Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Super Sekrit Series hint #4 and CONTEST announcement

Little behind on posting this, apologies!  But here is Super Sekrit series hint #4!


This week its a double guessing game.  First, you have to name that saint, pictured above.  THEN, if you are able to discern his name, you have to figure out where he fits within the series.

Fun, fun.  Ooh, and if you're completely stumped, Page Turner's blog has some lovely hints to help you guess.  And YA Interrobang has a list of all the clues up until now.

So, while you're figuring that out, here is another piece of exciting news.

Next week will be the very last clue, and there will also be a CONTEST and giveaway to celebrate the reveal of the Super Sekrit series on October 2nd.  If you want to know what the contest and giveaway will entail, you'll have to check back next week for the final clue.  The contest will last only a week, and then on the 2nd, the Super Sekrit Series will FINALLY be revealed.

Until then, guess away, and I'll see you all next week for the last clue.



  1. Now that I see this... I feel so dumb. I mean, you've been sculpting them like crazy!
    DRAGONS! Scales! I'm thinking Dragoons that surf or something... in Hawaii... hmmmm....

  2. First I thought "Ha! Joan of the Arc. This is too easy." Then I saw the he in the description. So I went to Page Turners where it said that he had a day like Saint Valentine so I was thinking St Patrick. When I googled Saint Patrick Interfaith Shrine (also on page turners) I actually got Saint George. Which makes a lost of sense.
    I'm thinking dragons that keep the world in balance and are protected by a secret organization. And they need a Hawaiian decedent of Saint George to defeat one of the dragons of balance because he went rouge and tried to take over the world. Am I close?

  3. St. George was the 1st thought that came to my mind when I saw this pic and I just know I'm right cuz he has everything to do with dragons! I think it's about a secret organization that keeps the existence of dragons a secret from the world.

  4. Something related to Saint George and the Dragon Story


  5. Hangten St. George a place near beach. A selkie who lives there.

  6. This was a tricky one. First thought when I got to the clues was "on valentines day? St. Valentine!" but no, it was actually St. George which totally makes sense since all of this is pretty much mythological, and St. valentine doesn't actually fit in with the other clues. So my guess is that there's a secret organization who keeps the balance between the worlds, lives near the water or ocean (Hawaii or someplace with big waves), fights against dragons--air, land or water...and maybe descendants or followers of St. George.

  7. The saint is St. George. But i'm going to go out on a whim here and say that the creatures are based on the Mythical sea dragon Drac, according to folklore the Drac is invisible to humans and is capable of changing its shape at will. St. George was said to have defeated the dragon by using christianity cross and saving a woman who had "dragon-sight" that had been kidnapped by the Drac to raise his son, also St. George is the patron saint of Catalonia from which one of the myths originate. So my guess is that there is an organisation of slayers belonging to an order created by St. George (or the woman he saved) that have the sight and sole purpose is to try and defeat the Drac. They arrive in a coastal town after hearing rumors of young children going missing with hint #3 (the Scales) representing the battle between the Slayers and the Drac. A love triangle between the Drac's son and 2 Slayers
    Yeah, i have a wild imagination and i like my myths >.<

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