Friday, March 15, 2013

Eternity Cure ARC winners and Indigogo

Hey everyone!

So, the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled, sadly, but huge thanks to everyone who pleged and supported it.  And, worry not, there are still plans to turn the Iron King into a graphic novel, manga-style this time!

(Yes, I know Machina looks like Sephiroth, lol.  The cover isn't final, and designs are still being considered.  But I told the artist Machina was inspired by Sephy, and they sort of went with it.)

Now we have a new campaign, at Indigogo.  So if you pledged to the Kickstarter, be sure to go check out the new Indigogo page for most of the same prizes.  (Plus new prizes, like Grim rocks, and sketches by me.)

If you'd like to spread the word, that would be amazing, though I won't pressure you.  I DO, however, have some prizes to give out for the last contest.  Three ARCs of The Eternity Cure and an Allie chibi, I believe.  So, let's get on with that, shall we?  The winners of the two signed Eternity Cure ARCs are:

Ann M. (Scrappedprincess)


Chyna (Chynangie)

And the winner of the Eternity Cure ARC and a handmade Allie chibi is: Go Flash Go!

So congrats to the winners!  I will be emailing you shortly for your addresses so I can send you your swag.  ;-)  Everyone else, thank you so much for all your support.  I hope you will consider donating to the new campaign, cause I'd love to see The Iron Fey as a manga, wouldn't you?

Thanks again!



  1. Rats! I wanted to win an ARC! I miss Zeke. :) Sorry about the Kickstarter project. Can't wait for the Graphic Novel to be a reality and in the hands of my students!

  2. Congrats to the winners! I've also made my donation to the Indiegogo project to get the graphic novel done for The Iron King! I hope it happens!! Good luck!

    Btw...just finished The Eternity Cure (arc)...Oh My Goodness!!!! My review's on Goodreads ( and will be on Reading Lark ( tomorrow! No spoilers! It was AMAZING!

  3. OMG! thank you JULIE! *virtual tackle*

  4. Oh! when i first saw that. I thought: WHAT THE HECK IS SEPHIROTH DOING THERE?!??!?!. And then i continued reading.... I will now see Machina as Sephiroth... forever.

  5. Darn! I was hoping to win.... sigh, I'm to inpatient to wait for the release. Awww well, guess I have to now! *refreshes netgalley* nope, still gonna have to wait for release. But what a lovely little Chibi the winner gets congrats to them!

  6. My first thought was also, "Why is Sephiroth on the cover?". Machina doesn't just look like Sephiroth, he IS Sephiroth lol. I'd so laugh if his name popped up throughout instead of Machina's.

  7. As the winner of the ARC and the chibi, I want to say that both are LOVELY. I will be checking on Etsy to add to my collection. Thanks again, Julie!

  8. LOL, that guy seems Sephirot!