Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twitter party: Aftermath

So, the #IronKnightParty was a blast.

I don't know how many people showed up for it, but the screen was rolling by so quickly you couldn't keep up with all the comments. My laptop froze and crashed only once during the whole two hours, which I consider a win. Such is the case with these twitter parties, and I love them because they're so fast, furious, and fun.

Some highlights of the party:

The Iron Knight playlist was revealed, which I shall post here for your enjoyment. I wish I could post the music, but Playlist.com has the bad habit of dropping songs on my list or removing links. So I'll post a YouTube vid of my favorite song on the list, which I think captures Ash's struggle perfectly.

Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin
Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin
Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas
Without You by My Darkest Days
I’m not Okay by My Chemical Romance
Cross my Heart by Marianas Trench
Pieces by Red
Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
Come What May by Nicole Kidman and Ethan McGregor (Moulin Rouge)

But the highlight of the party (and what many people came for, I think), was Ash's Letter to Meghan. There was much speculation about what was in said letter, which led to some hilarious poems and notes as everyone waited for the reveal. Such as:

"Roses are red, violets are blue, Meghan is mine, Puck get a clue." -Team Ash

Team Puck's response?

"Roses are red, violets are blue, eff you Ice-boy, I kissed her too."

And of course:

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I am a cat, I pwn all of you."

LOL, but then the real letter was unveiled. And while I can't post it on my blog just yet, I will share the link to the HarlequinTeen FB page where you can unlock the download. Go check it out. They made it all pretty and stuff. :)

Link to Ash's Letter.

So now we were getting close to midnight, and the official release of The Iron Knight. But Harlequin Teen had one last little surprise in store. (Actually, there's nothing little about it.) A photo contest, running from now to November 18th, where you take a picture of yourself and an Iron Fey book in a creative, faery-ish way, and post it to their FB page. The prize?

A signed copy of The Iron Knight, and A TRIP TO NYC TO MEET ME.

Sound cool? Want to go to New York City? Then follow this link to enter the contest and good luck!

Whew, I think that's everything! If you have questions about the letter or the contest, please don't inquire here, I won't be able to help you much. Ask Harlequin on their Facebook Page or on their twitter account @HarlequinTeen. Hope to see one lucky winner in New York City soon!

And if you happen to be anywhere in Louisville, KY tonight, I'll be having the second Iron Knight launch party at the Summit B&N. Come by and see me, grab a goodie bag, and have your pic taken with the life-sized cut-outs of Ash and Puck! They'll be staring over my shoulder the whole time. ;-)

Details here.


  1. I LOVED those poems. They were awesome.


  2. What an incredible letter! Ash is my hero. I love Ash.

    Best book of the series, Julie.


  3. The letter made ​​me mourn this incredible TWT!!
    I'm in love with Ash now more than ever, he is super cool! :D

  4. kewl!!! the contest is a day after my bday!!!!

    i cant wait to buy iron knight i keep begging my parents to drive me to B&N!!!

  5. Tonight, I'm dragging my mom to the store to get me this book! And LOL on the poems! Also, the party was really fun, even though I left near the end due to exhaustion! But I had a bunch of caffeine and am ready to pull an all-nighter reading the Iron Knight!

  6. A mysterious package has arrived on my doorstep....Should I open it? Should I? How do I know if what's inside is what I seek? Mom says I can open it after I get ready for ballet....*dashes off to change*

  7. The mysterious package is sitting by me. It's staring at me. What is it?

  8. It's the third day of Mash (Meghan + Ash) Week....Could this mysterious package really be....?

  9. The suspense is killing me. Would my sister get out of the bathroom already? I know she'll kill me if she's not there when the mysterious package is opened. What if it's not it?

  10. IT'S THE IRON KNIGHT!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!!! ALL MY MONTHS OF WAITING, FINALLY OVER!!!!IT'S BEAUTIFUL! IT'S PRECIOUS! oh, yes, yessss precccciousssss....I think I might cry....Oh, who am I kidding? Let's ALL cry!!!!!!

  11. The party was so fun! The letter guesses (Hi went to go get the milk Love Ash. xD) and the poems were a good way to take away some of the suspence. I was laughing the whole time. Amazon sent the book to me yesterday morning so I had to wait until after the party to read it. Had a great time! :D

  12. I'm so excited and happy!! Very, very HAPPY! The letter is so beauty! And i'll be waiting for the book (because I live in Argentina) with pacience (or not)
    I adore you Julie, thank you for giving us books so precious

  13. So upset that I missed the Twitter party! (I fell asleep, didn't wake up 'till after 10, and got swamped in homework><)
    Anyways, love the poems. <3Puck<3!!
    I read the letter. I died. I came back to life in order to read the part about Puck again. I died again. I came back one more time just to tell you how much I died reading that letter.
    Can't wait to get my grubby paws on the Iron Knight!!

  14. Oh. Almost forgot. That contest sounds so exciting! Though I really wonder how they would arrange an NYC trip if I won. They'd pay for my taxi? :P BUT, I'm totally racking my brains on this one, just for the chance to meet you!

  15. I just bought a copy of the Iron Knight!! Yay me !!!!!! are the pages supposed to be uneven or is mine just unique like that?

  16. I'm already halfway through the book. I woke up and immediately downloaded it on my nook. <3 I'm loving it so far.
    I red the letter with Pieces playing in the background. I love it.
    Thank you so much. :D

  17. Hilarious letters! Loved it!


  18. the twitter party was a blast! so glad I was able to make it even though I couldn't pipe in, b/c I was @ children's urgent care w/ my kids, but thanx to my Droid3-P-O I was laughing and swooning over Ash's letter... as my kids jumped around the office after their breathing treatments. Winter is hard on us Summer Fey ;) Nica

  19. Ha ha! Funny letters. I love the song!! It sounds kinda sad though. But it is a beautiful song.

    Thank you! Ash4ever!

  20. The twitter party was crazy, I agree, but well worth it to read Ash's letter.
    So having just finished the book, I will keep this spoiler-free and simply say it was a FANTASTIC end to the series.
    And a HUGE kudos to your editor who insisted on the Iron Knight and its Happy Ending. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  21. Last Kiss (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFM1aHHUXJo) and Haunted (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92isX62fv1g) by Taylor Swift is also a really good match for the Iron Knight! If you get a chance, please check them out! Thanks!

  22. Next book please? I managed to read 354 pages during the seven hours at school on the 25th, and now I must have more of anything you write XD Or I might explode.
    Literally. It's only happened once before, but they were cleaning my guts off of the walls for weeks. There was just enough DNA evidence to clone myself. Thankfully most of my brain was spared :P



  25. omigosh. i finished the iron knight BEFORE midnight on Oct.24. i admit that i kinda cheated and set my kindle's time to 12:00 am when it was 9:00 pm. BUT I WAS SO DESPARATE TO GET THE EFFING BOOK!!


  27. i didn't get the grimlakin one. well, kinda. Ellie and Bella