Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zombie Dragons

A few more Halloween pics.  Just because I had so much fun figuring out how to make a zombie unicorn.  Zombiecorn?  Whatever it was, it was fun.

And here's a zombie dragon to go with it.

A little Halloween colored dragon with a skull.

And my favorite.  Count Vlad Dragoncula!

Ah, too fun.  These little guys will be up for sale in October, so keep an eye out on the Etsy store.  Also, I nearly have the Iron Fey gang in their group costume, too.  Just missing Grimalkin.  Let's just say you WILL see Ash in a bunny suit.  ;)



  1. There's all too cute! I don't know why but the cape on the count just kills me LOL!
    Are you using polymer clay? how do you erase the fingerprints?

  2. Okay, LOVE! They look amazing :D Sigh. You are all kinds of awesome. You write amazing books and then you make these too. <3

  3. They are soooo cute! And scary. But mostly cute.

  4. maybe you could write a short story of ash's and meghan's halloween? hint hint wink wink with a cherry on top?

  5. OMG These are amazing!! WANT. Hopefully I'll have a few extra bucks in the bank when they go on sale!

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