Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Iron Knight launch party (Both of them).

Hi everyone.

I'm having a launch party for The Iron Knight!

Actually, I'm having TWO of them.

The first will be on October 24th on Twitter, and will run from 10pm to midnight EST, so anyone can hop in and say hello. Super exciting stuff happening that night: there will be contests, prizes, a Q&A where I answer all your burning questions, some author friends dropping by, and a couple of awesome Sekrit Announcements. Really, you do not want to miss it!

To join the online Iron Knight launch party, use the hashtag #IronKnightParty on Twitter or any twitter-related platforms. (I recommend TweetChat.) It's sure to be fast-paced and crazy and chaotic, and most of all FUN.

So, for the nitty gritty details:

The Iron Knight Night Twitter party
Where: Twitter
When: October 24th, 10pm to midnight EST
How: Use the hashtag #IronKnightParty to jump in
Why: Chat with me, contests, prizes, Q&A, secret reveals, announcements, author special guests, and a whole lotta fun!

That's the FIRST launch party.

The SECOND Iron Knight party will be October 25th at the Summit Barnes and Noble in Louisville, KY. Details here.

I'll be there signing copies of The Iron Knight, and there will be goodie bags for the first 20 people who come to see me. I actually have a picture of what will be in said goodie bags. :D Check out the awesome below.

That Ironhorse is original artwork by me, and inside the Ash poster is a never before seen image of Meghan, Ash, and Puck together.

Pretty cool, right?

So I hope you can come see me this coming Tuesday, October 25th, starting at 4pm. Or at least join me on Twitter on the 24th for the Iron Knight Night online launch. Both parties are going to be a blast!

See you soon.



  1. I have to be there!!! love this saga, love Ash!! love Julie!!

  2. no fair i cant get on twitter

  3. wish i could come to either, but cant go on twitter

  4. i never go on my twitter... need a little help. how do you, and what is tweetchat?

  5. If only I had the ability to stay up until ten PM and if I could somehow teleport from New Jersey all the way to Kentucky. Since that isn't possible, oh, how I wish I could skip school and make someone drive me to Kentucky that day!

  6. Why are louisville plane tickets so high. (i should really marry a pilot) :)

  7. Aw I wish I could go to the real party. But i'll go to the Twitter party for sure if I can figure out how to use hash tags and stuff. lol. Still new to that site. XP

  8. im pretty sick of everything being on twitter and facebook.i cant be a part of anything sense im only 13 and not allowed to have one, and NO author comes where i live, and im obsessed with this series...:(

  9. Waaaaaaaa!!! I need to make all the necessary preparations for the Twitter party!!!

  10. I'm already there :D (in my new PJ) XD

  11. Will we still be able to see all of the stuff on twitter after its over? like if we can't go on? I'd really like to attend but I have school the next morning and I can't stay up that late... :/ Help me out please!

  12. When is The Iron Knight out in Europe (more specifically Ireland)?

  13. I will try to be on for the twitter party.
    I will be at the Summit tommorow!!! Can't wait! I'm coming from Sellersburg, I hope the bridge traffic is not so bad at 3pm so I can get there before 4pm.

  14. Very cool! Love all the tweets! Congratulations!!!

  15. How late is the second Louisville Launch Party going to be?

  16. So not fair that there isnt a Launch party in Austalia! We miss out on everything! :(