Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iron Knight arc contest: A day with Ash (or Puck)

Today is September 1st.

I think its time for a contest, with a signed arc of THE IRON KNIGHT being the prize. What sayest thou? Good? Excellent, read on.

Since THE IRON KNIGHT is Ash's story, I thought making an Ash-centric contest would be appropriate. So, let me ask you this question:

"If you had one day with Ash (or Puck), what would you do?"

That's right, for one day, I'm letting you borrow Ash or Puck. What you do with them is up to you. It can be a date, an outing, a mischief-laden evening where you set all the zoo animals free and throw tomatoes at mimes (this would probably be with Puck), or whatever. Post your perfect day with Ash or Puck on your blog, facebook, other, link it in the comments, and be sure to tweet it using the hashtag #DaywithAsh (or Puck).

Just one rule:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this G-rated. I will not be amused if either of the boys ends up shirtless in mango-jello, if you know what I mean. (Okay, so I'll be amused, but that post is not going to win an arc.) Also remember that while Puck might tolerate a friendly kiss, Ash is already taken and Meghan will be very annoyed with me if something non-platonic happens. Please respect the established boundaries of the Iron Fey world, that's all I ask. :)

Other then that, have fun with them. ;)


One Ash winner and one Puck winner. I will choose my four favorites and let decide the rest. U.S. and Canada only this time, sorry. Contest will run to September 25th. "Inappropriate" posts will be disqualified. Don't forget to post your perfect day on your blog or other public forum. Thanks!

That's it! Good luck, and have fun. Ash, Puck, be nice to your dates. No turning them into icicles or hedgehogs. Without reason, of course.

Ash: I'm going to kill you for this.

Puck: *Snickers* Oh, they don't know what they're in for.

Me: Maybe this wasn't such a great idea, after all...


  1. OH wow, this is hard! 1 it'd be with Puck, and 2 i think i'd be cool to go see his house and other "private" places. just kind of hang out and see the world through his eyes. And if Grim joined us along the way that'd be the icing on the cake! hehe

  2. It would be with Puck of course...probably spending the day partying in the Summer Court.

  3. Hahaha!!! Well, when I think of a perfect day with Puck I know it would end with my stomach hurting from so much laughing. (FYI I do have a a soft spot for Puck, so you could imagine my heart fluttering all day, as well.) As for what we would during the day, we would first go to a museum. There, we would have a mischievous time and cause a ruckus [without people knowing it was us, of course]. Then, we would go to a carnival and have more fun playing tricks on people, but also playing the fun little games at the booths. At night we would take a walk and end somewhere where we could gaze up at the stars and just sit there telling each other stories [some real, some not]. Puck would faintly have a serious/personal moment that would make my heart nearly burst with hope that he really like me too. After that, we would go our separate ways, but end up seeing each other the next day anyways. :) That sounds like an amazing day with Puck!

  4. These are awesome! Just remember to post them to your blog or Facebook or other public forum so everyone can see. :) Thanks so much!

  5. My #DaywithAsh lol.

  6. #DaywithAsh

    He'd pick me up, since I don't have a car yet... *insert dramatic sigh*

    Then we'd go have lunch by the bay, and I'd get to ask him anything I wanted (&stare at his gorgeous eyes...)

    Then we'd go to Barns&Noble and pick out books for each other, yes lol.

    Then we'd go in to a photo booth and take funny YET adorable pictures, just like in movies.

    Then I'd actually ask him to invite Megahn and we could all go to the movies together, as long as they don't go all PDA on me in public, and hey if Ash knows a hot single fey friend he wants to set me up with, who am I to object right?

    Finally before we went our seperate ways, I'd make sure we both got maching friendship bracelets of course.

  7. I love them both, truly, but I don't want to step on Meghan's toes since I think of her like a friend. So Puck it is! First off, I'm a huge chicken and I don't do dangerous things, HOWEVER, I would love for Puck to go skydiving with me. Tandem of course. I think he's the only one that could keep me calm and help me laugh through my terror. After that's over and the paramedics have revived my heart, I'd like to take him on a nice picnic in the park (my cooking and baked yummy goodness of course). We would talk and laugh till we cried and couldn't catch our breath. To finish off the evening, we would dance barefoot and watch for shooting stars (making wishes naturally). With a quick kiss on the cheek and nice bear hug, I would thank him for the perfect day.

  8. Made a blog post about it:
    Thanks Julie

  9. *rubs hands together* This is going to be fun! Wait. We have to keep it rated G? Snap. Julie, you never let me have any fun. :P
    One amazing day with the trickster, coming right up!
    Question: Do we have to tweet about it? I don't have a little birdie of my own, I'm afraid. (I know, what's wrong with me?)

  10. Okay I posted it on Facebook too and I tagged you in it :D

    I REALLY want an ARC!

  11. I have mixed feelings about ARCs. On the one hand, it’s great to read so eagerly awaited book earlier than expected. But then what? Whom to discuss it with? All those "I knew it would play out like this... and that... but this I haven't expected" - where to go with all the "wow!"?
    So... I will wait till October (I've waited longer than what has left to wait =)... especially since I have no option to get an ARC (middle of the Europe, heh)...
    Fey of U.S. and Canada! I wish you all the best of luck in this date-game!... even though it comes with a bitter taste of not having the option to play myself... ‘cause for this particular case I’d probably skip my prejudice against ARCs and played hard to win...
    ...I’d stolen Ash right from the middle of his Iron Knight journey – exhausted, with a little hope left and having no idea of what it’s like “to be human” and if he is going to be any good in that – and I’d give him some peaceful rest, some 101 on “being alive, not just powered by people’s imagination” and I’d convince him to go on to his “happily ever after”... Yeh... But I won’t elaborate on this idea – it sounds so beautiful in my head and I’m not sure if it will sound the same on the page =)
    So - have fun, guys! And may the luckiest of you have a blissful month of privilege to know the end of the story beforehand =)

  12. #DaywithPuck

  13. Lol I just realized.... I didn't read the whole post...And She said "Set the animals free" And thats what I totally wrote about..Well part of it x.x

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  15. Okay, I just read your post more closely (shame on me for not doing that the first time!) and saw that we're supposed to post our comments on our blogs or Facebook. I deleted my comment here, and posted mine on my blog after fixing it up a little. Enjoy!

  16. I love this idea, not because there is a chance of winning something but because we have clear green light to take Puck or Ash for a snip a whole day! XDXD

    Alrighty, PUCK DAY!

  17. My day with Ash (I posted it on my blog :D):

    Awesome contest, Julie...and I resisted the temptation and kept my G-rated! haha Thanks for the chance to win an ARC of The Iron Knight! :D

  18. Oooh, this sounds like way too much fun! And do you mean the G-rated of the 1970s or the G-rated of today? Because in the 1970s you definitely could get pretty juicy... if you know what I mean. ;)

  19. Wow, loving all the posts, guys! Fabulous!

    Riv: No, just post it on your blog and link it in the comments and that will be fine. :)

    Keep 'em coming!

  20. My day with Puck


  22. my #DaywithAsh:!/chelleyreads/status/109247822712406016

  23. LOL I love this! I think I should remind Ash that *if* he kills you, then there will be no more kissy scenes between him and Meghan, something I'm sure neither of them would be happy with. Well I'm sure Puck would be happy they wouldn't have any more kissy scenes.

  24. Here is my post on my blog!

    :D I already posted a comment, but saw we had to post it on our blog too!

  25. i'll spend a day with ASH, my love! haha!

    what i have in mind is that he'll come get me in my house and we'll both use the trod going to the wyldwood and look for a clearing where he could teach me how to wield a sword.
    after that we could have a picnic or a romantic chat while sitting under a tree and me leaning on his shoulders. *sighs* HAHA!
    then at night, we could take a trod going to a lighthouse and go star-gazing. when we plan to call it a night, he would take me back home and tuck me in my blanket personally, kiss my forehead, and says "sweet dreams". he would look at me while sleeping until 12 am of the next day comes.

    that's how i picture my day with Ash if i ever got the chance. :))

  26. Hmm, I choose Puck!

    He first would pick me up at my house, and then we would take a trod to the summer court, and he could show me around- minus queen titania. Then we could go to the wyldwood, and we could hunt for savage beasts, and run away from groups of saytrs. He could show me some of the safer parts of the nevernever, and we could have a picnic in the gardens of the summer court. Then we could meet ash and meghan, take a trod to san francisco, and we could go see a musical at the golden gate theater. Then we could go to a nice restraunt/ dance hall, and dance the night away. Then, he would take me to my house, and with a quick goodbye and exchanging of gifts (I'd give him a talisman made of jade, and he would give me a bracelet of silver) and then we would part ways.
    That would be my perfect day with puck.

  27. TheEvilOne (Aka miranda)September 1, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    First off I just want to say I will not post this too FB or Twitter and I don't have a blog. I am sorry I hope this doesn't disqualify me. The outside world (Apart from my bestest friends) Don't know the girly side of me and I am very happy to keep it that way unless of course it means I win this signed copy (Oh god that would like make my year)

    Let see I would so chose Ash but I couldn't do that to Meghan. So Puck it is. Puck is great any way and I love getting into trouble. >:)

    Lets see fist he would come break me out of my house around noon(I hate chores) and I would show him around my town and how there is lots to do even though it is small. Then we would pick my best friends up at their houses and go for a little party crashing, running from the cops dangerous kinda fun.(G-rated of course ;)) After that we could high tail it back to my place with my besties and invite some friends and have a party of our own till he has to go. (With puck spicing up the party with his fey abilities)

    I hope you liked it. I didn't know how much detail I should have gone into so I just kept it pretty basic. Thanks for reading JuileTheEpic Moo haha!

  28. My day with Puck:

    Super excited about this contest! :)

  29. Here's how we'd spend the day w/ Puck and Ash

  30. So I will absolutely choose Puck! I have a soft spot in my heart for guys with humor!

    I would take him to Disney World with me and go on all the rides! As we were sitting on the top of the Ferris wheel, Puck pulled out some eggs and threw them down at the people below us! He was laughing so hard when it hit a bald man on the head! After the Ferris Wheel we would go to the Peter Pan ride and we would sit in the seat together and Puck would say, "Is that their interpretation of me?" I would giggle like a crazy person cause I liked Puck but i never told him. After those rides we hopped on to his car and drove to the beach. It was so peaceful and calm looking until we got there. Me and Puck had a sand- throwing- fight which I won! Puck wasn't so happy about that so he grabbed me by the waist and dunked me in the water! I let out a squeal before I hit the water! Puck was laughing hysterically and jumped in the water after me! We just swam in the beautiful blue water for at least an hour and got out. By the time we got out the sun was setting and me and Puck just sat there on the shoreline and watched the sunset. It was amazingly gorgeous! After the beach we got onto his car and he said we were going somewhere that was special. We stopped at the pond that had the little gazebo and bridge and there where little lanterns there! It was so nice of him! He also set up a picnic on the table in the gazebo!
    We ate Peanut butter jelly sandwiches and drank orange juice! After we finished eating Puck pulled me out and told me to look up at the sky. When I gazed up all I saw was a dark blue sky sprinkled with billions and billions of twinkling little stars! We were looking for constellations but we didn't end up finding any. When we had our fill of star gazing I gave him a hug and I told him he was my best friend and he gave me a peck on the check! I was so surprised and then he hugged me back! THE END!

  31. Excuse me but may I ask how you can notify us of the winner and everything? Will you post it on Facebook please?

  32. Day with Ash...Ah. I know. Sword Fighting. Well, training anyways...I can hold my own with a sword. So, training with Ash for a day would be amazing. I'd rather not get cut up into pieces, but I'll take my chances and go up against him. I think after the training ends I'd be sitting in a tree eating an apple. Ash below, on the ground eating one too. Thats just a break though, because going back to sword fighting again. Only this time, its a duel-Not to the death, I like living- first to draw blood wins. That, would be an amazing day.

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  34. i would spend the day with Puck playing pranks ( on all the people who deserved it) walking through the nevernever, meeting everyone and everything playing games ( even if that means I get turned into something for a little while ) teaching me how to use a sword or how to fight a little then resting near a lake lying on our backs as we look up at the clouds making funny animal shapes that I know are coming from Puck cause every once in a while I'll see one I really like I'll say that so pretty or that's so cute and it would mysteriously become something else. After the relaxing and some lunch we would take a swim it would fun playing game in the water after that more games and pranks and what ever Puck Well you know Puck here we go again. Then after the pranks and silliness i make Puck a feast even he can't resist, near a lake that show off his gorgeous green eyes. We eat and talk he makes fun jokes and comments to which I love. After he walks me home and we sit on the roof next to my bedroom window and talk about the day and how much fun it was. He looks into my blue eyes and says "this could be the start of a beautiful friendship." Then he gently kisses my lips and i giggle, cause i love the funny comment he has said before to which he looks at me eyebrow up and kisses my cheek, and says see you soon cutie. He hops off the roof as it starts to dawn, and starts to walk away I feel very content and happy I can feel a smile on my face, all of the sudden I here Puck singing "Angie" From the Rolling stones I giggle as I climb into bed and fall asleep.

  35. A perfect day with Ash for me be a day of sword training, swimming, and a picnic. And than camping out under the stars. I <3 Ash!!

  36. If I had one day with Puck I would take a very senic drive from New York city to upstate New York where we would go apple picking! My favorite are granny smith apples. At one point I could'nt reach one of the apples hanging from the tree. As I turn around to leave I dont see puck. I scowerd the area but found no trace of him. Then I heard a loud cawing above my head, so I look up and I spot a ravin hovering in the sky. It was grasping an apple between its feet. It droped the apple and I cought it. The raven swooped down to the ground and a swirl of wind and leaves transformed into Puck. I giggled and thanked him for the apple and he said it was no problem. After the apple picking I decided to go home and told Puck that we would hang out again soon. Julia your books are amazing and I hope i win the arc (crosses fingers) sorry but i couldnt post this onto my facebook cause it said it was toooo long D: but i hope I can still win it anyway :D thanks!

  37. Oh what to do...what to do...If I have to keep this G-Rated, I'll hang out with Puck. I think he would be so much fun to hang around with at an amusement park (i.e. Cedar Point, Disneyworld, etc.) I'm a people-watcher and love to make fun of passers-by and I do believe Puck would be right there with me. The Guess-My-Weight guy would have a swell time with glamor!

  38. My perfect day with Puck! :)

    I also posted my link on twitter:!/Avery__Lane/status/109360980470935552

  39. Ok, I think it didn't work last time I tried. So here's my entry! :)

    Hope you like it!


  40. oooooo! i would love to do this but i don't have a facebook page or anything. i sound as backward as meghan was in the Iron King. i totally know how she feels about that kind of stuff. if i did do this, i would SO win! (oh yeah, my name is Jessica, and i had to comment as anonymous because, like i said, i dont have facebook or anything like that....poor me...:-( i might soon.)



  43. well, this is hard but I'll choose Puck.
    First I would get him to play baseball, and see what he thinks about sports,but...when we left everyone else there was a frog. After that I would go to the nearest orchard I can find and we pick some apples. After we ate the apples,we'd go to the cornmaze and I take him in with me(I'm really bad at mazes). The next thing I know the Puck I was holding hands with turned into a leaf, leaving me to wander around the maze helplessly while he gets out in record time.And when it starts to get dark we would to the movies and see a romantic comedy. And after the movie, for dinner I would take him to my favorite hilltop for a picnic where we laugh our hearts out non-stop.Before he left he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said "I had a good time,can't wait til next time."

  44. Haley S.:

    This was a fun activity :) Loved it!

  45. Britney S.:
    (I posted it on my sister's blog under hers because I don't have a facebook or twitter)

  46. My date with Puck would be a day in Central Park listing to music and watching pefromers dance and sway.We would walk the streets wandering store to store.Then head to a concert by the singer that had some help from Leanside after enjoying the music we head back to the park.When we get back to the park he give me the in love grin and say "See you tomarrow we can go to Paris if you want" looking in to his green eyes I'd say "I love you" he answers by a kiss on the lips and a smlile that said 'I love you too' we head our sperate ways till tomarrow when he take me to Prais where we will spend the day eat pastrays and looking at art.
    by Jessica Long

  47. Day with Ash.

    I would pick Ash, because I like the "bad-boy" type. Plus he is super CUTE!!!

    Hope the link works, this is the first I've tried something like this...

  48. Game Night with Puck:

    hope it makes you smile :D

  49. Since I'm unfortunately not doing the contest I'm gonna say both Ash and Puck.

    A day with Ash: He would take me horseback riding through the wyldwood and we would just have friendly conversations.

    A day with Puck: We would go bungee jumping and he would laugh at my screaming which you could probrably haer clear in Canada. Then we would get hotdogs and sodas and talk about ourselves and what we have in common to become better friends.

    Thank you! Ash4ever!

  50. Hmmmm as much as I love Ash, I think I would go with Puck.First, I think I will go to New York with Puck. We will dress up as hobos and slap fake beards on our faces and play a ukulele. Then we will try to put Grimalkin on a leash and try to walk him at a dog park. And to finish it off, we will kidnap Ash and duck tape him to a chair and talk to him about his temper.
    The End!


    I am totally Team Ash, but I think I'd have more fun with Puck! ;)


    :) Here 'tis!



  54. As much as I love Ash... Puck has had my heart since the beginning of the series... So I'd have to say it'd be with Puck.

    I'd love for Puck to show me his hiding places, the places dearest to his heart, his favorite places. I wouldn't mind a friendly kiss or more, but I'd always respect his love of Meghan. She'll have his heart, always. I wouldn't mind helping cause some havoc either! C'mon, Meghan's father was such a jerk to her! Better yet, Titania....

  55. I would definitely choose Puck to spend the day with! It would be so amusing hanging out the sarcastic Puck. I'd join him and wreck havoc on everyone and everything, especially Queen Titania. We would find ice-boy and pick on him till he got irritated enough to shoot ice shards at pucks head. And finally, as the day dwindles down, we would start a little campfire and sit around, chatting it up and laughing at the days events. It would be so AWESOME to spend the day with the hilarious. mischievious, one and only, Robin Goodfellow

  56. YES YES YES! Haha, my mind has just conjured several amazing possibilities. This is going to be so much fun xD Oh my dear Puck, you think I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but it is you who hasn't the clue what you're getting YOURSELF into. ^^ You have been mine from the start, and though Ash is extremely handsome, the Ice Prince doesn't have your impeccable humor, and humor makes my life 1000x better, so I believe we are a match made in heaven. Even though Meghan denied you the love you deserved fear not, for I will always await you, my lovely trickster.

  57. OMG. I absolutely LOVE Ash! If I had one day with Ash, I'd ask him to show me his mad fighting skills... and allow him to show me some other things... if you know what I mean. *wink wink* (was that a little bit more than G rated?)

    Thanks allowing us this awesome opportunity!

    My blog post link:

  58. Well, first I'd go hunting with Ash and try to learn how to fight so I can kick butt just like every good movie star. Then I'd watch anime the rest of the day. I have no idea if Ash likes anime or not, but he'd be watching it with me! XD

  59. Day with Puck:!/annenikoline/status/109610278945177600

    Thank you for a great contest!

  60. I would choose Ash to hang out with.

    I really want Ash to loosen up a bit! All that time in the faerie courts and all then political issues must be stressing. So: Here's a list of the things we'll do:

    1. SIX-FLAGS!!!! Okay, what better way to start the day in the best amusement park ever??? If you've never seen or heard of Ash screaming, you'll be in for a crack-up session. The first ride will be KINGDA KA. Ash starts screaming even before I do...

    2. After we've conquered all the amusement rides, and Ash's voice has dried out, we're going to Manhattan for a TOURIST's-MUST-SEES-N'-DOOS!

    I have been living here, so I know how to get around quiet well. I'll take Ash to see the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and go boating, (we'd have to learn how to row someday right? Might come in handy maybe for Ash in the future.... hmmmmmm)

    We'd go to the Museum of Natural History (Just the dinosaur section! This is the best part, and the rest is boring :) )
    Then to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Turn out Ash has a disturbingly annoying interest in Art... I had to drag him out of this one.

    3. What better way to end the day with : NY FOOD [FROM THE CARTS]
    Instead of going to some fancy dandy $$$$ restaurant, we're gonna get a couple of hotdogs, pretzels and stuff our faces because we were SOO HUNGRY after all we managed to see and do.

    I must say, Ash was madd relaxed buy the end of the day, and HE THANKED ME for an "interesting day". He was also tired, as was I. So I gave him a punch in the arm [hard...WHAT? he should be able to handle it], and sent him on his way.

    GOOD DAY EH????

  61. Ash....or Puck.
    Puck....or Ash.
    Well, we all know that I am team Ash allllll the way, but, I have a feeling that if I spent the day with him, it would go down like this:
    Once upon a time, there was a dark, dreamy prince and a crazy, obsessed girl. The girl spent the entire day staring at the beautiful prince and asking him every single question that she could think of. The dreamy prince found this awkward, since the girl was obviously falling head over heels for the prince, but he was in love with a girl; the same girl that he had gone to the end of the world for. The End.

    As you could probably tell, I was the crazy, obsessed girl. So, a day with Ash, wouldn't work well. So, Puck, its your lucky day!

    On my day with Puck, we would redo all of the pranks that our dear Puck is famous for. Yes, it would be dangerous. It would be thrilling! Then, we would go to the summer court, so I could meet Oberon, and give Titania another person to put on her list of people she hates and wants to turn into deer. Then, to ice the cake, we would come up with a fabulous prank to pull, and add to the list of pranks that Puck is famous for.

    This would be my perfect day with Puck. And, I know what your thinking. That is a lot to do in a day. Well, while we are in the nevernever, time is different, so it would end up being a day that would be told to my grandchildren in the future.

  62. This is my perfect day with Ash.
    I also teewted the link with the hashtag.


    I hope you like it


    okay idt my last link worked.sorry.

  65. OMG! I love this! hahah :)

  66. Hahaha! I love this contest. Just in case you didn't get this on Facebook, here's the link:!/note.php?note_id=170427886365446

  67. This is posted on my Twitter, Facebook & blog (thanks again Julie for reading it!) but thought I'd share it here as well. Enjoy!

    "My Day w/Ash Contest" Ice Prince + Queen of Icing = Cupcake Fey Heaven!

    Julie Kagawa, the amazing, incredible, author of "The Iron Knight" is holding a contest for a signed ARC of the final book in the series and the rules are simple, tell what you (me) would do if you could spend one day with either Ash or Puck and keep it G-rated. (As much fun as Puck is, I'd be afraid of the mess I'd be left to clean up after he left.)

    Considering Ash had my vote at his first icy stare, I have to go with him.

    My one day with Ash = Ice Prince + Queen of Icing = Day made in Cupcake Fey Heaven! :D

    Our day would begin with a staring contest. Why? Well, have you read the books?! The Ice Prince is beautiful in all his frosty self! He would be giving me that icy stare of his, making sure I knew he was Prince Ash. (Ha! Like I could forget.) I would be staring back at him to make sure he was real. (There might be pinching involved too.)

    I'm a cupcake fanatic and have been told my buttercream icing is to die for so I'd teach Ash how to make some to go on top of homemade cupcakes for Meghan. When he balks at this and tries to tell me how it will ruin his manly reputation, I'll just explain that my husband won my heart by bringing me cake and cupcakes when we were dating.

    After we put on our matching cupcake aprons, (and I sneak pictures then post to Facebook, Twitter and my blog) I'll walk him through the process step by step, maybe even allowing him to use his sword to scrape the bowl, just as long as he promises not to harm me with it for posting the apron pictures. (Meghan would want to see them for sure!) He'll complain and say that Puck is the one who'll never let him live down the apron and will probably nickname him "Icing Princess" or "Cupcake Boy". I'll tell him to quit whining (secretly relishing in being the boss of him) and to focus on making sure he's piping the icing out in pretty little swirls.

    Once all the cupcakes are finished, and if we have time, I'll have him show me some sword tricks and maybe even play a game or two but that could end badly considering we're both pretty competitive. I would like to test out his mad dancing skills but that might be better left to a duet on JustDance - that way neither Meghan nor hubby would be upset.

  68. I don't have a FB, personal blog, or twitter, so I posted it on Figment. Here:

    I really love your books, Julie!!! :) I hope you like my #DaywithAsh

  69. Team Ash! I love Puck but Ash is just! You know what I mean. Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  70. No contest there. A day with Ash all the way, sorry Puck.

    Okay, first off, I would probably end up poking his arm to make sure that he was really there. After I made sure that he was not another figment of my overactive imagination, I would probably stifle a cackle of glee, because ASH IS REALLY HERE! I'M NOT CRAZY!

    At this point, Ash would probably be looking at me strangely. Which wouldn't be that noticeable, since I'm not used to deciphering his near emotionless looks. Then again, he might think that I'm an enemy. Before he hacks me to pieces with his sword, I'll assure him that I'm definitely not his enemy, and am only mortal.

    Then, I would probably ask him if he knows how to ice skate, and if he did, could he teach me, because I've never been ice skating. I've always wanted to learn how and learning how to ice skate from the Prince of Winter himself would make the experience a hundred times greater.

    He'd probably be a little surprised that I've never seen actual snow either, so maybe he could use a little of that mystical ice glamour and make it snow... at least for a minute.

    He might give me the cold shoulder, (hehe, okay, that was a pretty bad pun.) but then I'd remind him that I knew that his heart belonged to Meghan, and I totally and completely understand. I'm not even attempting to replace Meghan.

    Maybe, if he loosened up a bit, we would go through a Fey gate, a shortcut to somewhere where it snows regularly. Maybe even somewhere in the Winter Court.

    He would totally beat me in a snowball fight, since he's been a Winter Prince for centuries and I'm a newbie at the whole 'snow' thing.

    He might even show me around a little bit, if he's feeling generous. Maybe a short hike through a forest of the snow capped pines of the NeverNever.

    Who knows, I've always, always wanted to learn how to sword-fight. He could use glamour to form one for me out of ice. He could teach me to duel, like he taught Meghan. Besides, I've always wanted to see exactly what his legendary sword looked like...

    After all that happened, I would still be in shock, silently wondering when I was going to wake up from this, because it would be too amazing to be true.

    I would wish him the best of luck on his most recent quest and tell him that I would be rooting for him and to never lose faith in Meghan or himself, because some things, like love, are worth fighting for. To many people forget that.

    Ash would take me through the Fey gate and back to my house. Then, he would turn and leave, not looking back. Then, like the snow of winter melts and disappeared in the warmth of spring, Ash would disappear; leaving me wondering if everything was really just a dream.

    There ya go! It was fun to write! Can't wait to hear the winners.

  72. I would love a date with either of them, although Ash is already taken and plus, he's kind of broody. Puck is the guy I want. He's funny, which is major points with me. Although, he's kinda taken too. He won't ever give up on Meghan either, but it'd be a fun date. I'm sure whatever it is, it'd be great if I was with Puck.

  73. My day with ash! Hope you like it <3

  74. Sorry, I don't have a facebook or twitter (thanks mom)and my friends get mad if I talk about books too much on my blog, so I'll just have to post my story here!

    I would chose Puck, and my day would be less romantic and more about terrorizing people. To start off the day, we would go to my school, and sneak into the principals office. Puck would conjure up a not - to - happy hyena and tad-ah! Instant prank! Then, I would ditch school (I'm with Puck, it's not like I'm going to get caught)and go to the mall. We'd mess with the security cameras so they recorded random images, switch the price tags on stuff, and basically create havoc. We'd spend the day doing stuff like that, having a blast. At the end of the day he'd give me a hug because he'd finally found someone who loves mischief as much as he does!

  75. Puck--
    Sneak into a closed amusement park after dark and go on the rides. Turn on the cotton candy machine and "decorate." Win a giant stuffed tiger by winning a carnival game (Puck would absolutely know how to win!) Top it off with the bungee jumper.


  76. What a cool idea! This was SO hard since there were so many things I could do. Here is my humble contribution...

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. What a cool contest! Thanks so much! I blogged about my day with Puck and I hope you enjoy reading about it :)

  80. wow, this is an awesome contest, thnx Julie, these r like the only books i can reread without gettin bored (which i have done many times) :)

  81. I am lovin all of these! They're all awesome and funny.

  82. Is it me or Puck is actually getting more posts?
    Ok, edited more detailed version of the day. (Blame the writer side of me who always needs to edit)

    God, I love reading these. Loads of kisses too XD

  83. I think the reason Puck is getting more "days" is because hes probably easier to make up a day for

  84. My day with Ash:

  85. I would spend the day with Ash. :D
    I would ask him to tell me his story. The story of his life, from his earliest memories to his recent ones. I would ask so many questions. Then if we had anytime left Id share my story with him. It wouldnt be as entertaining as his but Im sure he wouldnt mind. Well maybe he would but oh well, hes mine for the day not the other way around. ;D

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. well, i already wrote my day with puck, but i just HAD to share my day with ash. (not for the contest although, if this won, i would accept. Anyhow, for now, this happening in my dreams, is good enough.)

    so, my absolutely, positively, tremendously amazing day with ash would go like this:

    first off, ash would need to loosen up a bit. So, i'd help him by running through the different jokes in my extremely cheezy--yes, cheezy--joke book. then, once that first rather dark chuckle escapes him, i'll know that i have broken him. so, then i would take him on the most absolutely positively scariest ride eva, and get him to scream. this will cause me to laugh hysterically. and yes, i happen to be one of those laughers that laughs for 20 minutes.

    we would then eat a thanksgiving feast, where i would force ash to stuff his face and use absolutely no manners. just for the fun of seeing him do so; come on--we all know he has a tendency to always be after taking pics of this to put in my diary(and maybe...well, definitely share with meghan and puck), we would proceed to the next activity.

    ash and i..(doesn't that sound AWESOME?!) ahem...let me say it again since it sounds so it comes.....ash and i **squeals** would then have a water balloon fight. since the sole purpose of this would be to see what he looks like after he is dripping wet with bits of balloon clung to him, i would tell him that he is not aloud to throw balloons at me. this would also call for me to take pics to add to my diary. on to the next activity.

    i then would read him parts of the iron fey series. particularly the parts with him and meghan's kissy face scenes in them. this would be to show him how in detail they are, and make him laugh in embarrassment.

    just for the fun and satisfaction of it, i would then make ash dress up and act like puck. it just might end in him trying to kill me, so i would also be armed and wearing pillows for protection. i would then dress as ash and show him what he looks like and just how darn funny it is when he looks serious. this would call for my video camera, since just pics would not be as satisfactory.

    we would then teach each other our talents. i would have him sing songs from the phantom of the opera, and he would teach me how to sword fight. he would also teach me how to keep a straight face since i am no good at keeping a straight face when all i want to do is laugh.

    to end the day, i would tell him that his new nickname is ashypoo, and assure him that meghan will love it.(even though i'm pretty sure she would just laugh, or at least giggle inwardly).

    and that is my perfect day with ash.

  88. Here's my link, and thank you for a great contest!!/annenikoline/status/109610278945177600

  89. My perfect date with, of course, Puck. Working on it now... get back to you when im done!

  90. The actual planned day is the third paragraph down.. just so you know. (:

    I posted it to my blog.. so here it is!

    I just wanted also to personally thank you, Julie Kagawa for such GREAT books! They are so good.. I couldn't ever put them down.

    Made me want to sing the song by Julian Smith about not interrupting me while I'm reading a book.. you know.. this one.

    But.. I just wanted to say that.
    Anyways, thank you for holding this contest! (:
    And hope you enjoy.


  92. This is my amazing day with Puck.
    Thanks Julie I had a lot of fun with him.

  93. I would want a day with Ash, all the way.

    He would show me a trod to a nice cold place and we would go skiing in the morning, and he would probably be a lot better, being a faery and a Winter prince and everything. I really would want to make him try some really good foods that probably weren't in the Faery world.

    And then when we were finished skiing we would go to my house and i would show him everything in my house — making sure to point out the iron, of course — and then I would ask him about Meghan and the Faery world. (I don't want to ask him about his own life, because he might be insecure and before I knew what hit me I would be cut up.)

    I would want to show him whatever they didn't have in Faery and then we would do something that he would really want to do — because I want most of the day to be an Ash R&R day, and for him to relax and have fun.

    Then, when we were done doing whatever Ash wanted to do, we would have a picnic-dinner on a beach in New Jersey — my hometown — and then I would play a board game with Ash, like Monopoly or Sorry.

    He would drop me off at home, I'd give him a friendly hug and tell him to tell Meghan I said "hi" and follow him to a trod and say goodbye.

    Oh, and I would bring a camera and take so many pictures and videotape the majority of the day.

    That's my day: a day to let Ash relax and to have fun in the mortal world while I got to spend a day with my favorite character

  94. I would choose a day with Puck. From what I've read of Puck he seems to be a bit competitive so I think I would spend the day playing card games or board games. I could totally rack up on some faerie items!

    Kate Mobley
    katetmobley at yahoo dot com

  95. Lol, as I'm reading these, the thoughts running through my head are:

    #Days with Puck: LOL, yup, that sounds like him.

    #Days with Ash: Why do so many people want to try to get him to scream? xD

    Loving this!

  96. Hmm tough choice I really like ash but he's taken so let's go with Puck. I would love to just go and have some fun, play practical jokes on my coworkers. I would hope that puck could teach me how to relax and enjoy life :) but wait it's only one day lol. Were just going to relax and enjoy life this one day and hope that I could find him something worth while to do.. Like go swimming in the ocean or hiking on Mt. Rainier..

  97. I chose a #DaywithAsh and posted it to my twitter & blog. :)
    Here's the link to my blog:

    Ash: "Victoria, how would you like to go hunting today?"

    Victoria: "That sounds like a wondrous idea! Loser eats last?"

    Ash: "You're on, but you know I'm going to win right?"

    Victoria: "You need to chill out on that princely ego of yours Ash. You know?"

    Ash: "It is who I am."

    Victoria: "Okay, whatever. Are you ready?"

    Ash: "Three, two, go!"

    (3 hours later)

    Ash: "I told you I would win."

    Victoria: "Fine, whatever Ash. Let's just eat already."

    Ash: "So, how are things going lately at court?"

    Victoria: "Oh you know. You're Mother is as Cold as ever."

    Ash: "Hmmm...Well, I guess that can't be helped."

    Victoria: "So, where is Meghan today?"

    Ash: "Oh, her & Puck are hanging out today, so I figured I'd stay away."

    Victoria: "Good call Ash."

    Ash: "Yes, well, she should be back soon. Don't worry about the cleaning I'll get it done."

    Victoria: "Thanks Ash, we'll do this again soon I hope?"

    Ash: "Sure. Bye Victoria"

    Victoria: "Bye Ash. Tell Meghan I said hello."

    Ash: "I will."

    The End.

    ~Victoria Kennedy

  98. I would so want a day with Puck.
    We would probably go hang at the beach then we would go through the trod and we would party at the summer court<3 ;D

  99. Contest Question:
    If you could spend a day with Ash (or Puck), how would you spend it?

    Answer for My Day With Ash:
    He would show me a trod to a nice cold place and we would go skiing in the morning, and he would probably be a lot better, being a faery and a Winter prince and everything. I really would want to make him try some really good foods that probably weren't in the Faery world.

    And then when we were finished skiing we would go to my house and i would show him everything in my house — making sure to point out the iron, of course — and then I would ask him about Meghan and the Faery world. (I don't want to ask him about his own life, because he might be insecure and before I knew what hit me I would be cut up.)

    I would want to show him whatever they didn't have in Faery and then we would do something that he would really want to do — because I want most of the day to be an Ash R&R day, and for him to relax and have fun.

    Then, when we were done doing whatever Ash wanted to do, we would have a picnic-dinner on a beach in New Jersey — my hometown — and then I would play a board game with Ash, like Monopoly or Sorry.

    He would drop me off at home, I'd give him a friendly hug and tell him to tell Meghan I said "hi" and follow him to a trod and say goodbye.

    Oh, and I would bring a camera and take so many pictures and videotape the majority of the day.

    That's my day: a day to let Ash relax and to have fun in the mortal world while I got to spend a day with my favorite character

    Here you go, Julie: My fantastical day with Ash!

    Answer for My Day With Puck:
    First, we would go take a tour of my school and if my teachers got pranked, I would totally be okay with that, too.

    When we finished that, Puck would take me to LA or Hollywood or Nashville and we would prank celebrities. (I've always wanted to prank Taylor Swift!) Then, he would sneak us into a concert and we would rock out in the front row.

    Okay, Julie, this is my day with Puck! Enjoy!

    (Sorry I don't have a Twitter or blog or anything. I have a Facebook and I sent you a note with the Iron Fey that HarlequinTeen owns tagged in it with my day with Ash. I'll include my day with puck soon!)

  100. Hi Julie! I would probably have had a day with Ash, but since he's taken... Puck it is!

    My day with the prankster:

    First I would meet with him at the nearest trod, then we would go to my school.( I could show him how I get lost everyday) Next we would head to the Summer Court and maybe I would help him prank Titania, maybe even Oberon. ;) After that he would give me a tour of the Nevernever, we might even run into Ash who might accompany us! Also since Ash showed up I will look around the Winter Court, with Puck's dissaproval of course. Well what's new, they both dislike eachother, so it was expected. Then we will leave Ash to go back to the mortal world, where I will show puck around Seattle Washington! If we are lucky we might find a trod that leads to California! Since we are in California, I would probably take Puck on a trip to Disney Park! We would eat Funnel cake, cotton candy, popcorn, and many more sweets! In addition to the rides, we might even leave a little surprise for people!(Puck and I laugh evily) After very exauhsting park fun we will take a trod to the Philippines and and Hungary, to show him what it is like. While we are in the Philippines, I will show him some very exoitic foods. In Hungary we will take a quick scenic tour. After that we will make our way back to the U.S. and head to Florida for the last part of the day. The georgous sunset on the beach of course! Where we will have a candle lit picnic, romantic of course! We will talk about how exciting and different our lives are. Then we will ride along the beach on beautiful horses to enjoy the last light of day. Finally we will head to my house, and we will bid goodbye:

    Puck: Today was fun, I hope we can do this again soon.

    Me: Yeah me too, and maybe you, Ash, Mehgan, and I can go hunting.

    Puck: Not a bad idea, we will have to do that... I will miss...making pranks with you!(smiles evily, and smirks)

    Me: GO! Hahahaha! You little prankster!(Grinning)

    Puck: See you ( leans and gives me a kiss on the cheek, and then tries to hug me but I give him a kiss on the cheek) *Puck blushes*

    Me: *I blush* Goodnight! * I turn around to leave, but he hugs me and I hug him*

    Puck and Me: *turn to leave but turn around and give eachother one last loving look, then walk away* ( as he walks away I turn around to watch my Pranster walk away into the night)

    The End( for now :) )

    Sorry but I don't have Facebook or a blog, so good luck to me! But before I go I would like to thank Julie for being the BEST author in the world! Thanks Julie!

  101. Hi! I posted earlier here linking my story to Figment since I don't have a FB, twitter, or personal blog. But I'm going to post it here too:

    Even though Ash is taken and madly in love, I would still choose to spend a day with him. I think spending a day with Puck would be so much more… fun, but I am serious like Ash and wouldn’t enjoy myself with Puck.
    I would choose the “Ash Day” to be on Homecoming. In the morning, I would have Ash bring me to Nevernever, and help get me some pretty flowers for my dress and hair (I would also bring a bouquet of flowers to Meghan while I’m there and tell her this is not a real date, just a fantasy of mine. I will ask to borrow one of her royal dresses for the dance, and she will gladly give me one. Ash will be outside the Iron Kingdom waiting for me to finish talking to her). After we arrive back at my house via a trod, I will have my mom (since I can’t drive) bring us to the mall. I will buy both of us Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccinos (he needs some caffeine). I will drag him with me to get my nails done, and then we will go home. I will get into my extra, beautiful, imported from Nevernever gown. I will place the Nevernever flowers in my hair, and go out to the dining room to take pictures with Ash. He will have changed into a black tuxedo, looking icy and handsome as ever. He will whisper in my ear how good I look (Secretly thinking that Meghan looks better, but I won’t care because he thinks I look good!), while my mom and dad take pictures of us for future generations.
    At the dance, I will walk in and everyone will stare at the stunning, intimidating (fantasy) couple. We will slow dance with each other. He will hold me around the waist, while I lay my hands on his shoulders. We won’t speak much, but we will make deep eye contact. I’ll be a little sad, knowing we can never be forever, but happy that I can have this moment.
    Homecoming king and queen would be voted on, and we would win by a landslide. Ash and I will stand up on the stage while the crowd cheers for us.
    The final part of my day with Ash would be saying goodbye to him on my front doorstep. I’ll reach up and give him a soft (yet totally friendly) hug. He will smile and hug me back. He will then leave to go back to Nevernever, while I turn to go back to my regular, no Ash life.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. I would ask Ash to dance with me. Only this time I would I would teach him to dance. At a club. Ash may know how to dance in front of a Ice Queen, at a prom and with Megan, but does he know how to dance with me? ... at a club?!!!!!
    And that's why I'd teach him.
    If we had extra time, we would ride horses and play laser tag. Play laser tag is kind of like hunting, big kind of. So Ash might be good at it.
    Then he would teach me, well kind of, to sword fight and throw icicles at people. Except I might not learn as quickly as Meghan.

    A day with Puck
    We would spend all day playing around with his magic. First, flying. It would be awesome to fly with your wings spread out, feeling the wind. I've always wanted to fly! Then we would play pranks and make random stuff appear. I'm always pretty random. If you see a rainbow unicorn or a banana with a mustache, just think of me and Puck! Then we would finish the day with horror movies.

    Sorry, but it won't let me comment with my Google account. I'm Valerie and my email is
    My blog is at

  104. Sorry, Julie, I deleted my blog with my first entry, so I had to type it again on my new here it is:



  105. Here is my story of my day with Ash.
    Thanks again Julie this was a lot of fun and I can not wait to read Iron Knight

  106. i love this contest! great idea ;) but i'm dying for feedback hahaha! :D this was sooo much fun. can't wait for the Iron Knight <3

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Here is my perfect day with puck:)
    Name: Logan Perdue
    blog: The life of a real life ninja chick

  109. My Day with Puck
    While Ash is beautiful, romantic and a prince (Yes, a prince, don’t tell me you haven’t had fantasy of a prince on a white horse.) I would choose Puck over him. I have a thing for funny guys who still have it all ;). On the date with Puck, I would love to just have fun. Hear stories of his life, making me laugh till I am blue in the face. He could show me how to play funny tricks on people. Like hiding items or show up out of nowhere scaring people. I would love if he took me to nevernever to see the summer and winter court, and Grim. It would probably take forever to see him but at least I will miss the math test next week. Then we could use the trods to go all over the world; Paris, Venice or New York. If he would let me I would love to ride him as a horse or pet a tiger. After that I would have to get back to my world. I hope I will still remember all of that afterwards.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. :P Had to delete my latter post, but its successor shall make its appearance!

  112. Hi Ms.Kagawa, okay so i just HAD to fix this one little thing! im SO sorry! So, if you wouldn't mind reading it again, im so sorry, im a perfectionist and it was just driving me crazy! so, if you dont mind reading it once more.....again im so sorry:)

    okay here you go....

    Thank you so much(:

  113. hmmmm..this is hardd(:

    Well then. I would spend my day with Puck:DD

    First off he would pick me up with a bunch of roses and a pretty awesome/mischevious/completely random song cause guys(or faeries I guess) who sing are really hot and picking up a girl with flowers is SUCH a classic(:

    Then we would go to the beach and get to know each other better and talk about my boring semi miserable life with the humans and Puck would tell me about all the adventures he had, all the memories and some things about himself. Then we would take a walk on the beach(I've ALWAYS wanted to do that, I mean whose heart doesn't melt when a couple walks on a beach in movies?)in a kind of pleasant silence, holding hands, then he would start kicking sand on me and we'll just run like a couple of naive kids and start a sand war(:

    And when it comes afternoon we'll sit on some big rocks facing the west and watch the sunset together.

    And wait for it... he brings me back to my doorstep an in the light of the moon we just have a friendly kiss. Then a dog howls<---spontaneous fact to add to story.

    Sorry it was so long but I hope you like it(:

  114. OMG! just heard about this, so going to enter!

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. These are so good! Need to brainstorm.....

  117. Hola Julie! I finally posted it on my blog! I hope you like it!
    Blog:Book Reviw from the Book Worm
    Name:Logan Perdue the same girl as the one who posted it on quizila...i just finally posted it on my blog:) i hope you enjoyed!

  118. Hello everyone i am working on mine but i wanted to take the time to say that these are soo great. I like the idea for the contest and LOVE Julie for coming up with it (just one of the many things i love her for) and i just want to say that I loved just sitting here reading the post. I just found this site as of late and as such got a late start but mine is coming lol! tyvm for reading my rant.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.


    (This may sound familiar... because I posted this BEFORE I got a blog... But to make it official, it's on my blog now!)

    Great contest, BTW!

    And another thing, how on EARTH does work? I just went on to check it out (and I'm really bored, too) and it's as confusing as the pythagorean theorem!

    Definition-The theorem that the sum of the squares of the lengths of the sides of a right triangle is equal to the square of the length of the hypotenuse. (

    Anyone willing to translate that into anti-Albert Einstein talk?


  122. Hallo! Just a note before...I jusr discovered that you (Julie Kagawa)Enjoy the sims! I built Leanansidhes cabin and placed Puck, Ash and Meghan in it, And I wish I had Grimalkin but oh well.
    Here is my story!
    Okay so I adore Ash, but Meghan already has dibs in him, but I can take puck too! So first, we would have a (vegetarian) Picnic, and then we would go to an archery range so I could show off y wonderful skills, then after, I would show him this lake I go to every summer. And we would go canoeing, then one of us, probably him, would end up tipping the canoe and then we would have difficulties getting back in the canoe, and we end up swimming back to shore. We would end up going back up t the house, and then we make jello! But if course, something goes horribly wring and we are soon wading knee deep in mango jello! Naturally, the brownies are none to happy about this and they kick us out. We find ourselves at a carnival, were they are keeping animals caged up. We come up with a plan to free the animals back where they belong, because living in cages is never a good existence. So, we release the animals, and a rampage starts!! We are able to somehow herd to animals, and magically lift them up so they are all floating and bring them to a big farm were they will not be used for profit. We end the day eating leftover jello(that the brownies left us) on a hill watching the sun set over the water.
    This is what I would do if I had Puck for a day!!


    I can just imagine Ash sitting there sighing at the antics as we giggle like girls.
    I also thought it would be funny to have him get hit by the bathroom doors that are always hitting me, and pretending to have a siezure, foaming mouth and everything.
    Can you imagine the look on the faces of people as pop starts talking and begging for their lives, they start "dropping it like it's hot..which would help with thieves, and Puck having a fake seizure right in the middle of the aisle of the gas station I work at. XD

  124. i keep trying so 1 more time

  125. @Jkagawa My Iron Fey Contest entry is on my blog at: #DayWithAsh #DayWithPuck

    My contact info - Twitter: BRachelH

  126. Haha, this is such a cool contest, although the g-rated rules made it much harder! :) Here is what I'd do with Puck for a day!

  127. Okay I kinda wrote a whole story... here you go.

  128. This contest was so fun! Thank you so much! :)

    My Entry:

  129. Had a blast with this contest!! thanks for the opportunity!!
    My Entry:

  130. Hey Julie, here's my entry for your contest! I hope you like it:)

  131. My entry for the contest! :)


    Heres my entry (:
    really want to win this ! good luck to everyone!!

  133. My adventure is with Puck! :) #DaywithPuck

  134. My perfect day is with Puck.

  135. ooo the 25, my bday was yesterday so i hope the ARC will be a late bday present

  136. Here you go, Julie! Thanks so much for doing such an awesome contest! I had a lot of fun with this one.

  137. My perfect day with Puck!

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  140. Oh I would definatly choose PUCK! i would want to go hunting with him, Or go to A sub sandiwhich place and just ask him MILLIONS of questions.The reason I choose Puck is because hes Awesome And he sounds like a fun person.

  141. PUCK!!!!! PUCK!!!! Am I the First and only 10 year old 2 read theese or what?!

  142. We started this whole PUCK ASH contraversy @ school!Tottal awsomeness!!!!!!!!

  143. Team Puck! Whoo! <3
    We would first prank abunch of people and totally have tons and tons of fun!!

  144. Id have a day with Puck. Hes so cheery all the time but i think it is just a cover over his true emotions and hes really sweet. I would take him into the forest with a picnic and a walk we would talk and just chill really get to know each other.

  145. LOL I love this! I think I should remind Ash that *if* he kills you, then there will be no more kissy scenes between him and Meghan, something I'm sure neither of them would be happy with. Well I'm sure Puck would be happy they wouldn't have any more kissy scenes.

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  149. i would spend a afternoon with puck if course and well to start off we'd sneak into a theater and watch a movie then eat at nice dinner then we would go to beach and walk along the shore and we'd get to know each other then i'd push him in the water causing him to pull me making start a splash fight then we'd dry of and watch the sunset and we'd laugh at each others jokes and then we'd meet each others gaze then kiss. then he'd walk me home (cause i don't live far from the beach) and we'd hug and he'd give me a good night kiss and he'd walk off into the moonlight. then i'd happily dream about him all night.

  150. i would no doubt about it spend a day with puck, wether ash was taken or not. so we'd start off our day with sneaking into a movie. then we'd escape security and have a picnic lunch on the beach. then take a walk along the shore and we'd talk and get to know each other and then we'd laugh until we couldn't breath then he'd ask me if i wanted to go to the Nevernever and i'd reply with a whooping YES!!! once in the Nevernever we'd go to the summer court and i'd probably have a heat stroke but if not we'd go through a trod to paris and we'd go to the top of the eiffel tower. then we'd sit and watch fireworks. i'd slowly fall asleep resting my head on his shoulder and he'd put his arm around me. id wake up in his arms and we'd realize its time to go. so he'd take me through a trod back to my house and he'd give me a friendly goodnight kiss when he left i'd sleep peacefully and dream about him all night. and call him in the morning and ask if he'd want to hang out again.

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