Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And yet even more clay creations

Lol, are we getting sick of chibi critters yet?

The newest renditions: PONIES.  Er...unicorns.

Little purple unicorn

Black and silver unicorn


Tried to do a Keirran chibi. Silver hair is hard! I like how he turned out, but I might also experiment with the design a bit. Thoughts?

And finally, while I was out on the deck, this tiny Asian dragon drifted down and perched on the post.                                                                        
My collection continues to grow.  Unicorns and dragons and chibis, oh my.
Keep creating!

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  1. heey you know know the smooching unicorns? weelll i think puck and ash deserve their own love story.....are you ready for it....PUSH!