Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harlequin TEEN Blog Tour

Harlequin TEEN is doing a very awesome blog tour! Check out this week's blog at YA Book Nerd and see how the imprint got started, how they aquired their new authors, and a short description of their new books. It's quite fascinating. (Oh, and I'm mentioned too, of course.)

Puck: Hey, how come I'm not mentioned? Meghan is mentioned, even ice-boy is mentioned. How come I'm not in there?

Meghan: I'm sure they wanted to put you in, Puck, they just ran out of space.

Ash: Or you're just not that important.

Puck: Psh, you wait. When the book launches, I'm sure to get much more fan mail than you, Ash. I'll be swimming in letters of admiration. You'll be lucky if you get a post-it note.

Ash: You wanna bet on it?

Puck: Oh, you're on.

Meghan: *shakes head in disgust* Boys.


  1. I already like your characters! Hahaha ^^

  2. I've been reading these Harlequin TEEN blog tour stops, and every time they mention you and your upcoming book, it makes me want to read it more and more!

  3. I posted a little something for your book on my blog.