Monday, January 13, 2014

Ask me Monday: Silver streaks and birthmarks

Hey guys!

Welcome to the first Ask me Monday. Also, I apologize for the formatting. Blogger is acting up again, it seems, not letting me post pictures and formatting everything wrong.  Hopefully it will go back to normal soon but today it looks like you'll just have to do some scrolling. ;)

So, today's question chosen, by a random number generator, is (totally not kidding):

"No offence - but why is your hair grey???"


Lol, well this is an easy first question.  Though I like to think of it as silver and not gray; it sounds more distinguished and mythical.  Like Rouge.  Or Morgan LeFey.  ;-P 

Anyway, it's actually a birthmark.  I've never dyed my hair.  I was born with a white spot on my head, a patch of skin with no pigmentation, and I've had a silver-gray streak my whole life.  People tell me its cool now, but trust me, in junior high and high school, I heard every nickname in the book: Skunk, Elvira, Cruella DeVille, I could go on.  One time, a grown woman asked me, being completely serious, if I was a witch.  (Not to my knowledge. Or, at least, I couldn't turn all the bullies in my life into frogs.) 

People ask why I've never dyed it.  There are a couple reasons.  One, it makes me easy to find; all I have to say when meeting someone for the first time is: Just look for the short Asian with the white streak in her hair, ya really can't miss me. 

Second, even in high school when I was being called all those obnoxious names, I was never ashamed of it. I had something no one else did.   It made me unique.  So, if anyone reading this has ever been teased because of their appearance, never be ashamed.  You are different, and people think different is bad, but it's not.  People can be cruel, and people can be critical, but don't ever let go of what makes you unique. 

So, that's a little bit about me you might not have known.  Keep the questions coming, and next Monday I will answer another one.



  1. How did you come up with the names of your characters?

  2. Very cool! I just assumed you dyed it because you were a badass, but being a natural streak is even more awesome!

  3. I'm a total bookworm! and I know that you have probably heard this about a gazillion and one times by other huge fans, but you have inspired me to become an author. was there any specific person or thing that inspired you to become an author?????

  4. Dear Julie, have you ever questioned why you have become the way you are now? (by this I mean where your life has taken you) and would you change anything about your life?

  5. Whoa! Interesting. I thought you had grey - erm, silver - hair because of stress. You know, your deadlines and stuff?
    -The Same Anonymous Who Asked You
    No kidding.

  6. What research did you do for your Iron Fey books?

  7. Have you ever written fanfiction (or read it)?

  8. I have always loved the streak in your hair and I think it's cool. But I can imagine how hard it was as a kid. It's just something you're born with. :)

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