I'm twenty-three now; that's quite a long time) and you have been my favorite since the moment you first popped out of that mirror in Gargoyles. There are many things that have changed in my life, but my endless love of you has never faltered. So, give me your hands, if we be friends :)

Sincerely yours,


Soooo, Mandy, congratulations! :D I'll be emailing you for your address soon. And then I need to hunt down a certain faery prankster and make him sit still long enough to write a letter.

It could be interesting.

Thanks again, everyone!



  1. I love the letter. I am a huge Puck fan but I am still team Ash.

    I am however interested in the Colorado part. I live there too and want my books signed as well (actually I would have to buy new ones to have signed since the old ones have been read so much they are pretty ruff - oh well) Come to Colorado to sign books! please...


  2. wow..she had a great letter and awesome questions =) Congrats Mandy. I'm still an Ash lover but puck is dear to my heart. One of my cats from my childhood I had named Puc and the cat lived up to the name =)

  3. Great letter, with some awesome questions. Congrats! Very jealous ;)

  4. Thanks everyone for the congrats! I almost puked I was so excited when I got the email this morning. I hope my questions represented all Puck fans :)

  5. Lol...I laughed at my guy friend when he told me that he played Puck in the 9th grade. I mean...can you blame me? I hadn't read A Midsummer Night's Dream yet, and my friend only discribed him as "a fairy." Still, I have sense eaten my words as I've become a hopeless Puck fan.

  6. Mandy-- please let us know your response! :D

  7. It's a lovely letter but I'm not over the fact that Ash and Grim got fewer letters than Puck -.- I want to write a letter to Glitch! I really loved Glitch in Iron Queen :)

  8. Oh my gosh! That was hilarious Mandy! I would love to hear Puck's responses since he always surprises and says something I've never thought of. Oh and again, I can't wait for the mentioned books, steam is practically coming out of my ears in anticipation...for some weird reason. I mean I'm not mad...
    <3 -ww-

  9. That was a really great letter! :) congrats!! <3

  10. Congratulations Mandy !!! Amazing letter for an amazing fan ;-)

  11. Congratulations Mandy!!! What a great letter!!! I'm not nearly that eloquent (I'm a reader -- not a writer!) lol! Can't wait to hear Puck's answers!! Congrats again!! :)

  12. Can you please consider printing winters passage and eventually summers crossing to be sold! I want to buy them as I'm sure many others do!

  13. Congratulations! I loved the letter! I am so excited to see what Puck's going to write!:D

  14. Congratulations Mandy! The letter was awesome! Please, please, please, post the response up! I am dying to know the answers!

  15. Puck too :D

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