Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Giving back/Critiquing YOUR manuscript

The holidays are upon us once again.

Tis the season of giving, and as Christmas creeps ever closer, and I am bombarded by holiday specials that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I realize how blessed I have been and how I want  to give something back to my readers and fans.

So, I got to thinking, when I was a young writer, I didn't really have anyone to share my stories with, give me advice, or point me in the right direction.  And now that Nano Wrimo is over, I know there are many writers out there with half-finished or completed manuscripts, who might not know what to do next. 

Let us help.

And by us, I mean your favorite characters from The Iron Fey.  This Christmas, Meghan, Ash, and Puck have graciously agreed to critique one lucky writer's manuscript, up to the first 25 pages.  Just enter your name and email in the comments below, and list who you would like to critique your story.  Yes, YOU get to choose who critiques your manuscript, based on what kind of advice you want.

Then, on Christmas Eve, I will choose one lucky winner for a free critique of their choice.  And here are your choices.

 Meghan critique:

Meghan will be nice.  She will not say anything negative about your story, and she will not criticize at all.  She will list what she likes, maybe correct a few grammar mistakes, and give you gentle advice about where she thinks the story can go.  Choose her if you cannot handle harsh criticism, or if you are not ready to have your story picked apart.

Puck critique

Puck will be snarky, funny, and will comment liberally on what he liked and did not like.  He will focus more on the positive than the negative. However, he will point out obvious holes, grammar errors, and other mistakes, but it will all be in good fun.  He might poke at your story a bit, but he will be funny about it.  Choose him if you want a fair, funny review, but can also handle good-natured snark and criticism.

Ash critique

Ash is not one for overly squooshy comments, and he will not go out of his way to find things that he likes.  He is the harshest of the three, and you might not like what he has to say, but he will also be fair.  However, he is rather ruthless, so choose him only if you are prepared for the cold, hard truth about your manuscript. 

And, just because I know some people will be wondering...

Grim critique

(NOT RECOMMENDED.  This cat has made even seasoned authors cry.)

So, all you aspiring writers out there, what are you waiting for?  All you need to do is put your name, email, and your choice of critique in the comments below.  (Yes, it is international, but I need to be able to read your manuscript.  So English only, please.)  On Christmas Eve, I will randomly select a winner, so good luck to everyone, and Happy Holidays!




  1. Lauren

    I'd like to think I'm strong enough for Ash, but I'm going to go with Puck. Great contest! Thanks so much, and Merry Christmas :-)

  2. geekgirl gkgrlbk@gmail.com
    And I'd totally go for Ash. How could I fix things as an author if I'm not willing to listen to what's wrong?

  3. Love this and would love to be critiqued by Puck. :) My name is Britney and my email is britneyeatswords@gmail.com

  4. I'd like a Grim critique, but if he is unavailable, I will ask Ash. This is such a great opportunity. Thank you!


  5. kajivar - kajivar(at)gmail(dot)com

    I think I'd have to pick Ash. Nervously. ;)

  6. This is absolutely incredible and made of so much awesome!

    Heather Potts
    < cringe frightfully > I'm going to go with Ash because I need the Winter Prince's critique. I need the truth no matter what it might be. Sigh, hope I can take it!

  7. What an amazing opportunity! :D Thank you.

    I'm going to ask for a crtique done by Ash as terrifying as I know it will be, but if there's one thing I really enjoy, it's the chance to grow as an author. :)

    Kandis Eccles

  8. What an amazing opportunity! :D Thank you.

    I'm going to ask for a crtique done by Ash as terrifying as I know it will be, but if there's one thing I really enjoy, it's the chance to grow as an author. :)

    Kandis Eccles

  9. What a fun idea!
    I think I'll go wish Puck. I like snark. ^_^
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
    My name is Megan Trotter and my email is megtrotter@gmail.com.

  10. This is so great. Hilarious idea.
    My name is Cherrohn and my email is tatsuri@gmail.com

  11. hlleafpool@gmail.com

    This is such a brilliant idea, I love it! :) Hmmm...Puck or Ash? I would like the funniness of Puck, but I need a harsh review, so I think I'll go with Ash, please and thank you. :)

  12. Susanne Bradford
    Suzykarma78 at gmail dot com

    I thikn Puck would be best for me ;)

  13. Oh man, this is awesome! naolhug at gmail dot com. And I want Puck! Who doesn't love snark, am I right?

  14. This is an amazing idea! Thank you so much :D

    I'm going to have to go with Ash because I'm really needing the criticism. :)

    email: jillian.n.j96@gmail.com

  15. Name: Megan Conway
    Email: meganconwy @ gmail . com
    Critique of Choice: Hmm... this is tough. I'm not really good with negativity, but maybe this will be good for me. I'll go with Ash ;)

    Thank you SO much for this! It's not everyday an author offers this kind of thing.

  16. Melinda Marin
    I'm gonna go with Puck, he seems pretty neutral! Lol
    Thanks for this! It's awesome!

  17. Lucy D. Briand

    This is a great original idea. I love it.

    I'd go for Ash.


  18. This is great! I love it.

    I'm going to pick Ash (though I had thought Grim at first but my heart can't take that). ^_^

    Email: cvescobar@live.com

  19. Such a great (and generous) idea!!
    I would love Ash- even though I know it might hurt, I would rather get as much criticism as possible so i know what i can fix!!
    So, Ash.
    My name is Theresa Jones
    email: theresamcrocker@gmail.com

  20. What a fantastic offer Julie. Thank you so much. I'd love to win a critique from Ash so I make my manuscript the best.

    My name is Natalie Aguirre; rmarma2@yahoo.com

    FYI, I will be in China 12/24 until 1/3 taking my daughter on a heritage tour. So I hope you don't mind if I win and don't get back to you until I return. Not sure how much Internet access I'll have there.

  21. My birthday is Dec 24th! This would be a great birthday gift!
    cindy.voldseth(at)gmail(dot) com
    I would have to pick Ash. I thinj brutal honesty can only help. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  22. Wow! What an amazing gift! Thanks so much for the chance.
    I choose Ash, because he's hot (obvs) and I would love a very honest opinion as well as any opportunity to improve. Thank you!

  23. My name is Silvana Reyes and my e-mail is silvana_rl@hotmail.com
    I'd like to pick Puck. I want to know what he liked and did not like. I thought Ash would be the best option, because he would be hard and fair at the same time, but I want to know what is good in the story too, what I can do to make that good be great.

  24. Ash because I want a completely honest criticism! :)
    aliiicezh [at] gmail dot com. :)

  25. This sounds amazing!
    I'm JC, and my email is jdramaqueen(at)gmail(dot)com
    As much as I adore snark, I think I'll have to go with a Grimalkin (<3) critique. But I'll settle for Ash. ;P

  26. My name is Rani, my email is ashep819@yahoo.com and I would love a review from Ash. Thank you so much , Julie and happy holidays.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey, Julie!
      Sarah Limardo, here ('scuse the pseudonym)! My email is what.nots@hotmail.com and I'd choose Ash, because I'd welcome the harsh criticism with open arms before I start querying! (And the bragging rights would be stellar, not gonna lie...) xD

      This is a wonderful idea! Merry Christmas! :)

  28. You are fabulous. Puck's my fave, but I'll pick Ash. :) my email is realsteph@thefakesteph.com.

  29. This is so great!

    My name is Jessica Garrard and my e-mail is: jessicagarrard3@gmail.com

    I would love to have Puck look it over. You know how you have to laugh at yourself once in a while? Puck would be the perfect start. Haha!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. My name is Miranda Limb and my email is musicrox666@yahoo.com
    I would love it if Puck could critque my story. Thanks!

  32. This sounds totally awesome! I would love to get some feedback by a published author!
    My email is winchester_666@yahoo.com And I would love to have a Puck critique.

  33. I'd love a critique from Puck!!
    Susie Sheehey
    susiesheehey (at) verizon (dot) net

  34. prernapickett at yahoo.com. Ash, for sure...I think I can handle it.

  35. This is such a cool contest. As much as I love Ash, I think I'd like him to stay far, far away from my manuscript. I'd love a critique from Puck!


  36. Coolest contest ever! I would enjoy a critique from Puck.

    Meghan Raine

  37. So only stories entered in the NanoWrimo can be reviewed? Awweh.

  38. Alli
    magnet4taken @ gmail . com
    Somewhere between a Puck or Ash. I like snarky, but I also want honest criticism!

    thanks! :)

  39. Mandy Tracy

    I would love a critique from all of them! But I suppose if I had to choose it would be Puck, just because of my never ending love of him. It's nice to think that there's so many published authors supporting the NaNos!

  40. I think I would probably go for Ash, really want to make my novel as good as it can be!



  41. Julianna Helms

    I would love a Puck critique. Julie, this is so amazing! Thank you. Loads of love, and Merry Christmas! :) <3

  42. Natalie Money; money.natalie@gmail.com
    I would like Ash...

  43. Kristina

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful writers gift in the spirit of the holidays! I would love a Puck critique for my manuscript.

  44. Rebecca
    Email: flurryprincess90@aim.com
    Critique request: hmmm...this is hard, but i choose Ash.

    this is amazing! thank you for the wonderful gift!!!

    1. Grim would also be suitable if Ash is unavailible.

  45. My name is Emily FitzPatrick.
    My email is: bookworm1993@bellsouth.net
    I'd love to be reviewed by Puck!

  46. I would love to win this. It would be an awesome Christmas present! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Chris van Soolen
    and I would love to be reviewed by Ash.

  47. my email is :

    and i would like either Ash or Puck to critique my story!!!! XD this is such a great opportunity and i would like to say that i love your books!!!

  48. This is so incredibly kind and awesome of you! The atmosphere in your books always transports me to another world, so the idea of that magic being cast on my own writing is thrilling!

    Rosie McCaffrey
    and I would love to be critiqued by Puck!

    Merry Christmas :D!!

  49. Awesome contest! Thank you so much.

    I'm hoping for a Puck critique.

    You're awesome.

  50. Happy Holidays, and thank you!

    busylearninghome AT gmail DOT com

    Hmm. I'd like Puck. :D

  51. Thanks for such an amazing opportunity! Writing is really my whole life and the way the words, the plot and the characters come out on the pages is really an art I hope to master.

    Bonnie Kwong
    I'd love a Puck critique if I was lucky enough to be picked.

    Thank you! :)

  52. This is a wonderful gift. Thank you.

    I would pick Puck. My email is maggieamada (at) gmail (dot) com . Happy Holidays to you and to everyone else who reads your post.


  53. Aw! this is so nice! Happy Christmas! :)♪♫

    Although Grim seems the best choice (He has never turned the wrong way and most importantly, he is a cat) I'd have to go with Puck :P
    E-mail~ Elliemoreton at gmail dot com

  54. ^.^ This is so kind!!! Merry Christmas~!!!!

    Well...I'd have to say Grimalkin...he might make me cry but he is a smart cat and will give good advice...
    So here is my story...I am not that far in with it... but I would be so very honored if it could just be critiqued a bit and thank you so much for this lovely present!!!
    Thank yous~!

  55. This is so awesome!

    Caitlin G.



    Happy Holidays!

  56. Sallie Mazzur
    Ash critique

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, it's pretty original, neat, and fun!

  57. Merry Christmas!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!!
    Hmmm... I'd have to go with Ash. Harsh critiquing is always nice once in a while. My manuscript would have to be publisher-prepared before I even thought about Grim!
    Email: orangesoccerkayla at gmail dot com.

  58. Awesome idea! Not just that you'd give away a critique at all but also the idea to write it from a character's POV! I'm heavily torn between Ash and Puck... I think I'd like Puck on a bad day? ^^'
    Thanks so much!

  59. Name: alexis walls
    Email: alexisANW@gmail.com

    THIS IS SOOOO COOL!! I LOVE IT!! I've always wanted to have my stories critiqued. :)

  60. A couple of questions....
    1. If this is an unfinished, unedited manuscript, is that okay?
    2. My NaNo was an Iron Fey fanfiction, actually. Are you still okay with critiquing it, or not? I imagine it would be awkward reading about yourself/from your own POV... XD

    Please tell me ASAP!


    1. Its okay if its unfinished and unedited. And yes, its okay if its an Iron Fey fanfic, too. ;)

    2. Oh, happy days, happy happy days!

      Anasatsia Hart
      Puck. Or Ash... Hm, it would be amusing to see what Puck thinks of my writing in his POV, but it would be amusing to make Ash read from Puck's POV... either would be great. And I might not get my manuscript edited anyway...

      *Runs off to begin editing just in case*

      Oh, and on a side note all of us Team Kierran people wanted to tell you that you need a Team Kierran badge. Because we're in love with him now. xD

  61. Ummm is it okay if I incorporated myself and puck in it, because I have been working on this story for a while now! Actually, I think I want puck to critique it because he was in it! My email is Angelicarkatona@hotmail.com.

    P.S I kind of dream of puck do this is kind of a dream come true! And it's okay if he doesn't like the romance between us! I will still love him! :-) also it's not that long, it's actually pretty short and it's not finished! Sorry! Finally I'm kind of confused as to how this contest works, if you could explain it more that would be much appreciated! Love ya puck and Julie!( u too grim, ash, and meghan)

  62. This is pretty cool, and awesome at the same time!!Had to say that..hmmm. Tough choice really on who to pick but I think I would have to go with a critique from Grim. I'd really would appreciate the truth no matter how much it might sting about my story, and I'm pretty sure that I would have a bit of tough skin for it. Plus that cat is awesome, and who knows what he might say. and before I would forget Email: artsytiger[at]Hotmail[dot]com and my name is Anna

  63. Oh my goodness...... I've always wanted someone to critic my work who isn't my mom or an English teacher :D :D :D :D :D
    I love writing, and I thought a lot of being a writer. I have this one idea I really really like, and now I'm considering more of going into the Film Industry, and I'm hoping one day that after some revision maybe I could turn it into a movie ^_^ Anyway, so this is kind of my trial run...... Hmmmmmmmm I'm caught between Puck and Ash........... Hmmmm...

    Puck, the floor is yours.

    Name: Ashley Adams
    Email: ashley10186@yahoo.com
    Critic: Puck

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Wow, this is an amazing gift to share with people and incredibly generous. I'd love to hear from Ash! Liza Wiemer JLWiemer@aol.com
    Thanks. :D

  66. Madeline White

    You are one of my favorite authors, one who has made me laugh and cry. Having you comment on my manuscript would not only be the best Christmas I have ever received, but be the most special thing to ever happen to me. Fingers crossed.

  67. Sabina Hunter

    I'm so hoping I get this. I love all of your work and would really appreciate seeing what you think of my stuff.

  68. Kazhy
    I'll go for Ash, so I can hear the cold, hard truth already! XD

  69. CS Severe
    I choose Ash!

  70. Rachel Seine

    I really like this idea, it's really neat to have the characters do the critique.

  71. Wow, this is awesome! Um... Puck or Ash, Puck or Ash... As much as I love snark, I guess the cold, hard truth would be best. Ash it is.

    Nicole Zoltack

  72. Name: Valiant Lirael

    Email: valiant_lirael@hotmail.com

    Critique: I will go with Ash, I'm a young writer so I need to know where I'm going wrong. Thank you s much for having this miss! You have no idea what this means to me, thank you. :)

  73. I love this idea! I'll go for Puck. (:


  74. Julie Anne Grasso
    I think I will go for Puck, I have to hear it sometime. cheers

  75. Puck!!! All the way... I knew I wanted him before I read the synopses. Thank you!!! jajajajaja


  76. Charlotte Johnson
    Ash, please.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  77. Sarena Tien
    And I think I'll go with Puck

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. Melinda Hellert
    I'll be brave and go with Grimalkin. If I don't hear it now then I won't improve.

  80. Love it! Count me in.

    Racheal McGillivary

    Ash Critique

  81. Cheryl Mackey


    Puck sounds like he'd like to mess with my MS xD

  82. Awesome! I really hope I get picked, writing is everything to me! Except when I'm struck by a bad bout of writing block. :( I'd like to have a Puck critique if I get chosen!

    Christie Cheung

    Thanks so much! xD

  83. Natalie Kurdyla
    Grimalkin or Ash, surprise me. (Though preferably Grim.)

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. I would love to have Ash critique my story. Firstly because he's my favorite character, but also because nice critiquing, in my opinion, never really gets one anywhere. I'm much more interested in the cold hard truth than niceness, not that being nice is bad :)

    annabelle lovell (at) yahoo (dot) com

  86. I’d like Meghan to critique my story. Yes she’s nice but she’s smart too, so I’d really like her opinion. ;-)


    Abigail Ash

  87. This is a truly kind offer, especially considering all the work you must have on your plate! While I know I'd get a kick out of Puck's take on the matter, I'm going to request the Ash version. After all, I'd rather get the detailed harshness of an Ash critique than the impersonal harshness of a two-line rejection letter! :)

    Toni De Iuliis Conant

  88. I'm really torn between Puck and Ash. But in the end, I choose Ash. I need the cold, hard truth :)

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity :)

    Vanessa Valiente

  89. Name: Jemima Hartt
    Email: catbmia@aol.com
    Critique: I would like Grimalkin, but if he is busy collecting favors, I choose Ash.
    Thanks so much for this amazing Christmas gift for us writers/ Iron Fey fans.

  90. Name: Rena Hall
    Email: renahall@socket.net
    Critique: I would like either Puck or Ash!

  91. Kate Brauning- katebrauning(at)gmail(dot)com

    I'd love an Ash critique :)

  92. My name is Charlotte Ashley (charlotte@once-and-future.com) and I'd love an Ash critique! The first 25 pages of my MS are, IMO, the weakest, and of course what an agent sees first! I need a brutal overhaul going forward...

  93. Alyssa Weaver - alyssaweaver08@gmail.com
    I would love to hear from Puck!

  94. Emily Fuller - efuller6@uncc.edu

    I'd love to get a critique from Puck!! :)

    This is truly an awesome opportunity & so much fun!
    You're the best :)

  95. Wow! Merry Christmas to us! I'd love Puck- Birdy Jones, madduobooks@gmail.com

  96. That's so kind of you, Julie! Thank you for the opportunity.

    I'd like to say Ash, but my creative writing prof said yesterday that we have to get rid of ego when it comes to our writing and so I'm going to choose Grim. E-mail: papereader(at)gmail(dot)com

  97. Name: Stephanie
    Email: steph_smith_performer(at)yahoo(dot)ca
    Critique: Puck! And not just because my protag gets cast as another character named Puck. :P

  98. Name: Brian O
    email: boc_art@hotmail.com
    great contest, you should pick me....
    I choose puck!!

  99. Name: Marcia Pav
    Email: misspavao@gmail.com
    Critique: Ash! I want the cold hard truth, just as I knew Ash would give it (and will). :D

    BTW, this is pretty awesome of you and whoever the lucky winner is, grats! :D

  100. What a great idea Julie! Thanks so much for giving a great gift to one lucky fan.

    My name is Lupe and would love a critique from Puck. Who by the way is my fav character in the series. I would love to know what Puck would have to say about my princess. Thanks and happy holidays.


  101. Hi My name is Valerie Greer and I would love a Critique from Puck.


  102. Thank you so much for an opportunity like this! :]
    My name is Brynne; brynneshelton@gmail.com.

    And I'm just going to hold my breath and go with Ash.

  103. thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!
    Abby Rulison. Email: painthorses15@gmail.com

    I choose Puck

  104. Hi! Thank for for this lovely opportunity! I would love a critique from Ash!!

    My name is Loie and my email is: loiedunn@gmail.com

  105. Hey Julie. I guess I should've checked the comments here first before asking on Twitter about the manuscripts being completed or not. Haha. I didn't think about it at the time. :P

    Anyways, here's my entry:

    Name: Pixie Lynn
    Email: miss[DOT]pixie08[AT]gmail[DOT]com

    And I choose Ash. :)

    Thanks a bunch for the opportunity and good luck to everyone. :)

  106. SM Frost
    I'd like Ash to review my book.
    This is very exciting, thanks so much for doing this!

  107. Hi! My name is Dominique Potter and I just saw this -- so awesome!
    My email is: number1hpfanatic@hotmail.com and I would like Ash to review my book.
    Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to enter this!

  108. Hi! Thanks so much for doing this! Such a great idea!!!!

    My email is triona.dolan@gmail.com and I would love for Ash to critique my first 25 pages.

  109. This is so generous!

    I choose Ash. Email is femininethings @ gmail(dot)com

    Thanks again!

  110. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Thank you so much, Julie! I really, really, want to go with Puck, if only for his snark. (I LOVE Puck.) But at the same time, I know I need to be brutal on myself... Is evil Iron Knight Puck available, or is he busy at the End of the World?
    Either way, Puck it is!

    ~Riv Re


  111. kaitlynrowe99@gmail.com

    I want either Grim or Puck...I'm leaning more over to choosing Grim, so, if you could, I'd like to hear from him ^^

    My story is short (and young...) so it's not much...yet. Thank you for offering, and congrats to the winner! Oh, and a little tip...: I'm in love with sushi


  112. Oooo great contest! hmm I'd have to choose either Puck or Ash. Depends on how much editing I get to do in the next two weeks ;)
    email: KaylaDFT@gmail.com

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Great contest :) I'd have to choose Puck
    email: elizalovetoread@gmail.com

  115. Puck

  116. Lovely contest.

    I would love an Ash review, but I'm not sure if I can handle it. Oh well! I do wish that Puck might be able to draw a heart on it though ;) I will forever be Team Puck, afterall.

    My email is sal410cat@gmail.com

  117. because i want the cold callous harsh truth about my book I choose Ash, i dont care about fluffy responses made to make me feel better i want it torn apart backwards and forwards. Thanks for doing this, its awesome!

  118. I would choose the Ash critique. I'm a young writer and I want my work to really be analyzed so I won't make the same mistakes twice.

    my email is (sadly): unicorn11@optonline.net

    Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!

  119. My name is Rebecca :)
    I choose Puck to critique my manuscript pages
    Email: x3.sweet.becky@hotmail.com

  120. I love this idea! Thanks! Choosing between Ash & Puck is so hard, but I love snark, so I think I'd choose Puck & get a good blend.

    My name is Jenny:
    tea4my3 at gmail dot com

  121. My name is Stephanie.
    Email: steph210682@hotmail.com

    I would like Puck to critique.

  122. I'm going to be a sadist and choose Ash. While I would like to know the good points of my writing, I think I'll grow more as a writer knowing the hard facts about what I need to work on. No pain, no gain!

    My email is mai_lynn91@hotmail.com

    Great contest, Julie. And thank you so much for giving us new writers an opportunity to share our work with you.

  123. I think I'll choose puck, because I would like some critique but I'd rather not cry lol and I like funny snarky things so ya. Thanks so much!!!!!


  124. Who in their right mind would say no to this??? Hands down I will pick Puck critique.

    My name is Jacinta Maree, my email is jacintamaree@hotmail.com.au

  125. Rhiannon Willersdorf.
    As much as I would love to pick Puck, I know that while he would give me a good laugh I want someone who’s going to tell me just how it is, so I can tell what needs to be fixed and what I can improve on. So for that reason I choose the forever handsome, cold, hard truth telling Ash.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful chance. :) xoxo

    1. Bring on Grim! Seriously. If he's unwilling, then I'd be more than happy with Ash. I don't want gentle...give me pure, (possibly) painful honesty.
      Marie mvictoriaauthor@aol.com

  126. My name is Sarah Remer

    My e-mail is sremer@nmu.edu

    If I happen to be the lucky winner I would love if Puck did my critique. Thank you.

  127. My name is Isis Cantu and my email is isiscantu@yahoo.com. If I'm lucky enough to be picked, I think I'd really like Puck to critique my manuscript. :)

  128. My name is Hannah and my email is Hannah_TBV@yahoo.com and I would like Puck for the critique!

    Awesome contest! Thanks so much Julie! =D

  129. I would have to pick Puck. He sounds like a safe choice :) my email is julie102794@gmail.com and my name is Julie Marcinik. This is such a sweet idea!!

  130. My name is Elizabeth Huynh and my email is thceyec@sbcglobal.net

    If I was picked, I would really like Ash to critique my work! (:

    Thank you!

  131. My name is Sienna and my email is sienna.atkisson@hotmail.com.
    I'd like to choose Ash to critique my writing so that I can really know what to work on. I'd love to go professional with my writing someday and I'm hoping this is that someday.

  132. Hi! My name is Shannon. My e-mail's Seakjesus@aol.com. And I chose Puck because he's awesome and his critiquing is the one I would like the most. :D

  133. My name is Emily eichhorn and my email is em.eichhorn@gmail.com. my mano writing probably needs a lot of help so I really could use this. And I think it would be awesamazing to have my writing edited by my "boyfriend"

    1. Whoops, forgot to put this out there, but my "boyfriend" is Puck so everyone else...HANDS OFF!!! So he will b the one editing my writing... hopefully. *adding to my wish list thy I want.... wait, need Puck to edit my writing
      Pwease XD
      merry Christmas everyone!

  134. Hi My name is Chloe and i would like Ash to critique my manuscript, i think he would be a great character coz he's so blunt and forward. My email is: c.alyce@hotmail.com

  135. Hi, I'm Sarah! But I'll give my penname account for this! ;) It's Loreleil.Crescent@ymail.com and I'd love for Puck to critique me, please! :) Thanks so much! Merry Christmas! :D

  136. that's such an awesome gift! Thank you!

  137. Hey! My name is Kelsey :D my email is kwaii_dragon_keeper@hotmail.com (please ignore the spelling error in the email.I made it when I was fourteen and by the time I learned that I had made a mistake, I had too many contacts to bother switching over haha). I would really appreciate a commentary from our beloved Robin Goodfellow (Especially as the story that I am working on features him as one of the central characters). Thanks so much for your time and have a merry Christmas!

  138. My name is Soumi Roy. I'm a Puck lover. I would like Puck to critique my manuscript by as he would be fair but not ruthless.
    My email is soumimarch@gmail.com

  139. Hmm...it seems the internet ate my comment. Let's try this again, shall we?


    Thank you so much for doing this! I can't tell you how awesome that it is for someone who has been trying to improve her writing for many years. Anyway, my name is Amy and my email address is abattice@lssu.edu. And I would love Ash to critic my work. After all, how am I supposed to improve if I don't get some fair criticism?

  140. As much as I love Puck, I would like my manuscript critiqued by Ash, I think he and my main character would get along lol. My name is Erin and my e-mail is erin_kiks@hotmail. com

  141. Hi im Kaiaour I am 12 and absolutely looooooove iron fey and having my favourite author would be the best christmas present on earth!If I could I would like to be critiqued by puck because he is one of my fave characters and NEVER fails to make me crack up laughing so go puck!
    my email is knbj2000@hotmail.com

  142. Monika and my email is monika.mikenaite@gmail.com

  143. Cassandra Manzo
    I will pick Puck, I love all of the characters but Puck is my favorite out of all of them.

  144. My name is Zanica and I choose Puck.

  145. My name is Fatima
    And I am going with Ash

  146. I'm Brianna Lebrecht (lebrbria(at)gmail(dot)com). I'm having a hard time choosing between Puck and Ash :/ I definitely prefer honest criticism, no matter how harsh it may be. But, well, it's Ash...and he sort of scares me. I do love Puck, though. Hm. Can we ask to be surprised?

  147. My name is Sierra. plain though it may be, it's the only one I've got.
    I have several emails, but the one I'd like you to use is Nightmaredove@gmail.com
    I saw the post and couldn't resist. My heart, mind, and soul are set on being an author, I know it's not always the easiest of paths, but I'm willing to fight for it. My main work, which I hope to complete and publish within the next few years, just experienced a reboot this month, and I'd love to have Puck look it over.

  148. Hi Julie, my name is Katie Carroll. My email is khb300@yahoo.com
    I choose Ash, I am a brutally honest person. I can handle the same in return. I have one finished manuscript and a nearly finished second novel. You have no idea how much this means to us aspiring writers. It is often difficult trying to figure out what to do next and which agents/publishers to trust, etc. Any advice would be amazing! Thank you so much! Even if I don't win, I wish the other contestants good luck with their writing. Keep your hopes up. :) Merry Christmas.

  149. Hello there Julie, my name is Olivia Parsonson and my e-mail is olivia_parsonson@hotmail.com
    I chose Puck to critique my work because he is, by far, my favorite character. I also know he'll be honest about my writing and that's what I want! I've been writing stories for years, but it's only recently I've been able to stick to one!
    Having Puck read and critique my work would be the best Christmas present I could ever ask for!! Hope you have a lovely holiday season.

  150. I'd go with Puck. I have my own Ash, also known as my extremely honest husband, which I do appreciate at any rate. :)

  151. Hi julie I'm misty sanders and I love the iron fey. I am an aspiring writer and I would like ash to critique my manuscript. I want the cold hard truth. Ik the world of writing is harsh and I want to be prepared for the worst so that the good comments seem that much better.

    My email address is munchkinmisty@gmail.com

  152. Hi! I am Maddie Meylor and I would love Puck to critique my manuscript! This is the coolest giveaway ever!

  153. Hi, I'm Karen and I would love for Puck to critique my manuscript!


  154. Hi, I'm Amanda and I would like Puck to critique my manuscript! :D

  155. Hi, I'm Sam, and I would like Grim to look at my manuscript, because even though he might want a favor back, he always sticks by those he cares about. Even when you don't know he is there.

    My email is sjlxc3@mail.umkc.edu

  156. I think this is so cool I love the iron fey and I haven been writting for years now I think this is exactly what my writtig needs, I would like Puck to critique my manuscript.

    My email is rainsong4498@yahoo.com

  157. Im abby and i love love love the iron fey! i want ash to critique my manuscript, im not finished yet but almost.my email is abigailjoy18@hotmail.com

  158. Candace Simpson

  159. Hey, I'm Tanya and i would like Puck to read my manuscript.
    My email is feygirl18@gmail.com
    Happy Holidays!! :)

  160. ~(^.^)~
    Kayla Briggs

  161. Jonathan Reitsma

  162. wow this is such an awesome idea and such a wonderful thing to do for all your readers and fans!
    My name's Victoria Gluch (aerahtheelf@gmail.com) and I would love a review from Puck. It was so hard to choose between Puck and Ash though!!
    This would honestly be such an amazing opportunity to whoever wins it :) you are the best!!!

  163. Hey Julie! If I can get my manuscript finished I'll have a go at it! :) Oh I'm Alix Perkins by the way, sorry for not introducing myself. I think I'll go with Grimalkin. I need all the criticism I can get. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity!
    Merry Christmas!
    - Alixandra Lee Perkins

  164. Julie, I'm so excited that you are doing this. I love your imagination, and the stories you've created. My name is Gabrielle Kiesel. I would love to get a critique from Ash. I would love a harsh and honest truth on my writing. Thank you again Julie!!!

  165. This is Gabrielle Kiesel again ^_^ I forgot to put my email address in the message!!! LOL It's amara7me@yahoo.com

  166. This is Alix Perkins, I accidentaly forgot my E-mail adress in my last message. It's marinebiologist96@gmail.com Again just like to say I'd like Grimalkin to critic my manuscript. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

  167. Grace Adduci
    All three in conversation form, but if that is not possible, I'd really like Meghan to be my critic.

  168. Well, my NaNo manuscript isn't finished... but mostly because I don't know where it's going...

    Aemili Lipzinski
    Puck as critic, please! I need to know the likes and dislikes.

    Wicked idea, Julie!

  169. This comment has been removed by the author.

  170. I think this is simply fabulous!

    As for who I'd pick...I think I'd prefer Puck. I want some criticism but I don't want my writing soul ripped to shreds (yet). (^_^)V

    Forgot my email! krystal_maestas@yahoo.com

  171. Talita Amorim FernandesDecember 10, 2012 at 8:38 PM

    Talita Amorim Fernandes.
    I love Iron Fey books and I'd like Puck to be the critic of my manuscript *-*. I read "A Midsummer Night's Dream" just because of Puck (and of course; W.S.).
    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.
    Sorry any English mistakes, I'm Brazilian.

  172. Christine Boland
    cblolbrb101@gmail.com (I know, ridiculous, but I made it late at night when my mind was just blagh, like that Monday morning feeling)
    Anyways I first read The Iron King when my aunt brought down a few books (The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, and something else I ended up not reading). My mom had them out because she was about to read them, but I had run out of books to read, so I took them to school. Of course I started with the Iron King, and at first, I was like okay, this is an okay book, but by the end I was like NEW AWESOMEST FAVORITEST BOOK OF ALL TIME. Actually, the idea of Faeries, and the courts the way you wrote it inspired me to start writing.
    Anyways, I got off track there, I'd chose Ash, because I'm not ready for hardcore like Grim, but I also don't want to be too flattered.
    Thank you for your consideration!

  173. I love this idea! It is incredible! I would like to be critiqued by Grim. If you're going to go for it why not go all the way? My name is Christian and my email is nightmareb4xmas28@yahoo.com

  174. Please excuse me while I go fangirl for a momen........Okay, I'm back. My name's Anna and Ash is my choice for editor. My email is anna at stukenborg dot com (yes, my dad's a geek, and no, I can't get a personalized email for you). Haha this just made my day!

  175. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    My name is Jennifer and my email is jlgottschalk17 at gmail dot com.
    Great choices all 'round for critique, but I believe I need Ash's thinking most.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!

  176. My name is Kristina and I'm ready for Grim to open up a can of whoop ass on my ms. kristina@kristinaperez.com

  177. mName is Erica. I want Grim. And erica.joy.dass@gmail.com

  178. Hey, I'm Lauren :3
    I'm going for Ash!

  179. Hello! My name is Ashtyn Stann!

    Email is a.t.stann@hotmail.com

    I'm going for . . . Puck! ^_^

  180. Hello, Julie-san~!!
    You know who I am~ XD
    I am Giselle Rivera. Email: roseliagreen33@gmail.com
    ...after thinking of it for hours, I WANT GRIM TO CRITIQUE MY MANUSCRIPT. *glances at Grim and smiles like a madwoman*

  181. Thanks ever so much for the opportunity, Julie-san! ^_^ I'm Ina Martin, and my email is: ina.tsvetkova @ gmail.com (sorry about the spaces around the @, but I'm trying to dissuade auto-spammers :P ). I'd like Ash to critique my manuscript.

  182. What a great competition! I'd like Ash please, and my email is lougibney@gmail.com ... hope the spam bots don't pick this page up with all our emails on it! :)


    Louise Gibney


  183. What a fab contest, I love the idea that the characters get to do the critique...although this also scares me at the same time LOL

    I'm going to go for it and say Ash aka the Simon Cowell of the bunch. Not just because I love Ash but because sometimes we need to hear the truth. Thanks for the opportunity :) Please do more of these ;)


  184. Hi! I'm Kim and I'd like my manuscript to be critiqued by Meghan just to go against the flow :) plus a positive boost is nice when you're in a writing slump (like I am currently)
    email: kimmy46239@gmail.com

  185. Hello fellow readers ;)! When I saw this post I literally was overjoyed to finally see someone that might overview my manuscript! Anyways I would love, love, LOVE for Puck to review my story :D my e-mail is: pecaashu125@gmail.com

    Just one more thing to look forward to for Christmas! Eep! Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!!!

  186. My name is Brianna Reynolds and I would love for Ash to review my story. I know it'll be a bit harsh, but if you can't accept the harshest criticism, then you don't need to be in this business. I really hope I get picked. I have been writing for a long time. My email is caitlinbrianna@me.com

  187. Hey Julie and fellow readers :) My name is Keana Tutanes and I am so happy for this opportunity at first I was very hesitant but now I wish Grim and/or Puck would review my story I may be just a beginner but I would really love them to review it. This would be a great Christmas gift to me :D

  188. Thank you so much for hosting this! My name is Shinji (and in case you're wondering, it's a nickname. I'm actually a girl :D). I'd like Ash, please! And my email is giselle.shadowe@gmail.com

  189. Thanks for doing this! I'll pick Ash because I would pick Ash over anybody else any day, rude or not. ;)

    My name: Ariane Felix
    Email: ariane.felix at gmail dot com
    Character: Ash

  190. Hi, this is Grace Adduci again. I just caught a mistake in my post. When I meant "all three," I just meant Ash, Meghan, and Puck. Not Grim. (No offense, Grim. I still love you.)
    Anyway, thank you so much for doing this, Julie! You are making all of your fans so happy this year!

  191. My curiosity almost wants to say Grim, but I'm sticking with Ash. I don't think I could put up with the cait sith and his omniscence ;) Unless it's possible to do all...

    Name: Starr
    Email: wildstar0824@gmail.com
    Character: Ash (or all three/four, if possible)

  192. How awesome!! I'd love to Puck review my manuscript. He would be awesome and probably have me laughing by the end of it.

    Name: Amy
    Email: beebandbeeb@live.com

  193. What an amazing opportunity! I love Meghan and think she would be honest without being too harsh (I'm only 13, so I really don't want my dreams dashed!).